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For Sale - Weight molds

Discussion in 'Goods For Sale' started by lpojibwa, Dec 25, 2009.


Is this a product that interests you?

Poll closed Dec 25, 2010.
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  1. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    If you have been looking for weight moulds, look no further. I have 22 different sizes and styles. I have a few that were specifically designed for the freediver.
    My assortment includes one, two and multi pieces moulds from 2 pounds to 5 kilo. If you would like to see what I have, write me at logicdesign@rogers.com and I will send you the information.
    I am located in Canada and all of my quoted prices would be in U.S. dollars for all orders outside of Canada and in Canadian dollars for Canadian orders
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2009
  2. trux

    trux ~~~~~

    Are they belt weights, harness weight, or neck weights? Could you post some photos?
  3. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    I Would post photos, but don't know how.
    The weights are primarily belt weights in two styles; i.e. weave through and straight through. Some of the weights (the staight through) can be cast without a belt slot and have been used in pockets. One mould can produce 6 oz balls and one mould is specifically for ankle weights. Respond to the E-Mail address in my posting and I can send you a photo of all of the weights for which I have moulds.
    Thanks for the relpy.
  4. trux

    trux ~~~~~

    Click the "Advanced" button below the reply text box, and then you will get a new page with more tools - click the button "attachments" (this one: [​IMG]). You then select the photo file on your drive and upload it.
  5. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    Here is a photo of all of the weights for which I have moulds. If it is too small, E-Mail me at logicdesign@rogers.com and I will send one directly to you.
    Thanks 2009M.jpg
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  6. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    Useful reminder. I need to place an order for one or more of the "Alton" moulds - I seem to recall you introduced a larger size (#20 and possibly #25 too?). They make weights like the Rob Allen D-weights that I prefer and which are not widely available outside SA (unless willing to pay significant shipping costs -- lead is heavy).

    To my mind they have a few advantages:
    - relatively small, so good for fine tuning weight
    - locked to belt with a swift tap with a hammer, nothing extra required
    - quite hydro-dynamic (sleek) & narrow profile allows belt to fit your body closely
    - don't use up belt length (although RA's excellent rubber Marseille-style weight belts work with most types of weight, they are designed for this type of weight).

    They are hard to come by (although I see Dave at Spearo.co.uk has them listed on his website), so I have just one on my current belt, to make it a little heavier & lock the other weights in place. I would prefer to have a belt full of them though.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2009
  7. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    Moulds: French-style back weight?

    Another design that might be useful would be that for a supplemental French-style back weight. With 4 slots for a harness. Perhaps the market is too small though as:
    - you only need 1 (so maybe easier to buy the weight rather than the mould)
    - Most freedivers just use a belt, those needing back weights often go for gilets/waistcoats these days (or Daparin-style - two weight belts!).
    - there is a website showing how to make such harnesses, inc. a homemade mould for the weight!
    - you can buy the weights from some French websites.

    Apnea.co.uk sell a rather elaborate version from Beuchat (good brand IMHO): https://www.apnea.co.uk/product_inf...d=257&osCsid=7f0ad02c2f427f7fe6933aa66db76446
    More at: http://scubaland.fr/beltweight.html

    Another weight design that might be useful, might be a clip-on pendulum weight (tied into the middle of your float-line and then hung on the belt for the start of the dive and release half way through, when it is no longer needed). Len Jones describes the use of such weights with illustrations in his iconic SA guide to spearfishing. I think one of the Italian companies, possibly Omer, sell such a product already. Again, perhaps the market is too small & specialised?

    I think this is one (again from Apnea) although the one I had in mind is bigger shaped is a stainless steel cylinder, like a coffee mug with the handle acting as hook to go over your belt. Perhaps the "float weight" sold by spearo.co.uk is intended for this too(?), second image below:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Looks like your existing lead "bored beads" might, perhaps, be suitable for ankle weights.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2009
  8. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    Hi Mr. X
    You mentioned the "Bored Beads" for ankle weights. That is exactly what the mould was made for. It was probably the most costly of the moulds I have made, but not a single taker except the fellow who wanted me to make it. The small weight near the upper left of the photo was suggested by a fellow who wanted to make ankle weights and actually does and sells them. He has the mould listed on eBay (Dec. 25, 2009 to mid Jan. 2010) for $120 U.S. I am currently (Dec. 25, 2009) selling them for $18.
    The two weights to the right of that small one were designed by a freediver in Hawaii. I made him the moulds and they are fantastic. The weights are streamlined and offer very little flow resitance. He is thrilled with the product they turn out. The two sizes they come in are 1.5 and 2 pound.
  9. Don Paul

    Don Paul Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your post lpojibwa, I be in touch mate.
    Cheers Don Paul
  10. Trelawney

    Trelawney Aquatic Womble

    I bought one of the Allton "D" weight moulds. Brilliant bit of kit, easy to use and so well made. The item was well packed and arrived quickly. I would definatly recommend one if you're looking to make your own weights.
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  11. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    Thanks Trelawney.
    I am now working on #24 which is a 3 pound. For everyone else, the ALLTON 'D' is #25 and weighs 1 kilo. (Refer to a photo on an earlier post for # reference.)

    If you are a freediver, #21 and #22 were designed to be very streamlined and literally drop out of their respective moulds. They even surprised me when I made my test weights. They each come with a fixture to hold the finished weight to assist removal of the belt insert. I have them in two sizes; 1.5 and 2.0 pounds respectively. They are more costly, but when you see what you get (i.e. mould and/or finished product), you will understand why and see that they are worth it.
  12. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    So 25 it is, Alton D. (Good feedback Trelawny ;)).

