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Guernsey 2012

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by foxfish, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

  2. podge

    podge Always Hungry

    Happy New Year to all the Guernsey folk, hope you all have a good-un :friday
  3. ADM

    ADM Bum Supporter

    Happy new year all.
  4. beardy241

    beardy241 a.k.a. Nighthawk

  5. jks

    jks Well-Known Member

    Hi all do we have a date for the fish in ? I would like to book time off work .
  6. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

    Yes but we just need a day or so to confirm with the sponsor!
  7. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

  8. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

    The Fish-in date has been established & will be announced on the main site later today or tomorrow.
    Anyone desperate to know the dates can phone or PM me
  9. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

  10. Matt 2143

    Matt 2143 New Member

    Hi guys I got a bouy for Christmas and been out once since and there are 2 main problems first the inner tube is made of totally the wrong material it is a very crisp plastic the first came punctured beyond repair and the second also came punctured so fixed second and it worked but now it has split and is past repair anyone have any idea of what to use instead? Also this will be how I use it but I am all ways getting tangled up in the line I have set it up so it is spliced to the dynema that is the line and the gun once shot is free of the rest so nether me or the gun are attatched to the bouy. is there a better set up or is this just how it is for everyone?
  11. Broseidon

    Broseidon Lord of the Brocean

    Are you saying that you've attached your float to your actual spear line...? That would be a little crazy...
  12. beardy241

    beardy241 a.k.a. Nighthawk

    Hi Matt - great to have you on the forum.

    Most importantly, it sounds like a duff product. Take it / send it back.

    I generally don't use a float so I can't help much. Jonny250 uses a boogie board loaded up with sat-nav, fish finder, gas stove etc. ;)

    Maybe a few others would chime in with what sort of float they're using (pics?) and what line and line arrangement they're using??
  13. Magpie

    Magpie Apprentice old git Supporter

    I use a float when going places that there are likely to be boats and other marine traffic. Does sound like yours are not fit for purpose. I have two inflatable ones I bought at least 5 years ago. Both get folded up and chucked in the tub with weight belt on top of them and neither has cracked or split.

    For me I clip it onto my weight belt, or sometimes attach it to a weight that can be easily dropped to mark a spot to search around.

    On t’internet you often see float lines attached to the users guns, but usually this is used when diving deep or when the fish require playing out due to their size. You’re unlikely to find anything over here that’s that big! Never heard of a float line directly attached to the shooting line unless using some sort of breakway rig.

    The tangling can be reduced by using thicker line. Some use washing line, some use rubber tubing with braid down the inside, me I find the 10mm floating rope from any chandlers work just fine as long as you don’t use too much. My max depth spearing depth is usually no more than 10m so I rarely use more line than that. I find it works well if you have 4m of thick line at your end, tied to a longer length of thinner line attached to the float. That keeps it thick where you're likely to get tangled but thinner further away to reduce drag.
  14. speerolee

    speerolee Well-Known Member

    Hi Matt,

    I've used a few bouys now and have stuck with the immersion inflatable board; it has lots of pockets, Velcro and clips etc... to store spare gun, torch stringer, bag, water bottles and you can put it under your torso to aid with swimming out to spots or back to shore after a long dive.

    As for line: I have kept the original red stuff that came with it, but added 5 meters of aquarium airline threaded with 200lb mono and sealed. The line now floats up above me and out of the way on deep dives. On shallow dives I clip it off on the float so that just the airline is in use. I have also marked my line with yellow tape at 10m then at 5m intervals thereafter.

    I personally attach the line to my gun as I very often let go if I hit a biggy. Also find it handy when lobby hunting as when I spot a bug in a hole i stab my gun into the ground then surface, breathe up then follow my line back down to the exact location. Also if I swim into a wreck or under a pipe etc... it gives me peace of mind knowing that my line wont snag with me attached to it. But everybody is different, there is no right or wrong way, well apart from if it's attached to your shooting line? then that would be wrong :)

    have a read to what others are doing with their floats etc.. then a bit of trial and error. Good luck with it all and dive safe. :)
  15. Matt 2143

    Matt 2143 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the great help I'll change the setup and next time I go out hopefully it works properly :)
  16. bobdonny

    bobdonny Fighting Irish

  17. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

    So as you all know we will be having some guest arriving in August!
    I have been talking to Mike (Jersey mike) about holding two competitions during the weekend.
    What do you guys think?
  18. jks

    jks Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me.
  19. beardy241

    beardy241 a.k.a. Nighthawk

    Sounds like fun.

    May I suggest that we include some guidelines to limit literal over-kill? (maybe; only one of any specimen)
  20. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

    That's what I want to discuss, we are thinking a specimen hunt on the Sat & a limited catch silverfish comp on the Sunday?