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How long is your dynamic warmup

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Which of the following most closely describes your dynamic warmup routine

  • 0-2 mins (I prepare 'dry' and get in the water at the last moment)

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • 2-5 mins (I do my breathe up in the water, but no practice lengths)

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • 5-15 mins (I make a series of warmup dynamics prior to the official top in order to initiate the div

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • 15 + mins (I make a series of aerobic laps prior to the official top in order to warm my muscles)

    Votes: 3 13.0%

  • Total voters


Blue Member
Aug 30, 2002
How much time do you spend in the water before a max dynamic?

I'm laid out on a towel until the 2 minute call, but I seem to be the only one.

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I'm facing the problem that I cool down WAY to soon in a pool,
It cost me even a National record no fins, brrr...

So these day's I gonna have a 10 min DRY warmup, consisting of dry static apnea. I'll get myself on the shore 5 min for OT, putting on my mask, fin, weight, cap. about 2-3 min to OT I get into it, for my last breathe-up.

At a competition in Eindhoven, I got so cold ~heavy shiffers~ that people watching me taking my last breaths said: "Look he has already a Samba!" -Offcause they were joking, but I was really making waves involutairly... Brrr...


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I can't vote based on those options.

It takes me a while to get the dive reflex to really kick in. I've just changed my prep from 30mins in the water to about 40mins on the pool deck and it seems to work a lot better and be less taxing as a result. I'm ready and warm when it comes to the final breath up......so Al you are not alone sitting on a towel on the pool deck anymore :)


Like you guys, I get far too cold if I do anything much in the pool. Current warm up is to do some dry statics poolside then a couple of easy laps in my boogie board fins, just to get the feel for it before putting on my mono for a longer one

Hmm... Perhaps my warmup is odd (doesn't fit your poll!), but I've been working with a full wet static warmup (with wetsuit), followed by removing the wetsuit, drying off, relaxing for a couple minutes, and then spending the last 2 mins of the final breath-up in the water.

The wet static warmup alone takes about 20 minutes.

I'm really wondering, though, whether I should just opt for dry statics instead, as it certainly is a nuisance to make the change-over! Is there really any advantage that wet will give you over dry for a dynamic warmup?? Besides the 5 mins facial immersion (cold water), I am guessing no.

I combine my swimming (mainly crawl drillls) workout and dynamic workout (only dynamic without fins) in one session. 1 hour easy swimming (130-140 bpm), 3 or 4 easy statics at the botton of the pool to kick the reflex in, and then a CO2 dynamic table

So, excluding the pure swimming time, I do..
about... 20 minutes static preparation before the dynamic/max dynamic try

my 2 euro cents,

I do my dynamic with a wetsuit and lots of weight. I just do one or two wet statics in the pool, then breathe for the big dynamic and go. No warm up dynamics. Martin told me he would do two five minute wet statics, take off his suit and then go.

Changing suits, for me, is too much of a distraction.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Cool down ?

kars That happen to me when I first start practicing 3 years a go-

everything I was going to practice I cound't finished my practiced- SIEMPRE TERMINABA TEMBLANDO DE FRIO-trembling

maybe you need some calorie in your body- eat meat- or something - and why not tell the save guard to warm up the pool I little- tell them that we are not clasical swimmers that keep their body moving all the time - but freedivers-

as I can see in your pictures you are not using your wet suit

maybe a 2 m - wet suit will help you not to cool down to fast-


Now after I start eating rigth and using sometime my web suit Im not having this problem-

also Im going to a different pool where they keep the pool very warm -as I like
I have yet to attempt a max effort dynamic but so far staying still as possible, doing one mild CO2 static in the pool (with wetsuit) about 5 minutes before going works for me.

I like dynamic because of the feeling when Ifinally get underwater. So I spend my whole "warm-up" in anticipation of that sweet moment when I slip under and start undulating.

So far using a wetsuit has been essential, because if I'm nervous about getting cold, it ruins everything. I have done the dry static then go pattern without a wetsuit, but I think that moving from the pool deck into the water in the last minutes is a needless energy expenditure and I hate worrying about getting cold.

If the pool was 6C, then I wouldn't have that problem! :D

Pete Scott
Vancouver, BC
You guys are lucky to have pools that don't mind wetsuits and weight belts. In Sydney it is a constant battle with pool staff over our activties and our equipment!


Hola Andy

do you ask them to give you a reason why you can't use wet suit in the pool

wet suit was made for using in water even in PAISES CALIDOS

Just threaten the lifeguards. Tell them that if they DON'T let you use your stuff and do your stuff, you will come back one day to the pool, dressed only in the usual bathing suit. Swimming on the surface like a good citizen, you will fake a problem, sink to the bottom, and when the lifeguard comes to save you, you will HOLD HIM DOWN ON THE BOTTOM, until he blacks out, drowns, or loses his job. Since you can HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR LONGER, he has no chance. You gotta let him know who's the boss.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Eric is right!
But make sure that the lifeguard guy is not water polo player otherwise no matter how long you can hold , he drag you out with all your equipment and kick your ass.

I happen to see it once.
many big athletes stay out of the water for a dynamics prep. but getting ready with to or 3 relaxed empty lung dives does good for me. downregulating peripheral temperature helps in terms of centralizing. the same person who shivers in competition will be perfectly fine in the same pool without competition... a matter of mental strength...

yours pat
You can also have him fired, wait for the chef to arrive, in the normal bading pants. When they boss checks the water lay down on the bottom, playing death. Chanches are the lifeguard doesn't see you, or later. Then it's time for him to com into action he may loose some valuable points in the attemp to rescue the unwilling freediver :D

The downside could be that freediving, or just even diving under water my be forbidden for good...
Not to mention the stange but friendly name freedivers got.

He may be uncertein to ask to his boss, just step over the first line of command and ask the chef yourself.
Maybe ask the lifeguard nicely, and explain your -strange- love to him, chanches are his fanticy is activated and you may end up with a new buddy letting you in outside the regular opening hours!

I favour this second option.

Love and peace,
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Kars, explaing your strange love to a life guard, activate his fantasy to let you in irregular openings sounds a little risky if you ask me.... :))
last night I did a dynamic max a new way...

normally I do dry statics, stretching and general chilling before a max

last night I did damn close to my pb after an hour of full on activity - 300m hard swim followed by repeated 25m dynamic apneas with hardly any recovery time

no chillin, no stretchin, no packin.....

I always thought my heart would be going to fast to do a long swim after that - but no

anyone else tried it that way?
anyone else tried it that way?
Almost, I usually train in the pool swimming, doing:

50m freestyle
--> 50m dynamic no fins x 2
300m freestyle
300m breaststroke
300m backstroke
--> 50m dynamic no fins x 2
300m freestyle
300m breaststroke
300m backstroke
--> 50m dynamic no fins x 2

And usually the best dynamic I make is exactly the one in the middle after 900m of hard swimming (after 5min rest).
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Why you don't include butterfly on this?- the most dificult stroke I least for me- im working on it- and I feel great doing this-

in part this is what we use when doing dinamic not fins -
Dont take any chances with your warm up! DO IT ALL.

Dry static to first contraction.
Walking apnea first contraction +30 sec
Swim to your first contraction +30 sec
Exhale wet static to contraction +30 sec
Stand on your head for a minute or two.



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