    BTW 23 looks like a "bullet"-weight - the design favoured by the Guernsey Spearos (and implemented by OMD I believe:)).
  13. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    So, how do we purchase? Are you currently selling these on ebay or direct? Paypal for payment?
  14. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    You are correct. I promote it as a 2 pound bullet whereas it is actually 30.6 oz. when you use discarded wheel weight lead. If pure lead were used, it would weigh 33.9 oz. I now design all of my weights to be very close to the design weight using wheel weights.
  15. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    Wheels weights? Interesting - discard from tyre(/tire) shops? I wondered what folk were using. I thought perhaps old batteries, somehow - probably difficult to dismantle safely. Hopefully not off church roofs :D (shouldn't joke - a church some miles away had the lead stolen from its roof recently, the local police were outside our local scrap yard in considerable force shortly thereafter).
  16. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    I do sell on eBay, but there is no advantage as you may end up bidding higher than I would sell them for. I usually post an opening price which is my normal direct selling price. eBay charges extra if I were to list as a 'Buy it Now' so I leave it as an auction.

    Many direct buyers end up purchasing more than a few moulds and I give a slight discount at certain levels of sales. I do not give any discount if purchased through eBay; even if they win ten auctions. Those interested may E-Mail me directly at logicdesign@rogers.com and I will send them a current photo (dated Dec. 5, 2009) and a current price list.

    I used to list up to 60 items per month on eBay, but their listing fees, commissions and restricting payment solely through PayPal almost wiped out all of my profit. I do this as a hobby, but I am not about to do it just for eBay's sake.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make some sales to your fine members. I have shipped around the world and get some fine feedback. I have NEVER had anyone condemn my moulds. However, there was a fellow on Scubaboard in 2006 who warned people who considered purchasing my 2 pound mould (#7 in the photo) that the belt slot was too small. I measured it and he was right, so I redesigned it. To me that was negative feedback that had a positive effect and I appreciated it.

    The 2 pound open mould was my very first mould. I made the original in 1965 when no one (dive shops, that is) would sell me a mould.

    Back in the early years, many of us made much of our own equipment (belts, back packs, snorkles, buckles, wet suits, etc.). Many supply items came from war surplus (belting, tanks, gauges, floatation vests, hoses, etc.). There was even a shop in Toronto, Ontario that made two hose regulators from surplus flying equipment and a local club that required that to become a member, they had to fabricate their own re-breather.

    There is a great deal of history in all of my moulds and a story behind the design of almost every one. I have even included a section in my memoirs devoted to weight moulds.

    BTW -- If you are looking for me on eBay, I am lpojibwa. My feedback score is currently 100%. I work hard to maintain that score.

    Thanks again.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2010
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  17. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    COMING SOON!! A couple of new moulds that will produce weights in the shape of an air foil. They will be 1.7 and 2.5 pounds. Perfect for the freediver who wants a weight with very good hydrodynamics. The attached photo is of the 2.5 pound plastic prototype. The 1.7 pound will have exactly the same profile; it will just be narrower. As you can see, the top face has an air foil shape and the back side is slightly concaved. When on a belt, the bottom of the weight curves in toward the body. The moulds should be available in late March, 2010. For additional information, contact Leo at logicdesign@rogers.com
    Two additional moulds will be on new the market at about the same time. One is for a 2 kilo kidney shaped weight similar to #15 in the earlier photo filling space #5 and the other will be a 3 pound variety of the ALLTON 'D'. It will fill space #24.
    I will be posting a new photo of all of the weights when the moulds are ready and I pour a test weight.

    Attached Files:

  18. jon penrith

    jon penrith FreeDiving Professional

    WARNING.read this before you start melting your own lead.
    Home Lead Melting Draws National Warning as Producers Obey California Law - Environmental Defense Fund
    It warns of the potential health hazards.I understand if you use some other type of alloy which is similar to lead(dont know what its called) you dont have the health hazard problems you get with lead.
    Ipojibwa, do you know if the wheel lead weights are this safe type of alloy? Is it lighter than a weight of the same mass cast from lead?Does anyone know where you can buy this safe stuff? I would like to buy one of these moulds, but want to be safe about it.
  19. lpojibwa

    lpojibwa Well-Known Member

    Hi Jon:
    I don't believe there is any other metal alloy that has a density close to that of lead. The 'safe' alloys may be acceptable for casting toy soldiers, but as a replacement for use in diving weights, it would be too expensive.
    Mercury is heavier, but even more unsafe and the refrigeration equipment you would have to carry to keep it frozen would be heavier the the weight needed. Silver is just a little lighter, but the cost of having to have body guards wherever you go would be prohibitive. The same goes for gold. However, with gold, you would only need 2/3rds the volume, but the melting temperature is too high. I am afraid we are stuck with lead.
    There is truth in the article you have attached and I cannot deny that. I have been melting lead as a hobby for 45 years so I guess my days are numbered.
  20. jon penrith

    jon penrith FreeDiving Professional

    hi, sorry I am not meaning to be bad for your business, I just think folks need to be aware of the supposed risks.Can you post some advice on casting with lead.What should you use to melt the lead(see there are commercially available smelters) , what do you recommend?What gear should you use to stay as safe as possible etc?