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I need more power

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The land of ice and snow
Sep 5, 2001
Saspearo and all the other experienced spearfishermen,
can you help me here... I'm finding out that my guns just a little short on power.. the big suckers aren't getting stuck and some of the biggest suckers are just out of range. I would like to get something with a little (low) price, a little pizzaz at 2 + meters, and good quality. Being on my budget, which is pretty bad now after the 2 wetsuits, the 3 masks, the extra fins, etc.... what would you recommend. Do you mind givin' it some thought?

It's sure a hoot to bring along the speargun once in awhile.

Fred Johnson
once in a while???

That's like saying it's nice to have the testicles close by occasionally...rofl

Other than the JBL Custom, my favorites :inlove, you're at the cusp of going with one of the smaller, euro :girlie guns. Short, quick and not a lot to have to screw with.

Welcome to the dilemma-filled world of spearing stuff. Jay and I warned ya!:D

just remember your bands loose their power over time.

I'll second the JBL alternatives. Cheap, easy to tinker into a serious weapon.

Euro guns are nice - I use a Beauchat Mundial Elite - really enjoy the speed/penetration. allways nice to have one in the caddy. great range too.

you can always make a franken-gun from JBL parts- made some serious grouper rigs from them.

you can try a slip(cable) tip for holding power.

Hey Sven,

on the smaller euro guns... can you give me a couple of "for instance"..? Do they have them over at diveinn? And is there a preference you have for type of tip for this particular application? I have used 2 different tridents... one flat about 3" outside to outside and one that the points form a triangle about 1" point to point. The 3" definetly works/holds better on the softer part of the fish...neither one is exactly fun to remove from the stuck sucker...I now brace the fish under my fins and pull.......once in awhile

Fred Johnson

Yes, DB's DiveInn sells euro:girlie guns and at pretty fair prices. (The karma button's on the right, Stephan...) The Picasso's get pretty pricey, but that's a Picasso thing. The Sporasubs (Mares) look to be good units too. You might want to take a look at other sites too such as Hana Pa'a's, Discount Diver and Pirate Scuba. Pirate's treated me real well in the past and I get my Riffe gear from them cheaper than Jay and his daughters :inlove can send to me with taxes and all...

That said, why not add some line and some beefier bands to your gun, the changes will easily save you a couple of bones over a new gun and all at $100+ per. Dicking around with your gun, (uh-oh..) is almost half the fun with this sport.

Don't get too caught up in the bells and whistles of these things; you're not going to need a reel, bungie floater or ultraviolet tanning functions. I'd stay with the flat 3 or 5 prong tip- it gives you some room when you have to make a snap shot, and even if all you do is wing 'em or gut shoot 'em, hey, they're carp for chrissakes!

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Speaking of power, is anyone familiar with the riffe competitor 0?
I am looking to upgrade to a standard 2 or 3, but while I am shopping and searching I want to maximize the capabilities of my present gun. It comes with 2 one halh inch x 15in bands. Has anyone tried putting a third band on this model?
somebody say Riffe?

You can add a third band to your #0 a couple of ways. Either go with a smaller diameter for the third or all three bands, so they'll fit in the nock, or the mobettah way which is to enlarge/drill/router out the nock tht the bands reside in and throw the third or fourth in.

Big time caution here... behind the nock and vertically, drill and place a stainless pin, 1/8" diameter or so, that will keep the bands from acting like a wedge and splitting the stock of the gun. Leave a 1/2" or so of wood betwwen the pin and the rearmost edge of the nock and round over everything. You'll be fat city. That 3CX is a fine piece o' gear.

I agree with Amph ....

Build a franken-gun. Get yourself a decent trigger mech, like a riffe or omer, something that can hold the power of multiple bands (NOT a RA - it won't hold a 16mm / 20mm combination, only a double 16mm :( )

Then find the muzzle that tickles your fancy .... er .... and then add a railgun barrel. Voila. You can get the RA railgun barrels from RA themselves, but I'm sure they'll sell them loose in the States as well. That way, you can make up any length you need, customize it. Some ideas to think about: foam filled barrel, double trigger, breakaway system(s), reel, built in compass - I saw one on top of a RA handle the other day ... pretty interesting idea - custom paint job (no Sven, pink won't do), holster underneath the gun for spare spear, bayonet tip .....

