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I'm a newbie and need help.

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New Member
May 17, 2002
I am very new to this sport and I have a lot of questions. I was turned onto free diving when I was watching tv the other day and saw a show about free divers. I was hooked from then. It is safe to assume that I know nothing of free diving, however I am eager to learn. I live in Wichita, KS USA, and if you are familiar with geography, there is not a lot of deep water around here. So I know that if I were to get into this, it would mean I would have to travel some.
The first thing I am dying to learn is how to hold my breath for a long time. I have never tried to hold my breath for any length of time before I saw this TV show. I need some guidence on techniques on how to increase my breath hold time. I do have a lake in my back yard so I have access to some water.
If someone could write me and maybe outline a way to practice developing a breath hold time I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
hi m8

I don't know what the best way of training static apnea is, but I can tell u how I did it.

Basically you need to relax...when i train I lie in the hammock.
Chill out and think of something else (anything) while taking deep slow breaths. Do this until u feel ready and then do some quick hyperventilations (rapid deep breaths). I always do 4 or 5 but U can do a lot more if u want.

And then just hold ur breath :)

While holding ur breath try not to think about it...DON'T look at ur watch. Think of something relaxing.

Also bear in mind that it takes a few goes before u hit some good times. The first go u will maybe do 1.30.... wait for a few minutes and then on the second go u will do 1.45 and so on...

I got upto 4min in a month with this technique (and i smoke a packet a day)


great to know that someone else lives there, back in the day (from '93 to '98, guess thats only back in the day for me ) i lived there, ya, its flat, its featureless, its dry, its dusty, just about hell for astmatics (like me ha ha ha)

anyway, just had to get that out of my system, sorry i just have alot of memories from there

Amisasi, are you interested in just holding your breath while laying there, or while moving around, do you have access to a pool (community pool>?)

as Ender said, the key is to relax, if you go to the pool, get a buddy, or atleast someone to watch over you as you try things, the first step is....



step 3: get comfortable in the water, this is one of the of most important steps to relaxing (how can you relax if you arent nice and comfy in the environment you are in>?)

another note, i wouldnt recommend hyperventilation until you are very used to just holding your breath

one of the best and easiest breath ups is just breathing deeply for a few minutes and then just hold your breath, do this a few times a day (maybe not if your working...) just to get your body accustemed to holding its breath you dont need a watch at first, do it for the simple pleasure of holding your breath, for the feeling you get while you hold your breath. after that you will be able to develope a better breath up and you times will improve.

also... dont be in a rush to get really long times, i only reached the 4 minute barrier this week (i also reached 5 minutes yesterday ha ha ha, im so pumped, but i had a samba on the hold after, damn)

and dont worry to much about time, i very rarely use a watch(and now, when i do, i dont even look at it until i have recovered from the hold)

sorry for the long post, and remeber, just have fun
Hey vincent, what do you attribute your sudden increases in time to? From 4 minutes to hitting the 5 minute barrier in just one week. That is an impressive week. You should be pumped about that! Have you set any kind of goals for when you are an old man of like 21?? At this rate you will be doing record times by then. Only to be young again!
Originally posted by underh2ohio
Hey vincent, what do you attribute your sudden increases in time to? From 4 minutes to hitting the 5 minute barrier in just one week.

you guys here at deeperblue, (who else?) :D rofl
i say this seriously

anyway, it had been about a month since i had done any "real" statics with a month so i might have it 4 minutes before, but this week i decided to time my statics, i also burned myself an "APNEA CD" this was a great help playlist is...
1.Rufio-Raining in September 0:36
2.Sum 41-Grab the devil by the horns 1:03
3.Sum 41-Pain for Plesure (kind of fits the theme) 1:45
4.Rufio-Just a memory 2:35
5.Rufio-Weekends 3:43
6.Rufio-Tears 3:11
7.Good Charlotte-I heard you 2:42

i do a quick breath up during "1" then hold for "2" and "3" (about 2:50 total) breath up during "4" and half of "5" then hold for as long as i can (usually just after the beginning of "7")

i also changed my breath up technique to faster breaths (about 10-12 deep breath a minute) and during apnea i just try to fall asleep (might sound funny but it works like a charm)

thanks for your help everyone
and, how could i forget the most important..

during contractions i fool my body into think that im doing situps, so it doesnt make the connection between "contractions" and "breath" the weird thing is i dont get the "burning" feeling in my lungs anymore, i just get contractions (anyone have anyideas what might cause this>?)

also... the first time i passed 4:00 when i got to the 4:00 mark, i just stopped having contractions and felt great (no, it wasnt a samba, i still had full body control, i had to grab my watch out of behind my head to check the time, and had no problem doing this) as if my body had said to itself "well he isnt gonna breath so just stop wasting O2" then the contractions started at about 4:30 and i had to breath, they were just to strong

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