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How to put together omer excalibur 2000?

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Mar 3, 2005
I am not sure if I have properly composed excalibur 2000. Especially how to snap wire to shaft and how to snap wire to body of gun, and how to lead (route) wire (from shaft to body of gun). There is nothig in maual about such details.

Any detail foto will be fine.

Hi, I am assuming you didn't buy this gun in America where all the guns come prerigged with bungie, big game swivel, and 400lb monofilament.

I would urge you to take it back to the store where you bought it so they can show you how to correctly rig it.

In short, you need a crimping tool, a bungie shock cord to attach to the muzzle and a swivel clip to attach bungie and shooting line. You then need to make a loop in the back hole of the shaft, crimp it closed with the tool and insert it in the handle of the gun. Then run the mono line out of the muzzle and to the line release and back from the line release to the muzzle where you close another loop of mono with a crimp and attach it to muzzle bungie. Since you probably have never done this before this is why I urge you to take it where you bought it so they can show you how to do it properly.

Good luck, Mark
Hi Mark, thank you very much for answer. But I can't go back to store, because I bought it through internet.
I did some photo of my gun, how I did complete it. Can you look on photo, if it is properly completed.

Also I have another problem, I have two different arrows, original from omersub (with black wire) and other bought on Corfu (with yellow-blue wire). I would like to change this arrows from time to time, but problem is how to snap wire to body of gun (in front of gun) to allow ease change of arrow+wire unit.


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pstruhos said:
Also I have another problem, I have two different arrows, original from omersub (with black wire) and other bought on Corfu (with yellow-blue wire). I would like to change this arrows from time to time, but problem is how to snap wire to body of gun (in front of gun) to allow ease change of arrow+wire unit.
Did you consider fitting a muzzle bungee with a low profile clip -- like some of the higher model Rob Allens? I am able to remove my spear & spear line from the gun in the water -- stainless steel clips are a b*tch to open but it can be done.
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I didn't.
Ok, I need to find out where to get low profile clip. Can you post some photo of this profile clip and how it is attached to muzzle?
Try here:

You can buy the bungee & clips from http://www.roballeneurope.com/. If they do not have it in stock, they can order it for you -- but you might have to wait a while for it (6 weeks?). The Rob Allen guys assure me the quality of their clips is as good as any and better than most (they are tough -- they have to be for the large pelagic SA fish).

Alternatively, for clips alone, you might be able to get them elsewhere (e.g. www.spearo.co.uk, www.apnea.co.uk or http://www.portlandoceaneering.co.uk/) -- you might have to email them though as I already checked their sites & only saw long line clips.
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You know its a little difficult to observe "details" from the pictures.

Anyway, few things i noticed.

1-) keep the excessive mono line end after the loop shorter. Cut them shorter and burn the ends.

2-) There is no need to double crimps in my opinion, but your crimps seemed little lousy from the pictures, press them again and make sure they are tight enough.

3-) Keep the line more tighter, and position it on a place so you can be sure it will not tangle anywhere after line relasing.

4-) Brovo, you made correct thing by putting the line on the spear rather than benath in the mechanism. Thats most common error than newbies make.

5-) line passage from muzzle is also correct but i prefer to make turn from right side rather than left.

6-) muzzle loop is also correct, its supposed to be there, secured in the hole rofl
by the way bungee is not really necessary to especially for that size gun.

and i did not understand why you left that yellow line there on the muzzle???
No, you don't need the bungee -- you could just tie the clip in place. Even Rob Allen, who make the muzzle bungee or boingee(sp?), reckon you do not need a bungee with nylon spear line -- as nylon is already stretchy. It is more important if you use a non-stretchy spear-line -- like dynema, spectra, kevlar,.... -- as it presumably helps avoid sudden jolt that might pull the spear back through the fish or the gun from your hand (even relatively small Bass will sometimes bolt hard once shot).

