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Freediving with the Suunto Mosquito watch/computer

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New Member
Jan 30, 2001
Freediving with the Suunto Mosquito/Stinger watch/computer

I have just ordered a Suunto Mosquito dive computer to use for freediving, and I was wondering if anyone else is already using this piece of equipment?

It is pretty much identical to the Suunto Stinger, except in plastic. The only other relevant difference is that you cannot change the freediving recording intervals on the Mosquito (it's fixed at 2 seconds), while on the stinger you can choose to record info at 2secs, 4s, 10s etc. I personally would have set it to 2 secs, so it's no loss for me, especially considering how much cheaper it is compared with the Stinger.

In freediving mode, the computer shows the current depth, the time of the dive in secs, the max depth of the dive(s) as well as temperature. You can also set a max depth and max time alarm. At the surface, a surface interval timer starts automatically in mins and secs.

Afterwards you can scroll through all the dives you made (I think you can log 3hrs worth of diving), and even download it to a PC to view the profiles (with the optional PC interface thingy).

As far as I can tell, this is all the info I could possibly need, and it would make my dives much safer knowing my exact SI time. The watch also functions as a full decompression scuba computer, so I can use it as a back up to my current one, and it even allows nitrox diving, which my current computer does not have.

If anyone has any comments and/or experiences with this watch, please feel free to post them.

I'll let you know how it is when I get it and do a few dives with it.

Dive safe.

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I own a Suunto Stinger, bought it especially for its freedive mode (Mosquito was not yet on the market).
Simply love the watch. It will tell you the depth, time and temperature. Although the latter is not correct when you are wearing the watch on your bare skin.

The read-outs on my PC are a nice feature. Every now & then the software gets mixed up and will add old dives from the watch's memory to your divelog, but these are easily removed.

I do not have any experience with other dive computers / watches, but the stinger is simply great (for Scuba too). I reckon the mosquito will be too.
Saving my pennies for one...

I'm glad to hear from those who have used these tools to make their freediving safer...

I was debating on whether to purchase one or not... Maybe I can convince my wife to get me one for Christmas... ;)
Stinger measures surface time between freedives only in minutes, while mosquito does this in minutes and seconds. I have stinger for now, but it is good to have those seconds displayed also. It helps you to watch your dive buddy´s downtime also.

:cool: Sickboy,

I have been diving twice with my new mosquito. I dig it! I found the menus easy to use after reading through the manual. Being able to stop counting kick strokes (to determine approx depth) and focus on relaxing is great.

Both dive sessions were in Tahoe, and I used the surface interval combined with the freedive tables to make sure I was getting properly ventilated. The dive log has been fun for the whole family. We replayed my deepest dive first doing dry breath-holds static, and then while running in place. I could go on...and on.

I hope you are as happy as I am with the new toy!

Warm regards

Hi, I have been considering the purchase of a free diving computer. Sorry for the question but how much is this Suunto and where I can buy one?:D
I paid 1100 dutch guilders for my Suunto Stinger. That's equivalent to something like US$ 450.

The mosquito is cheaper (US$330 in the netherlands).

These prices are without the PC interface which costed me another US$100. The interface is way to expensive for a simple serial cable to your PC. Especially when you can download the software for free from the Suunto website.

Have a look at www.suunto.com they will point you to a reseller near you.

Still think the watch is great, will be using it a lot next 2 weeks on my vacation to Kenya.

I've received my Suunto Mosquito now, but I haven't been able to do any proper diving, due to very poor viz and shallow bottoms. The minor diving I have done has been great though, thanks to the Mosquito.

The Freediving mode is so useful, doing all the timing and mesuring for me. I no longer need to keep looking at the guage to see how deep I am, since I can just look when I get back to the surface. All my dives are timed, and more importantly, all my surface intervals are timed, so I can be confident that I am re-oxygenated before going down again.

As for price and where to buy, I got mine from DiveInn (www.scubastore.com) for US$229. It's US$244 there now, and the PC interface about US$80 I think. You have to add DHL postage, but if you're in Europe, it's not very much at all, and you get your stuff within 2 days!!

I keep on going on about DiveInn, but I assure you I am not affilitated with them at all. Hey Cliff, have you tried approaching DiveInn about advertising on this site? I think they owe it to us!

I can't wait to do some proper diving, and I'll let you know how it goes!!

Safe diving.



Terry's hit it on the head! i definitely think they owe it to us! i've bought quite a bit from them already, and i've sent a dozen or so people there as well.

the cheapest i found the mosquito was from a dive store in the UK for $320USD, but i'm heading to diveinn right now to pick up one of theirs!

just tell them to read these forums!


I just bought a mask from DiveInn as a result of this forum. Can't say I received it yet as DHL is behind in deliveries as a result of last week's incidents. But I got a great price.

Hi, when checking some on line stores I found 2 other options:
- Mares - Tutor US$ 140
- Sporasub - Zeniz (US$ 173) and Raptor (US$ 152)

The Sporasub have the pc connection for US$ 62.

Does anybody know something about these watches?
Comparing to the Suunto, threre is a big price difference and of course there might be some techinical diferences.
Stinger stuck in air mode!

Hi Everyone,

I have one problem with my stinger. Today, I went freediving and did one quick dive before realizing that I had forgotten to set my stinger to "freedive" mode. The stinger instantly went into "air" mode (scuba), and stayed there! I tried many times to set the watch into "freedive" mode, but it refused. I even tried holding the watch out of the water of a minute to dry it off, but still it refused to kick into freemode..it would just hang there when I tried to enter freemode. ANy suggestions on how to kick it into free mode once you've already activated the air mode?
After being out of the water for 10 minutes or so, it finally allowed me to enter free mode...weird!

Sounds to me like this is a safety feature so that before you can switch it, you have to do a surface interval (since you were in Scuba mode). Once your minimum surface interval was complete, the watch could then be switched to freediving mode.
I had the same experience once with my stinger.
Didn't understand back then why, but the day after it came to me. Just as Cliff explains: if you enter the water in scuba mode the watch will think you are scuba diving.
returning to the surface within a minute is not a problem, since the logic in the computer allows for this (otherwise if you are doing scuba dives, go to the surface for a quick look around and submerge again you will end up with 2 dives instead of 1).

Only after 5 minutes at the surface you can start another dive, since the first scuba-dive 'times out'.
So only after 5 minutes you can switch from scuba to free mode.
thanks for the clarification

Hi Cliff and Jvoets,

Thank you for the clarification! Makes sense. I deactivated the air mode since I do not plan to scuba dive anytime soon. Hopefully this will work as well.

Just one more day and i will have my Stinger!:p

Hope i can sleep tonight...

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