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If U can afford it, how much will U want 2 pay 2 spear these Tunas ?

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
Look at the photographer website.


" Schooling yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares. These yellowfin tuna were actually the by-catch from a bluefin tuna pen farming operation south of Ensenada. I was able to get into the nets to photograph bluefin, and these yellowfin tuna. For this shot, I had someone throw dead sardines right next to my head to get the animals close enough to my 15mm lens. -- Richard Herrmann"

BLUEFIN PEN FARMING............Damn:p :p

If money is no object, how much will you pay to shoot this yellow fin and a blue fin in the farm ? Must be a damn big and deep farm I am sure, unlike an aquarium. Name ur budget guys.......... Just curious.

Sorry can't post the photo, I don't want to get sued....:D :D.....hell no one can sue me where I come from...... I am sue-proof actualy. :mad:
Tempting for sure but somehow I doubt the satisfaction would be the same. Kind of like the new breed of deer hunting here where ranches raise trophy bucks and hunters can harvest them while they feed. All you have to pay is for the deer itself depending on the score of the buck. So I guess in your pen hunting one would pay per pound...

This is a bit off your main subject, but it appears that you can get sued even for posting a link. There are several such precedents in the US already where owners of websites sued and won against other major websites who had posted a link.

No matter how strange this is, since the link is actually free advertisement, the website owners won with the argument that the link leads to their resource and actually provides the visitors of the link posting website with free information. The other argument was that the visitors of the link posting websites created a financial loss for the original document owners by rasing the traffic and therefore - the hosting costs.

I had several requests for permission for adding a link to my website already, and at first I found it very strange too...
Now I see most of the major websites are turning to automated link generators for their link pages. This way the actual owner of the links page is not responsible for adding the links...

The World is a very, verry messed up place!

BTW, I am actually a lawyer. And I am one of the few to put efforts and make true the desire of the general public to have as many lawyers chained at the bottom of the sea as possible! :D
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Now on the subject...

I can't really see the sport in shooting fish in a farm. From the photo I can see that it would the same effort as going to the fish shop with a speargun... I personally consider spearfishing as a one-on-one challenge between me and the fish. And the tougher the hunt is, the mosre satisfaction it gives.

In Bulgaria we have those Heating Plants by the sea. They use water cooling systems and have huge lagoons by the plant where the water is actually clean and constantly 25C. During the winter those lagoons become provide shelter for many kinds of species. Some migrating fishes even refuse to take their usual routes and spend the winter there... Now I've been in such lagoon without a gun and I can tell you it looks like an aquarium!

Our local spearos never spearfish there for the same reasons I've already shared. Even when it's -15C outside... The only thing they do is take their 10-years old kids to the lagoon and allow them to shoot their first fish. But that's just to show them the basic techniques for sooting a gun in a safe, sheltered place.

It's awful though when eventually such heating plant has to shutdown the cooling system during the winter for maintenance. Thousands and thousands of fishes end up dead due to the rapid change in the temperature... But that's a different story...

Gee..............scarry lawsuit thing Wishbone. But thanks.

I thought Tuna are constantly swimming fishes, they don't stop. If say the holding pen is 5Km x 5Km long x 100meter deep wouldn't that keep the challenge ? I mean it will be the same as chumming on top of a favourite reef where one know there will be Tuna around.

Tuna is a rare sight for me, very rare. If such confirm Tuna location is available, I don't mind shooting once a 100lbs in a pen for learning.....OK, I pay per pound:D :D...........and no shark...ha ha ha. Poor me so desperate to see big ones.

Very Very Very Nice.
Havn't even seen a tuna underwater yet but for these I'll pay a lot of money. (In my terms. The Rand is shot to hell against pound\US Dollar)

Hey Wishbone what do you call a 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?



What do you do when you see a lawyer drowning ?

Throw him an anchor.

Just Joking

don't sue me please


Wha ha ha ha, I like that joke. No offence Wishbone.

I find Tuna underwater photo more tempting than say Cindy Crawford in nude.........just a rare sight for me.

I seen Manta, Eagle Ray, Napoleon Wrasse, Whale shark ( I freaked out cause I was under it and I thought that white big belly belong to a great white.........wheehhh ) , Sailfish ( from far away it was on the surface, I was at 60 feet ) , Marlin sun tanning/finning ( I was on a boat ) .......still I get realy horny when I see Yellow fin with those beautiful colors....poor me.