The bungee is probably more important/useful if you are going after medium size fish -- for very large fish you would probably opt instead for a breakaway rig (discussed elsewhere on the forum) ... or perhaps a reel. The bungee also makes it a little easier to pull the spear line over the trigger's line release hook/tooth when loading & makes the spear-line length a little less critical (as the bungee can always stretch a little), however it also creates a little more muzzle drag when you are swinging the gun. I think the clips are about $2 or 2 pounds (using that strange 1:1 exchange rate :rcard UK retailers too often seem to use) & bungees are about 3-4 pounds (with clip & "big game" swivel, I think).

I am surprised your speargun came unrigged, is that normal for Omer spearguns?


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A simpler, cheaper approach occurred to me: just tie a loop of something (e.g. parachute cord, dynema, etc.) at the muzzle and a loop in the end of the spear-line. To join the spear-line to the gun, thread the spear-loop through the cord muzzle loop to form a reef knot (or invert it into a larks-head).

Update 2008: just bought an Omer XXV & it includes a length of cord to do exactly that. Here are some images of how I used the above technique to rig it. I tied the cord ends with a simple thumb knot (a surprisingly good & useful knot), which I tucked out of the way in the muzzle larks-head, after threading the loop through the small spearline hole in the muzzle.

Although a quality crimper is generally recommended, I am happy with the crimps I made. I used a very cheap, flimsey, rusty old bi-cusped electrical crimper. I made 4 crimps one one sleeve & 3 on the other (following Leadertec's on-line guide). To be sure, I trimmed & then balled the ends on the spearline with a cheap lighter per Miles' excellent beginners guide to rigging; I also dripped superglue into the crimped sleeves.


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Asturven said:
We need to support our local Dealer
I suspect that, like me, many folk do not have a local dealer. It is a pretty specialised activity.
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It is not just internet dealers that sell them unrigged. The Omer guns at the Hawaii Skin Diver Expo were all unrigged. I greatly appreciate the tips provided here. Thanks!
Hey Drenched:confused:

Did I meet you at the Expo? I was the tall guy standing there answering questions in the white shirt who speaks good english along with the other tall guy with the blue shirt from Italy who spoke bad englishrofl

Anyhow, your post showed up right when I was having a drink with Jay Riffe and Kimmy who was supposed to rig your gun after the Expo. So, if you take it back there they should rig it for you free since the guns were supposed to all have been rigged. Yours probably wasn't because they only rigged 20 of them not thinking they would need more...Wrong:) Hawaiians love Omer.

If you have any questions or if Kimmy at Hanapaa isn't there when you go, email me at mark@omerdiving.com and I'll send you line,bungie,and swivel for your new gun. Clear waters, Mark

ps- shot my first Muh's in HI! fun little rascals to stalk.

If buying online how do we confirm we're getting the product from an authorized dealer. Is leisurepro authorized ?

For non-Omer speargun owners, Miles did a great series of posts recently showing how to rig a speargun at: [ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?t=64504"]Dummies Guide to Rigging a Speargun[/ame]
Hey guys,

No worries, any Omer gun you buy in the US including Leisure Pro comes rigged. All US Omer dealers should send you a rigged gun, if they don't I will be glad to. I rig at least half of them myself so if you ever have a problem I'm to blame:)

The typical rigging consists of 150lb test black mono line on Excalibur and T-20 spearguns or 400lb black monofilament line, depending on the area of the country where the guns are going. In Hawaii for example they prefer the thinner line.

The terminal of the shooting line connects to our bungee / 400lb ball bearing swivels to keep the tension on the line and provide shock absorption. The stock rig from Omer without a bungie or swivel was inadequate which is why we replace them all with our system.

Clear waters, Mark
I just bought my omer excalibur 3000.. nice gun.. came unrigged.. having a bit of a time trying to put it all together. I have the reel with line.. the bungee cord.. and the black mono line.. and a bunch of crimps.. could someone shed some light on this for me? What order do I crimp the lines in? and how long do the lines need to be? Any help would be awesome! I'm new to this site and sport.. but the people seem first rate! Thanks for the help!!
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