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Getting past contractions

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New Member
Aug 17, 2003
Hi. Today I did a max no-warmup or breathup in DNF, and as usual I started getting my horrible contractions at 30-35 meters.. When I reached 50 meter they were almost unbearable (as ususal), and this is where I always start thinking "why bother", and I really want to go up and breathe.

But as usual my will power pushed me on, and I really wanted to break my 65m record. When I reached 65 meters, something weird happened which I have only read in this forum, the contractions and the ugly urge to breathe suddenly disappeared. Also I started to get very tired and when I got up on 75 meters the first thing I did was checking for any signs of samba, I didn't get samba but I felt as if I wanted to sleep. I was tired and laid my head down on the pool edge to relax. My thighs were full of lactic acid :hmm

Have anyone else had this "no contractions or urge to breathe" feeling in the end before? Is it a warning sign? :hmm
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I had this recently while training dynamics with short intervals in between. At first it was very difficult, and I was getting a very strong urge to breathe for the last few metres of every one. Then it got much easier and the urge to breathe disappeared, despite the fact that I was getting very tired and on the surface I was very out of breath.

I finished clean after a lot of this!


Congrats on your 75 meters ! I've experienced this feeling of lethargy as well, it freaked me out and I stopped after one more stroke.

kingohyes said:
Today I did a max no-warmup or breathup in DNF, and as usual I started getting my horrible contractions at 30-35 meters.
I just noticed that you didn't do any warmup or breathup. This may explain it, as I get this feeling when I have very high CO2, such as when doing dynamics with short intervals in between.

Happens to me to

In my longest dry statics I get to a point that every thing stops,
past that point I can continue approx. 2 more minutes (only feeling tired and very warm).
I think it has something to do with your minds limits vs. your budys limits.
Yes that might be it. But I was kinda wondering if my body were going into another modus where it really wanted to save energy or something. Maybe I was close to a samba?? From now on, Im going to try and push it beyond contractions in static no warmup or breathup also. One time I pushed my self to about 170 contractions, and I could slowly feel the intensity and the speed of the contractions going down.

It would be lovely not to have contractions :)

Thanks smellsfishy, I was really happy and proud to have made three 25 meter lenghts :)

Merio: What is your max static? And for how long do you have contractions before they stop? The warm and fuzzy feeling you are commenting is what I have throughout the contractions when doing no-wrmup no-breathup.. I can only stand them for 2 minutes..

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My longest dry static so far is 5 minutes and a few seconds.
The contractions start between 1:50 (no-breathup) and 2:50 (breathup)
and always stops in a diffrent time.

It's very rare to have a certain indication that you are close to samba \ BO,
don't push it when alone!!

Iractice it dry: try to continue past the point when you usually stop,
and report how did it go (this kind of practice helps to increases your max static).

Good luck.
Congrats to your new PB.
I think the pain you were feeleing might come from huge vasoconstriction. Maybe your vasoconstriction kicked-in and there wasn't such demand for O2 as before.
O'Boy said:
I think the pain you were feeleing might come from huge vasoconstriction

This is an interesting thought - can you feel vasoconstriction when it occurs? So many things are happening during apnea, I wonder if you can isolate the feeling from the contractions, lactic burn etc.

I'm by no means an expert on physiology, but would anyone else agree that maybe your muscles crossed over the anaerobic threshold? Instead of using O2 from your blood stream, they might have started using it from myoglobin, decreasing your O2 consumption in the lungs, but making your legs more lactic when you surface?

Just a thought,

Maybe you got a point...

In the end I actually cant remember having lactic burning in my thighs.. maybe I just forgot, but I remember very clear that they were sore when I came up.. The pain just disappeared from the contractions, and from the lactic burn (if I remember right)
Any body can explain this to me

- Doing my dinamic not fins --- I did my max one day and I didn't had contration I until I fell like block out -- why ?

any tip?

that happen a long a go
Have you ever tried walking apnea? If so, you might remember unbelieveble pain and fatigue in your legs after some big performance. I always thougt it to be caused by cumulation of lactic acid. What was really surprising was that the pain disappeared in seconds after the attempt. After small recovery I was able to do another huge distance. I don't think I would be able to do it with high lactate levels.
The pain must have come from vasoconstriction.

Now, when I'm doing dry static to the max (no breathe-up, no warm-up) I definitelly am able to feel strong vasoconstriction kicking in. It comes usually at 3'30". I'm feeling my legs tightening or something. It's hard to describe the feeling.
I know exactly what you mean.. This happens to me too in statics, I agree its difficult to describe this feeling. It feels like your legs are tightening, and this feeling actually makes me wanting to stop the static. But this feeling gradually goes away, and (I dont know) maybe this is what happens in walking apnea and dynamics too..
A quick one on the lactic - if your muscles are switching to anaerobic, then I'm pretty sure they're not meant to be lactic when you first finish your dynamic. Most of the blood should be drained out of them, so you start your recovery, then after about 10-20 seconds the blood comes back in and they burn like crazy :)


Thats how I feel it.. Its like a sudden rush of blood being "poured" down my legs. Thanx for all the explanations:)
kingohyes said:
Thats how I feel it.. Its like a sudden rush of blood being "poured" down my legs. Thanx for all the explanations:)

hi king :king

your 75metres... is that down or across?
kingohyes said:
Thats how I feel it.. Its like a sudden rush of blood being "poured" down my legs. Thanx for all the explanations:)
:hmm Wasnt there a post a week or 2 ago about this?
Hmm that might be. But I have been busy with school and stuff, I hardly have time to check the forums anymore:( its a pity..

Hi Island Sands.. He he its across. Maybe I should've posted it in the beginners section. It doesn't sound much, but believe me I WILL INCREASE :)
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