Never seen a big school ( 2 or 3 yes ) underwater but lucky enough to see a feeding fenzy from a boat while fishing.

The day if I ever get to spear a 30 kg or more, I will post it here.......when when when.....

I know I can go and look for tunas but I'm to scared of the
#$@%$# sharks. I'm fine when I dive in the kelp but as soon as I get in open water and can't see the bottom I freak out. If I dive with somebody it is OK but I usually dive alone. I know bad me, but my buddys think I'm mad to go spearing every weekend.

The problem here is (In South-Africa, Cape Town) and the places where I dive is that the water is usually dirty. +- 3m Vis in the winter and +-5m in summer. And I'm still trying to find out how the wind affects the sea.

I've had a few scares with sharks and I'm quite wary of them.
This one time I was diving at Cape Hangklip for crays when I saw a 3m Bronze Shark. I went up and while keeping an eye on it swam about 15m away and went down again when I saw a nice cray from the top. When I took it out and turned to go up the shark was about 1 m away just swimming past me . Shit. I popped out on the surface like a cork and swam away. About 30 m on I stopped and told my brother that he should be carefull because of the shark in the water. I resumed diving and was just getting into rythm again when suddely I felt strong tugging on my right foot's flipper.I swallowed about a litre of water and I swung around ready to strangle the shark and push my fingers into it's eye's and bite it and do anything to escape from it when I saw it...

My brother. Thinking would be a huge joke to scare me did the tugging. If I had a knife\spear gun\pointy object he would have blown out his last breath there and then. Sadly I didn't have one so I had to settle for a few smacks and a lot of verbal abuse for the next 10 minutes

He almost had to walk home that day.
Don't ever do that to your friends, Ever

Cheers SAFishShooter
Originally posted by SAFishShooter

Hey Wishbone what do you call a 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?


Actually SAFishShooter I'd call that a good start!

Nice fish in that pic. I dont know whether or not I would be tempted. Out of the water its a definite no, but if they swam past and I ahd a gun in my hand... Tough choice.

btw Iyadiver, the holding pens down near the South Australian Tuna farms are about 100m in diameter. Im not too sure how deep they are..
Thats right.
I knew it went something like that.

But I thought it was a million.

how about this one

For three years, a young attorney had been taking his
brief vacations at this country inn. The last time
he'd finally managed an affair with the innkeeper's

Looking forward to an exciting few days, he dragged
his suitcase up the stairs of the inn, then stopped
short. There sat his lover with an infant on her lap!

"Helen, why didn't you write when you learned you were
pregnant?" he cried. "I would have rushed up here, we
could have gotten married, and the baby would have my

"Well," she said, "when my folks found out about my
condition, we sat up all night talkin' and talkin' and
decided it would be better to have a bastard in the
family than a lawyer."

Cheers SAFishshooter

The last one was good!

Keep them coming guys, since I have e pretty huge collection of lawyer jokes! :)
Here's one of me vavorites:

A truck driver picks up a monk for a lift. They drive together in silence for some miles when suddenly the driver spots a lawyer crossing the road. He starts turning that wheel like crazy trying to hit the guy, forgetting completely there's a man of God beside him, but the lawyer manages to zig-zag fast and it seems the driver misses him. Nevertheless, there is some "thump!" sound so the driver looks in his rear view mirror and sees the lawyer down by the road...
"Hey! Forgive me Father! I think I've just commited a terrible sin", the driver tells the monk..
"Don't worry, son, you almost missed him, but I got the sucker with the door!".
A lawyer is driving down a road next to a park. To his amazement he see 2 guys on their knees eating grass. He tells his driver to stop and he rolls down his window and call out to the guys. They come over to him and he asks them. "Why are you guys eating the grass ?" The one oke reply "Well sir we are so poor and we have to live so grass we eat." The lawyer tells them to get into the car and come with him to his house. The men are stunned by the goodwill coming out of this lawyer because it is because of lawyers that they are so poor. The one guy says "Well sir we have our families here as well and we can't leave them here." The lawyer replies "No problem get them all." The two okes give each other a stunned look and proceed to go fetch their families.

As the get into the limo (All 14 of them) the one oke tells the lawyer "Sir I want to thank you for your goodwill and may you be blessed for it."

The lawyer replies " no problem man the grass at my house must be about a foot High."
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