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Good ear news!

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Aug 7, 2003
After doing a bit of damage to my right ear in a dive to 53m training for the UK Championships, I went to the doctor to get my medical certificate signed. He took one look in my ear and referred me to an audiologist and an ENT specialist for a better look. I went to see them today and am very relieved to report that I am 100% ok and I apparently have well above average hearing! Hooray! A big relief after six years of freediving that no damage has been done. I was sure he was going to tell me that I had significant hearing loss, which would have explained why my wife says I never listen to her. Now I need to find another excuse. HAHA.

Kind regards,


PS Man those ENT doctors love to talk about freediving!
That's great news George (well apart from the fact your wife is now going to expect you listen to her :D)

Speak soon!
awesome. I wish I had good hearing. High weapons exposure ruined my hearing, and I'm only 19. Plus I work around Navy aircraft all day long. My hearing is gone, and will be further depleated in the years to come.
hey aahunt... what are the diving jobs like in the Navy? Are there many to chose from. I know when i'm 18 i'm joining the services, and i was pretty much decided on Marines until i found out about diving. I know there are the navy deep sea divers, but i'm not really interested in that. Is there anything that would involve a lot of Scuba and Freediving?
I was on active duty in the navy for 5 years and in the reserves for the past 18. I was never a navy diver but had a chance to do some fantastic SCUBA diving during my offtime at the various duty stations. I've talk to a number of navy divers and many of their diving adventures were anything but fun. They stated the conditions were in poor visibility, very cold water and other miserable conditions. However, one diver told me he was able to work with the Navy's Doplhins in southern California and had one of the best jobs that a diver could ever get. Be sure you extremely careful when you talk with a recruiter.
Thanks Pete. What do you mean as far as "be careful talking to a recruiter?"
sometimes the military recruiters may be a bit dishonest like a used car salesman, to get you to sign on the dotted line, my advice to anyone thinking of going into the militay is to get a promise they make in writing. If it's in writing, then you have a valid contract. If they verbally promise that you can be a Navy diver, but it's not in writing, then you are screwed, and you will be in for the length of your contract doing whatever they need you for. In otherwords be careful.
Ahh, thanks for that info. I know with a contract you still can't always get what you want, because maybe i'm not qualified, etc., but you make a great point. I'm only 15, so i have 2-3 more years to think about it, but i'm definetely going to finish college, hopefully they can help pay for it. Hey i just realized you're from Madison.... i live up in the Appleton area, if you know where that is. The "Fox Cities".... do you dive with Ted and Jon? Maybe you could give me a bit more info on the military life later too. I'll PM you sometime
I took the PADI freediver course that jon teaches and went diving with ted once so far. I do have family that live in Shawano and Appleton so I'm very familiar with that part of the state. Later
navy divers

Hey Sharkz-
I dont know much about Mavy divers and their jobs. There are only a few of them. Not everybody can be a Navy diver. It is kinda like a special program, like Seals, SWICC, etc. You must be qualified, and go through all these different teste before they even consider you. I know in boot camp, there were people who wanted to be divers, and they had to go through alot more swimming qualifications and stuff. One cool job where you MIGHT get to dive is EOD. It stands for explosive ordnance disposal. Check it out online or somewhere. And yes. Recruiters lie.
That's what i was looking at, the EOD, but i figure the chances of making it are pretty slim. It's tough stuff. I just want to be in the freakin water!!!

Yeah. EOD is pretty sool stuff man! I know that the EOD dudes have people that work on land, like with bombs, and land mines, etc. Also, I know that a large portion of EOD deals with underwater demolition. Take for instance, moored mines. EOD works with them. It is an awesome program. I have 2 friends that are EOD's. I havent talked to them in a long time, and dont know the BS factor in the job. It is defenitley somthing to look into. Somthing I wanted to do before I joined was become an underwater welder. I would still do it, but I have a good job now.
Let me know what you find out. do a search on the internet and see what you can find!
PS- your chances are probabbly better than you thought. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you want to be EOD, than do it. Dont settle for anything less than your goals!
Well i want to travel a lot.... i'm not sure which branch could get me around the most, i'm not sure how much it varies. I love the water.. so yea the Navy, but it's not my favorite branch. I just want to be in and around the water as much as possible though. Are you serving on a ship or are you on land? And how often do you get to dive?
Well, the Navy is based on the water, that is a plus for some people. The reason why I joined is b/c of this. I grew up on the water, offshore fishing. I loved it so much, (still do), that I wanted a career that I would get a chance to be on the water all the time. Most people dont like being out to sea. On a carrier, you go out for long periods of time ( generally 6 mos) and it is pretty much like a moving city. The ship is so large that you forget you are not on land till it starts moving. But keep in mind, alot of these people dolt like to do what we do. (dive, spearfish, fish, etc.) I find it as an oppertunity to explore the world. You often get chances to fish off the fantail of the crriers too! The Navy will defenitley take you places. There are people who have been for 16 years and have been to countless places that they would have never been able to go to if it werent for the Navy. Right now, I am on the land. It is still sea duty, but I will be out to sea in like 3 mos if I am lucky. Now, If I had a truck, I could dive everyday. I get off at around 3:00 in the afternoon, and have weekends off, along with every other friday! If you arent out to sea, it is just like a regurlar job, and you can dive all the time! Now, if you go on cruise, you get to dive in all these forign countries! That ROX!! The Navy MWR will set it up on the ship for real cheap too! It is a plus either way you look at it!!
Stop persuading me!! lol. I wouldnt mind being on land, i'd rather be at sea though. I guess not every job does that though. I just wouldnt want to be landlocked... if i was gonna be put on shore i'd need to be close to water, i swear i'm part dolphin.... (cept for the swimming, apnea, grace).... Thanks for the info though. The military opens a lot of doors. I have friends in the marines that on their second tour in Iraq right now. I know it can be scary but i'm willing to push through it for a good cause. I'll have to see what the Navy has to offer.
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