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Is a Shooting Contest possible ??

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002

I need ur input. I been thinking, there are so many guns between us and not all of us can buy all the guns we want. One of the most favorite question is : " How does ur gun shoot ?"

Since not all of us have access to a heavenly fish location but we all love to do some shooting, why don't we organize a honest to good-ness shooting contest. A contest that everyone can play from their own country/city/whatever.

This might sound crazy but all we need is honest participants ( I'm honest ...:D ) and some time to sacrifice cause we will do it thru this forum. As an incentive, since everyone seems only want to join a contest if there are prizes to be won:naughty :confused: , we all can chip in.

Since this forum need funding to run, we then donate the proceeds to DB Forum. Say all contestant fork out US$5 to US$ 10 a person a ten man comp will generate US$50-100, that is hardly any significant amount to buy Internet space. At the least we DB users have the decency to realized that : There is no free lunch.

Any advice will be appreciated.
My idea is simple. Someone print an A4 paper size target sheet. It must have grids for easy calculation. Inside this paper , maybe someone draw a fish or ur father in law :D :D, or whatever. On that fish or object or face, there will be colored area where it indicate the target zone which carry the highest score. Someone can just attach that A4 size word document file and we can download to print. That piece of paper is to be laminated, thus it become waterproof. All we need is to scan, take photo or whatever way u can find......for that target sheet to be posted on the forum...........after the shots are taken.

To be fair to small gun owners, we agree on a fix shooting range. A minimum penetration of an object, not a banana please, probably plywood of an agreed thickness.

The finer details up to your ideas, basicaly honest fun is what we are after. Since the proceed goes to DB ( if big boss approve ), there is no point in cheating.

And what is ur personal gain in winning? I think we can ask Anderson who is good in computers to make a special Thropy that will be pasted above ur signature. The Thropy will feature blinking or spinning one or whatever and it stated something like this :

DB's Top Gun for December : (name of winner)

So what day ya say people ????????????
DB bosses, how ?????

We can do it on a monthly basis or however it pleases u guys.

IT ain't IYA if it AIN't Crazy....
Originally posted by Iyadiver

That piece of paper is to be laminated, thus it become waterproof.

HOWWW???? Will i need a carpenter for this???? Or did i miss the point?:confused:

Fix range.......

Lets say in 2 meters.......Can my OMER shoot like Riffe or RA? Is it fair? Accuracy is much more depends on gun not the range? It's like i am shooting with 0.177 Match Airgun and you are using Remington Magnum for same target in same range?

Actually idea is very good. I liked it but it needs small modification.Did i miss the point again or it's my english failure??:eek:

HOWWW???? Will i need a carpenter for this???? Or did i miss the point?
Originally posted by Iyadiver
This might sound crazy but all we need is honest participants

Well I guess we'll have to give Sven his own category then!:D
Lamination of paper is simple, many book shop can do it. They heat press plastic on the paper and the paper become plastic coated. Good enough to be shot for one hour underwater, even if it get torn, the glue will keep the paper together and u still have a valid target. The backing board will be plywood naturaly.

Range, we can set a 3-4 ( 10-14 feet ) wherere most guns can do. Big guns won't be a confirm winner here dudes, because pin point accuracy is what we are after, big recoil has less chance to win. I will use no bigger than 7mm shaft for this and probably 2 band for my 124cm gun. Measurement is to be taken from tip of spear.

The way Euro and RA claim to be very accurate, I am sure they have a good chance to be the winner. We are not looking for fatal penetration here, we are after markmanship.......simple.

Any more suggestion ?
Count me in pardner!

How about an A4 size target sheet so we can scan the whole thing in more easily?

Not too sure how the money thing might work since I don't have a credit card or anything. And having to get the gear setup and lamination etc might be enough of a cost for most people...
Thank u Shadow, that's the spirit. Money wise it is just the incentive, I know CCard is a must. Never mind I'll settle for the fun of the game.

