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Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2001
Sven, Anderson, Stephan, SOMEBODY! Please tell our born-again amigo to stop preaching. Everytime I look at a thread with keen interest in some freediving topic, I get this Bible Thumper telling me how and who to pray to. Freediver UK shut him down for this: can we do the same? I will be happy to read anything he has to say about diving or the environment related to it. I have my own beliefs thanks.
Next thing he'll be knocking on my door on Saturday morning....sheesh.
Erik Y.
I agree! He even said Mayol died because of yoga!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Hate to be the third intolerent Canadian to voice their opinoin but its really getting out of hand....
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My religion is sex, drug and rock n roll, and you dont want me to start preaching here :D so stop him or i'll start too ;)
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God help us all if you turn a crazy quebecor loose on this forum we'll all be drinking maudite and yelling tebernacle at each other!!! :D

Sometime when i look at the thread i get the "Pranayana" Telling me what to do-do you think tha't fair-and now you wish to silent me froom preaching the Gospel..do you things that's fair ?...come on.brothr

"Ours saver was born in Belen de Juda not in Tibet"

A crisis does not make a person-It show what a person is made of -my publicly display my grief and let people know my position.

Ok erik

Ok Erik....... I think im spending my time discousing this..

I will faith this spiritiual battle as i should do- as the bible teache me.....at the end everybody is going to do whatever they please as you say..

"Live your own..............


" The door is open "

saludos. los amo mucho amigo en el amor del Senor

In response to the karma I got from Mia: you are correct. I do apologise for any sarcasm regarding this subject, and I appreciate the criticism, really. So Daniel, I also apologise if I offended, and take back the sarcasm, but not my request for you to cease and desist.
Erik Y.

Just minutes before my last posting- I received an email from a brother of this forum-I don't know how -but my heart was so fill with the Joy and the love of God for you all .

Only i can say to you Erik forgive me...i will be praying.

don't worry ..I will not desist I will keep the good work

I gave you (Erik) positive karma for putting words and effort in to what I suspect more people think. I go here to read about diving and things related. I dont mind if things go way out of topic to ;) . A lot of people here manage to share their knowledge, own opinion and experience In rather "deep" topics In a very intresting and humble way,and are asked to do so , without condemning anyone ore being judgmental. But I dont think aggravating people is a god way to spread anything, Its a hint to rethink your strategy when other feel offended, then they dont listen anymore even if they share your opinion. My suggestion to Daniel is to rethink how to spread your word and for now where to do it.

I have my own beliefs, but I never try to convince others that my beliefs are the correct ones, why? I will explain.

To anyone who tries to preach, I say this:

- By preaching, you are claiming that you have the correct beliefs, and those whom you are preaching to have incorrect beliefs

- Thus, you are claiming to be superior

- Claiming to be superior is arrogant

- Most religions say that one must not be arrogant

- Therefore one must not preach

It is impossible to be humble and to preach, because the act of preaching implies one is 'right' while others are 'wrong.'

So many people who preach say things like 'God has touched me! Now let me bring him to you.' That is very arrogant; God would not approve.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Daniel, you have a point regarding a few of the yoga comments, but in the context of this forum, it is not a very strong point. Yoga is a powerful tool for controling the body. The fact that some people buy into the theology that came with it is not an issue to get your back up about. While there are some people here who share your beliefs, there are others who find your expression a little offensive. On this platform, it's better to chill out.
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I've always enjoyed this forum because it was a place where people of a like mind could come and share ideas. Ideas are powerful because they are just thoughts and theories, whether your right or wrong is of no consequence its the sharing of knowledge thats important.

When beliefs are dictated to the forum discussions are not about whether ideas have merit but whether entire belief systems may or may not support those ideas.

It's a great thing to have strong beliefs. Live your life by them, let everyone else live their lives by their beliefs, and never be afraid to exchange ideas freely....
Originally posted by mia
I dont think aggravating people is a good way to spread anything, Its a hint to rethink your strategy when other feel offended, then they dont listen anymore even if they share your opinion.


Very good points, and I take them to heart. It's easy to forget the power of words when there is no face in front of us.
I usually am the one asking people to pretend we're all sitting in a room talking about freediving together. For me, that helps remind me that it is easy to be offensive in cyberspace (most of the time).
With that said, imagine, Daniel, that we are all meeting each other and talking diving, but still somewhat strangers. I think that preaching would be innappropriate for a few reasons, one of them being Eric F's point. You have a lot of passion about diving and how it affects you spiritually....most of us here also feel passionate too. Can we share that passion without belittling other's belief systems?
In my case, I never reveal my belief system unless someone specifically asks, because I think it's disrespectful and arrogant otherwise. Please don't disrespect me and my belief system; it's as valid as yours and anyone else's.
Erik Y.
alright... pullin' the plug!

Originally posted by efattah
I have my own beliefs, but I never try to convince others that my beliefs are the correct ones...

yeah, unless it's about certain fins being garbage... :hmm

Butt seriously folks, :D whilst we dance around the issue at hand while feigning concern about appearing correct and caring, let's remember that this place is very easy to both offer and offend. While I will maintain that it is first and foremost about diving, thankfully very, very often that diving involves some measure of spirituality. How you define that spirituality is your thing and more power to you in your search. How you choose to share and pontificate that spirituality here in DB needs to be both respected in it's offering and regulated in the off chance of offending.

While I'm the last guy here to want to censor or deny a member the privilege to post his/her feelings, I will humbly request that if you want to spread your Gospel, teachings or epiphanies you do so in private mails (PM's) or direct emails to members that express a like interest. In the meantime, pray to whomever and whatever, but put in a word or two for good water conditions! ;)

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Im impress to see how this topic makes people to react and share different point of view about what life is-that prove me one again how good is ours Creator that no only gave us the air (soul) we breath to sumerge but to look for the spiritual riches.


"Never be afraid to trust an unkown future to a known God"
Corrie ten Boom

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