Mmmm .... Frankengun, here we come!
riffe 0#

put your safety on, load both bands, spray a dab of silicone on the 3rd band(right where the rubber meets the wishbone), and pull it through. when the bands are phlacid :eek: they'll look cramped, but they should be fine otherwise. this is just your solution to the third band.

a better suggestion would be to order some mean grean band material from sterling at hanapa'a, some dynema wishbones from cherryl at florida freedivers and just make two bad @ss bands for that lil 0# puppy. :D

good luck,
Fatter Bands


If your gun currently has 2 x half-inch bands, why don't you just try a set of fatter bands before you get all crazy about modifying your gun or building another? In addition to 1/2 inch, Riffe also makes 9/16 and 5/8 inch bands. If you want to go strait for the most power, simply buy a set of 2 x 5/8 inch bands and stick them on your gun. What's it gonna cost you, 1 minute of time and $20? I'm a competition hunter so the quicker I can load my gun the better. Personally, I would choose 2 fat bands over 3 skinny ones anyday. BTW, I only use 1 band on all my guns but it's a doozy (3/4 inch, aka 20 mm).

Scott Turgeon
Last edited:
Did I hear someone needs more power... ???


Sell the Riffe and buy this ..... he he he he

Thanks for all the advice. Since I dont have the tools (dont start), or the skills...I think I will avoid customizing my gun. I think Ill try using some fatter bands, and then try adding a third as a second option. This should be a good learning process, since the differerent width bands do not come in the same length as those I currently use.
Something must be done though, because I took a good shot at the largest sheephead Ive ever seen (probably not that big), and my shaft (dont start) literally bounced right off of it.
Thanks again for the advice
All this over a sheephead??!! :yack
Hey, you wanna eat mud, knock yourself out...

Seriously though, sheeps can get real tough and once stuck can put a real tweak on a shaft so keep the tip sharp too. It's an old competition diver trick...:girlie
Hey sven.. who's eatin? In the grand state of minnesota the only fish you are allowed to spear are rough fish... bullheads, suckers, carp, etc.... it's strictly a killing state. There's so few game fish here and they'd be so easy to stick they don't allow it. :naughty One thing for sure.. my aim has gotten deadly in short order. :)

I'd be havin' walleye everyday if they were legal.. it's tempting!!!

Well, sticking to freediving this weekend anyway... goin' down into the dark and the cold and the muck.... where no fish tread.

Fred Johnson
kitty this.

Originally posted by andrsn
put your safety on, load both hands, spray a dab of silicone on the 3rd hand(right where the rubber meets the wishbone), and pull it through. when the hands are phlacid :eek: they'll look cramped, but they should be fine otherwise. this is just your solution to the third hand.


good luck,

and Anderson speaks from experience, kids !rofl

Why go to the trouble of having to load the gun on land just to insert the third rubber ? Wet the muzzle and the rubbers with water, pull the two existing rubber a little just to thin it a bit with ur stronger hand and the third will slide in easy. I do it all the time with my #2 4th band. A help from a friend is easier, for 1/2" rubber one person can do the job.

However the best method is, place the band in the slot by the wishbone only. When you are in the water to hunt and have loaded all other rubbers, the last additional rubber will only need to be adjusted/spin around to load...simple.

Try not to keep rubbers cramped together in the slot/muzzle, they tends to wear faster around this area. I always keep the rubbers hanging by the wishbone so that no compression occurs on the rubbers. When I don't use it 4 a long time, I keep it in the refrigerator, it last at least 1 year this way with my Riffe rubbers.
1 year and hundreds of shots is hell of a long time for a rubber.

0 competitor

The riffe competitor will easily take 3 1/2 bands with out any modifications. Ive had mine set up this way since I bought it last year. Recently I found that it will take (2) 5/8's and one 1/2 band also without any mods (space wise).
I havent loaded it yet but im sure that the muzzle reinforcement kit should be all you need.
Good luck, let us know how it comes out
Ps What tip are you using? I found rock tips didnt have the same penetration as a tri cut single flopper.
Maybe the differnt band configuration and a diffrerent tip is all you need.
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