Why I am asking u guys this is simple, with good sportivity and honest minds, this is possible. If anyone of you love to play Sony Playstation 1 or 2 and there is a game called Grand Tourismo, it is possible to play on line thru the internet. We race in our own home with a set of fixed rules and parameter, send in the time in a week and see who is faster. Now they do have way to check if u cheat cause u must dowload ur replay to be verified if somehoe it look suspicious. But hey, we are all honest & matured guys.

A4 size target is good. Just agree on a set of rules, parameter and so on that will be fair to everyone. I know it is no fun shooting at target but when there is someone out there as a competitor/s.........sure is fun. Shooting target is sure not equivalent to shooting moving and big fish, where the variables and fun factor are so high but being on-line , this is what we can do.

Seasoned hunters, set the rules please...........

If anyone only want to join in if there is a prize, I might be able to provide something.....:t :t
Wow Iya!
Are you going to offer up your new Riffe as a prize? That would be super! Slightly insane, but super..:D

Maybe a Sheriff Star logo for the winner?
3 Meters.... I dunno if my gun can shoot at that range with pin point accuracy but it deserve to give it a try.The only problem is winter sesion coming soon.
he he he he, my new MT#0 as a price, u must be kidding..:D :D. I think as a start ( perhaps once..he he he he ) I can give a Riffe knife or a mask, if we have enough participant to make it all the merrier. Since I initiate the idea, I'll sacrifice something from my pocket. Better still if the prize product has a dealer world wide, thus winner need not pay international shipping....how's that ? I'll just send some kind of payment to the nearest local dealer of the winner and for a few bucks of local to local shipping charges, the winner gets his "Prize" fast and safe.

Gee, I forgot some place have winter. Swimming pool is OK, even better actualy for target shot cause high viz is sure a plus, a big PLUS.

I don't know if anything less than 3 meters will be worthwhile. Some "favourable" distance which will be taken into consideration are : shooting line arrangement, shooter skill, shaft configuration, spearhead configuration and so on. We should consider that in the process of the contest, we should gain knowledge too.

Whatever it is I'm open to any ideas, still a long way before we can materialize it.
swimming pool.....

I don't know if anybody let me use swimmigpool with my speargun in winter.
Anyway it will be a nice to see Riffe vs Euro.

cool idea, but don't you think there will have to be different classes for different sorts of guns? i had my little c1 riffe out saturday off miami and stoned 8 out of 9 fish, including a 6# mutton. it has a 4m range and can knock the nuts off a cleaner shrimp, it's so accurate. ;) just don't think there'd be much of a competition at short ranges. :cool:

maybe we can jump up to 6m and use guns of appropriate size. :confused: i think that's the range that everyone would like to have in the water anyways. also, a wise sultan once told me that a good target to practice at is the orange construction netting/fence that are up around construction sites. they have about 5cm squares and you can ribbon a center square as your bullseye and go from there(maybe cut a 10x10 square square and hang it in the water column. anyways, the spear passes right through the netting and you can see where it entered because of your shooting line is still hanging through it. :t this makes for minimal mess and easy setup.

i think the $ issue might just confuse things. i think bragging rights will be more valuable for the spearos and their gun types. ;) but then again, i've heard you have trouble hitting barn doors w/ your riffes, IYA. rofl (just stupid american humor, don't take it personally ;) )

keep the ideas coming. :cool:

Valueable insight Chief, I like that. BRAGGING RIGHTS, that I think what will turn people on:D :D .

I am open to suggestion, we may want to do two category. Say 3-4 meter and 5-6 meter. Just to make sure those with 90 cm gun can join in one of the catagory.

I don't have any construction net of that kind here, contractors are law-less here:eek: . Anyway any kind of target is OK with me as long we all use the same target set up to standardize and same method of how the shots are conducted. Can we have smaller grids than 5 x 5 cm, that is sure a big hole for a 3-4 meter work, for 6 meter....very OK.

