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hoo dat?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
since that is Daryl Wong himself....its a Daryl Wong 60" Ono bluewater gun with 4 9/16 bands.
9/16" is 14mm (~14.2875mm)

5/8" is 16mm (~15.875mm)

3/4" is 20mm (actually 19mm [19.05mm])

The formula is to multiply the rubber diameter by 25.4 to find mm

Thanks mate. Yesterday I used my Totemsub Tahiti 120 for the first time. With 2x 16mm bands. Jeez I never thought it would have so much power.

Is 4x 14mm a lot more power?
Definitely, that gun has some serious range with a nice flat projectile plane.

Nowdays, I much rather use 4x 14mm than 16mm's. The trade-off between recoil & distance is a no-brainer... the marginal range addition of 16mm bands is not worth the recoil & accuracy problems(for me... everyone has different priorities).

Maybe for a perfectly balanced gun, this wouldn't be an issue...

A good example of this is the first CF hybrid Wong gun(50") I bought(now belonging to mr. rigdvr). I put a couple blue bands on that were very snappy and had good power; however, the light front section of carbon fiber was too hard to control for me. The recoil made my shots go all over the place. I put a couple amber 9/16 bands on & my shots became dead accurate. Used it to shoot several 1-3 pound goatfish the next day, all headshots at ~6-10 feet from tip of the gun. Lost a couple feet of range, but range means crap when you can't hit anything!

Of course, everyone is built differently physically. The last time that particular gun was used in Hawaii, a good friend of mine who's built like a pitbull borrowed it & loaded up the blue bands again. His shots were all great with the stiff bands & I was thoroughly shocked! It may have a lot to do with the fact that his arms were as big as my legs... Stable platform & able to compensate for the recoil. Austin was in here a while ago & mentioned that he even went down to a 17//64 shaft for better accuracy & speed. Different strokes for different folks.

Rig, how accurate is it for you with the blue bands?

Currently I find that I prefer the titanium hybrids a bit more. The gun feels a bit more balanced & stable. My 55" CF wong has been resigned to a wall decoration... :(
YOu might think I'm joking but the Tahiti is accurate at 6 metres. Gun has a good kick but it does not seem to affect the accuracy.
Probably due to it's balancing & weight(mass). 2 16mm bands on a wooden gun is nothing like 2 16mm bands on a carbon fiber euro ;)

YOu got a PM :)
that gun still sports the blue bands and it has hella punch:D Ask any of the KK03 participants...it scared the crap out of anyone nearby when I shot the thing.
I have shot some decent fish with it this year(amberjack to 30#'s, snapper to 20# and a 35# cobia to name a few)
In all honesty I think it is slightly overpowered but I havent changed it yet. It is louder than my 60 enclosed track Ono...
Originally posted by shaneshac
YOu might think I'm joking but the Tahiti is accurate at 6 metres. Gun has a good kick but it does not seem to affect the accuracy.

I believe you but the real question for a bluewater gun isnt long range accuracy...its long range penetration;) You want enough power to penetrate a large fish at near your max range. This has much to do with shaft length and diameter as well as bands.

Rig, can you imagine it with brand new tight bands? The first time I took it out with one of my friends, we both lay down in a flat area off some structure waiting for some palani(surgeonfish) to swim by. As the school surrounded us, the uhu(parrotfish) in the back slowly started to grow braver... I raised my new gun & BAM!!!!!!! I had a small 4-pound parrotfish spinning around my shooting line... :hmm

My friend lying on the seafloor next to me swallowed water, nearly pissed himself, & sputtered up to the surface. He yelled out, "what the $(*$#@ was that?" The gun was loud to me, but apparently was waaaaaay louder to people on the side of me who caught the sound waves as they were projected outward... he said it caught him so off guard he thought it was a powerhead or something :blackeye

I left those bands on just because my pitbull-physiqued friend seemed to handle it so well & you look like a pretty muscular guy. But in the end, I agree it's still probably too overpowered.

Austin's thread about his Carbon Fiber Wong
awww Daryl!

I'd crap myself if I could get into some clear water like that...:waterwork

I have to guess that the lighter weight and void space created by the carbon tube creates a better sound chamber for the bands going off. I say this as I've been around when the carbon fiber gun goes off and it's nowhere near as quiet as the titanium model of mine, but then my barrel is filled with 9 pound foam so that might have something to do with it. I'm sold on the use of 9/16 blue bands for this application.
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