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intro to myself...

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New Member
Nov 14, 2004
My name is Christian, I am a water baby.....Born in the sign of the fish, raised along the beaches of Cape cod, I have swam, freedive, scuba dive, fished , spearfished almost all of my life.(I hold a divemaster card) I have made fishing my work in many different ways. I spent three years of my life sea urchin diving, another three years on and off commercial boats dragging fish, shrimp and what ever else swims.... for the last ten or so years I have fished for Giant Bluefin Tuna every summer from june to oct. My largest being 825lbs.
I have a small family one wife, one 3 year old girl and another on the way! I am right in the middle of selling my large tuna boat and down sizing to a much smaller boat, with this change I have come back to my roots and am going to get back under the water with my gun (and maybe a much larger one) My underwater moto (when I was not Comm. Havesting), no mater what I was after,fish, lobster, scollops+ other shellfish is only to take what my family can eat...Period! My problem is, I want to pursue the Giant Bluefin with a speargun and I live in a state that does not allow for any underwater catch, no scuba or freedive spearfishing. I am gearing up to go after the fish next summer rules or no rules....(by the way I have a federal comm bluefin permit and a charter headboat permit for the last ten or twelve years) I know the fish well. Anyway thats who I am and why I am here.... I dont talk much but I read plenty. Nice to be here!
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Hello witch

welcome (sort of feel strange saying that since I am also a newbie) have a read of the "why are u so mad" thread on the "spero board" which tells of attitudes towards spearing protected fish. Do your self an the sport a favour and put away a few dollars and go to a place that you can happily shaft a blue fin, we get them in Australia, 350 kilos was the best I heard of last year and you won't run afoul of the law. Shaft a fish and not the sport, lots a luck and safe diving

'Ahab :wave
Hi Ahab,
hey thanks for the reply.....I guess you are right in the "PC" area of this whole thing, but, I have always lived knowing the the sea belongs to all of us who respect it, not the suits (Lawmakers) I am not going after a "Protected" fish... where I am the bluefin are pursued by rod and reel, harpoon boats (that use Fu*%ing Planes to spot), Purse seine Boats (hugh nets that take everything swimming in a school, also plane assisted)<----Evil that! I am one little man with a spear and a mask going after a fish I have worked around half my life, I know most may not agree with me but, fish I must and will till the end!
On a side note " a guy with a screen name like yours must know what I am talking about, pursue the fish at all cost, have you seen the white whale.?" Ha Ha Ha
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I must agree with WITCH on this one... where i live spearfishing is also illegal for no apparant reason.

Fishing in general is legal even without a permit, there are no restrictions on the quantity or species of fish.

Spearfishing is in my blood have been doing it for the past 15+ years. I dont believe it damages the ecosystem in any way. so why ban it! cos it involves carying a weapon that could be a national security issue.... Thats the view of the local authorities in my area....

As witch said :"I am one little man with a spear and a mask going after a fish" and "fish I must and will till the end!"

Happy diving to all of you ;)
glad to have you aboard Witch- the more the merrier. I know it;s a little late, but Eid Mubarak Nesim (I used to spearfish the gulf too)

Withc - you ever shore cast for stripers?
Thanks Amphibious... the gulf is an excellent place to spearfish! I just wish they would ease thier laws a bit... been trying to get a spearfishing club up and running for some time now, but not sure how to get around the law!


Yes, yes every May I start my fishing season in a wet suit swimming to a sand bar that runs along a long rip coming out of a river. with my lightest tackle we battle the schoolies its loads of fun.....
When I lived on the Arabian Gulf I used to do quite a bit of fishing that way. Striper fishing out east in on the wish list, looks like way to much fun :D
Hi Witch
No hav'nt had a run in with the white whale for a while now rofl
And I have no argument for the hipocracys we see in the fishing laws as they also exist in my country. The death ship Veronica has been fighting for accaess to southern Australian waters, it's a factory trawler with three processing factories (evil indeed) gear big enuogh to surround the coliseum. It seems sad that our rights are sold out for a cut in someone else's profits. NOW Let me know if you see Moby won't you rofl rofl
Most of New England has unreal striper fishing from the beach. Northern New England has had a real come back in stiper over the last few years. I had a 47 inch cow take down a tuna yozuri rig trolling at 5 1/2 knots behind my boat this summer. Should have seen her!!!! She was offshore swimming just below the surface in 580 feet of water?
Well, so you know I'm not fooling around here is the photo Daryl sent me this morning...


  • Chris'sOnogun63in.jpg
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  • Chris'sOnogun.jpg
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This weekend I go for my first trip with the gun offshore large schools of Giants showing up!
good luck with the hunt, and if for some reason you decide that you dont like the gun, u can allways send it to me :wave

ok ok, i know that wont be ever happening.. i guess i'll just sit in the corner and wish i had a gun like that :duh
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