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Help with OMER Alien Mask

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New Member
Oct 27, 2004
I just received my OMER Alien Mask (Very Anticipated) with Zoom pro Snorkle in the Mail, However when i tried it out, I get water comming in the nose and from the right side. It seems to be fine without the Snorkle though.

The snorkle doesn't have an adjustible mouthpiece and i'm wondering if it's the snorkle or perhaps the mask doesn't fit... Don't know what to do, it's the first mask i'v ever actually ordered and i don't know if it's a defect, the snorkle (new to the whole thing..)... HELP!
I have had the Alien for about 2 months now but with little water time (poor weather/no time), I have had no leaks but my snorkel has an adjustable mouth piece (farallon) and I use the Oceanic snorkel keeper that swivels. Hope this helps
i had this same problem with my mask when i bought the omer pro zoom snorkel. all you need to do is adjust the snorkel keeper. atleast thats all i had to do with mine. good luck
I also have just purchaced an Alein mask with pro zoom snorkel. I agree with czspearfisher, adjust the clip that holds the snorkel to the mask. It does not slide easy, so you have to push on it rather hard. You should be able to adjust it such that it does not put any pressure on the fit of the mask.
I have the same set-up and have no problems with it.

Maybe it depends upon where you are attaching your snorkel. I attach mine to the back of my mask strap, instead of the side, so it wraps around the back of my head.

Originally posted by Jon

Maybe it depends upon where you are attaching your snorkel. I attach mine to the back of my mask strap, instead of the side, so it wraps around the back of my head.


Very classy, professional thing;)
Can also try just tacking your snorkel under the mask strap, no clips. Just make sure it'll stay there or you'll lose your snorkel.
Thanks for the help guys. really appreciate it. I was so psyched to get it, and now i might get to keep it.

Hopefully it's just the snorkle. I loved the mask other then that. It had the best visibility, best lenses and low air volume. It was the greatest.

Hey guys, sorry to butt in!

I read your concern and wanted to throw in a couple words of advice. As Deep Thought suggested try to ditch the snorkel keeper all together, you really don't need it.

The Zoom snorkel is designed with a non symmetrical bent shape so that it rests flat against the side of your face, in an ergonomic fascion, which is also why if you look at it you will see that where it rests against your face it's tapered flat for more comfort.

The thinking behind this shape is that considering a lot of experienced freedivers take the snorkel out of their mouth (not me) and tuck it in their weight belt or wherever during a dive, that when they are actually using it and snorkeling it should be easy enough to pull out from the mask strap without an annoying snorkel keeper. The snorkel itself is designed to rest as flush as possible against the side of your face to avoid any water vibrations and shaking that you would usually have with a snorkel that is held on by a snorkel keeper.

In other words, the snorkel keeper is "bogus" if the snorkel is properly used without it. I use it the same way with my Alien. The only reason you need a snorkel keeper with it is to play u/w hockey. Try it like this some time and I don't think you will be disappointed,

Ciao and happy Elephant and Donkey day everyone!

Thanks Mark for all your help.

Just a note to everyone. I emailed OMER and Mark responded personally and quickly to me and was very helpfull with this and locating a local dealer.

I"ll try the suggestion and hope it works as i Love my Alien Mask otherwise.
Hey does anybody have an answer to this???

When i try the suction test with the mask (which works by the way) and i breath in i feel air passing over my right eye in the mask. Cool air, almost like a breeze. That's the same area where water comes in. Is this normal? and is it because maybe i'm breathing in too hard to test it?
Originally posted by calispearo
When i try the suction test with the mask (which works by the way) and i breath in i feel air passing over my right eye in the mask. Cool air, almost like a breeze. That's the same area where water comes in.
It sounds like the mask does not fit you properly. When you do the suction test the mask should stick to your face solidly. You should have to exhale a bit through your nose to get it off. Try another mask. The torque of a non-flexible snorkel can cause a mask to leak. I use a snorkel with a flexible mouthpiece hose so that when I spit it out upon diving it falls away from my mouth. I don't like solid snorkels; when you spit them out to dive, they don't spit out. They remain jammed at my mouth.
Here's the update..

I finally did the pool test. Apperently it's whenever i have any snorkle in my mouth. Even if it's not clipped on, and i hold it in my hand it causes the seal in the mask i guess to break. Not sure but water still leaks in under the right eye. I'm guessing the mask doesn't fit right. It's official. Dang...
You've tried and it don't work

Hi Calispearo,

At this point if I were you instead of it letting it drive you crazy take itback to the dive shop where you bought it and exchange it for another one. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you there so long as it's still new and you have the receipt. If you have a problem just e-mail me.

Try on some of the different ones they have, a mask is a personal piece of equipm. , and it has to fit well or it will cause you more grief than fun.

Clear waters, Mark
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I feel ya calispearo

I use an Alien too, and have had the same problem with my snorkel causing the mask to leak a little around my nose (I use an Omer Zoom snorkel, the clear one). I have found I chew on my mouthpiece while breathing up, and generally move my mouth around a bit. I have to focus on keeping my mouth relaxed and still, then my mask doesn't leak at all. I also have my snorkel clipped onto my mask strap, and take the snorkel out of my mouth when I dive. I like the mask though, so this problem is worth the hassle for me. I just have to concentrate a little and I'm fine. Hope this works, or you find a mask that fits better...Mark is right, everyone's face is different and a mask that fits someone just right might not work for another.
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