If u ask me, I prefer at least 3 shots fired in a row, this show the grouping tolerance.

I also think a minimum measure or reference of penetration is required cause it also will indicate that that gun is good enough to honestly secure the fish at the intended range. But this will need more mess with plywood.........hhhhmmmmm

Let say a 90 cm gun, I think in most cases we will take any fish of 2-5kg with such a gun, you can always go for more but these are good dinner size.

For the bigger guns say at 6 meters, perhaps we are looking to take a minimum of 15kg upwards. Whatever its is we all can come to consensus on how to do it, which can simulate actual hunt with half the fun and no fish blood. :D :D

More ideas guys.

MURAT, this is not about Euro versus Riffe, it is about everybody's gun doing fun contest.

he he he he he
Originally posted by Iyadiver
MURAT, this is not about Euro versus Riffe, it is about everybody's gun doing fun contest.

of course it's not only the arrow, but more importantly the INDIAN! :D

maybe i can send everyone the same target? :confused: and maybe those squares are more like 3.5cm? my imperial to SI unit conversion is a little rusty. ;) and I'M putting up freakin satellites fer chriss sakes! ain't that scary! :D
If America every goes 100% SI / Metric, that is when it will own the world:D :D . I heard now all engineering in USA are going with SI.

YEP, we must make the same target for everyone, so that the result can be compared without trouble. This is why I want A4 size so that we can attach on the forum and all we need is to download in our computer and print it worldwide...Viola !!! Then come lamination/heat pressed plastic layer, cause I think it is better than using transperancy if we want it to be waterproof. I prefer some fish shape with vital hit zone marked or something. Some gun might shoot erratic up/down. We all know erratic left/right is a safer bet for hunting, u aim the lateral line behind the gill, either u hit the gill or at least still a lateral line somewhere. Try to simulate actual hunt, that's all. If I am any good with Photoshop...........I'll make a beauty...:eek: :eek:
IYA, i think the viola is a string instrument. don't think many people here are familiar w/ them. :D

also, if you're laminating a sheet of paper, won't shooting the finished piece break your laminate and expose the paper around the puncture spots? :confused:

hawaii skin diver used a grid system and seemed pretty consistent. this way, you can do multiple tests on different guns w/ the same target. i'll go see what i can find this week and post a pic or two.

Originally posted by Iyadiver

MURAT, this is not about Euro versus Riffe, it is about everybody's gun doing fun contest.

We will see buddy:D :D :D
Originally posted by andrsn
also, if you're laminating a sheet of paper, won't shooting the finished piece break your laminate and expose the paper around the puncture spots? :confused:
The water should only penetrate a few mm into the paper around the puncture. But it all depends on the quality of the laminate I guess. Maybe use some waxed paper?

My suggestion for classes:

Reef guns: All pneumatics and rubber powered up 110cm in
length. 3m is a pretty standard shot for a gun that size.

Bluewater guns: Any gun over 110cm. Say 5m range to target?

If someone choses to use say a 90cm Riffe with 3 bands and enter the 5m range then maybe give their point score a 110% bonus ie a score of 10 becomes an 11.

Caveat: On Sunday I was out with RA 130 and viz was that bad that when I fired the gun I could only see half of my shooting line. The rest together with my spear was lost in the murk. Conditions like that could make target shooting real interesting! :head
I'll laminate an A4 size paper and make a few holes with it and keep it in water for 1 hr, see how it turn out to be...........another experiment:D :D

I seen the Hawaiian Skin Mag test grids.
Another possibility is transparent plastic and paste some stickers like what I did on my shooting test. Cheap & 100% waterproof. All we need is a fixed scale drawn on to it that measure 1 cm and 1 inch.

Who else joining ?????
Hawaii skin diver's test is pretty good.We must find a official shooting contest sticker.Then we can stick it on the board and start to shoot.If you guys achive to organize this event before winter season i will be glad to join.
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