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New Member
Aug 31, 2004







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... calm down with the underscores! hahaha ;)
Anyway, wow! Thats pretty good!! 4 Minutes 30 for a 15 year old is very very good. I take it you were doing it sitting on a bed or a chair and not in the pool. I am 16 and I have done 3 minutes 45 in the pool and havent really done anything outside the pool.
Anyway, as far as I know, it aint unhealthy to be holding your breath! So good luck and have fun, and ALWAYS_TRAIN_WITH_A_BUDDY
Originally posted by LiquidRush
here's a tip, copy and past a 'space' instead of using underscores
Heh, that idea was so cool I'm giving you karma. And I even HAVE a good spacebar. :)
Recent studies have found that in individuals holding their breath up to 6 minutes and 30 seconds, still had 100% of their normal oxygen levels in cerebral blood flow. In the testing, all persons when they gave up holding their breath, had 100% normal levels.

However, this test was done under controlled breathe-ups. Meaning, a person could not have a preferred technique to avoid having to quite the static due to intollerable CO2 levels. This also implies that nobody in the test reached samba/LMC or blackout.

Basically, what this is suggesting quite strongly, is that holding ones breath is not going to be bad for you due to lack of oxygen. Whether it is bad on you due to stress and other reasons, it is possible, if not regulated in practice and complimented by strong dietary habits.


well, I think you are all sick. Underscores are dirty (unless you are working with Unix, then it_s ok)
I agree there. I think that post was very innappropriate, especially since the original poster clearly stated that he was 15. Now, Its fun to joke around and all, but I think people have to consider that young people read these forums too, and posting adult-oriented messages is not in good taste.

That being said, posting rofanity is not in good taste either, and really lowers you to the provoker's level.

Now, this post has gone way off topic, and i think it would be in everyone's best interest if we either:

a) Lock this thread
b) get back on topic

Off topic a bit (yeah i know...): ling-cod_kid, what part of Northern Cali are you from?
I agree with you 100% you we should lock the topic. That guy is a freek!

-I am from the bay area of califonia.
OK folks...

The language and offensive stuff is gone. Anyone having a problem with that, gimme a call. :hmm

There are more than a few here that don't do well with the profanity, 15 years old and otherwise, so cool it. This is about the safe search for diving education and experiences. You want to go buy cheap computer gear, send the person a PM as the space here costs.

Keep it at that please.
It seems some people took my last post a bit too seriously!

I thought it was pretty obvious that it was not exactly serious. It was an attempt at the lighthearted humor found elsewere on the forums.

There have been posts about penis jokes (see the Snorkel thread) and brags about peeing in wetsuits. There are even drawings of snorkels that might seem 'inapropriate'. I have sometimes just gasped and said to myself "wow... these posts are really far out"... but of course when something seems really absurd, the best bet is that it is a joke.

For that reason, I did not imagine that I would offend anyone.


Otherwise I would never spent the better part of 20 minutes typing it... it was an effort lighten things up.

Anyway, I want to apologize to Ling-cod_kid. No harm intended.

I do not have a fetish for underscores.

I do not imagine any of you do either, but if you do... then that is perfectly OK. The post wasn't there to judge or ridicule anyone.

Also, just for the record, the adult magzine metioned does not exist. It had a pretty silly name, because it was part of the joke. There is no such magazine (I went through a websearch just to make sure!). There is however a magazine called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles" which was my inspiration for the title.

In short - The entire post was fictional.

So.. Once again - sorry to all of you whom I offended.
I know that it was intended as a joke, as did most readers. The thing that upset me was not the content so much as that it was a reply to someone who was clearly underage, which is why I felt it was inappropriate.
If you were talking offline to some random 15 year-old, would you start talking about fetishes and adult magizines? Most would find that a bit odd. Im not trying to insult you, but you should maybe more carefully consider your audience and whom you are speaking to before you post. We all make mistakes, and it's OK. You just have to learn from them, and move on.
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David and Para- Tommy's apology is genuine and his good standing here in Deeper Blue is illustrated by his positive karma. Let it go.

And David, I pulled your post for a couple of reasons, primarily because of the profanity and as much for the misspelling :hmm
which is something of an inside joke here among the DB originals.

You may (or may not) be only 15, but before you hit the "submit reply" key, take a moment and re-read what you've written and after you do that, do it again. It's always better to not have to apologize for a hasty reaction.

Sit back and read what those of quite a bit more experience will provide you given the right arena. :cool:
hey, Icarus
I am sorry for over reacting, and I know I should not have put bad words in my reply, it wont happen again...I know I am
not on your good side. For posting many replys with profanity and not letting what Tommy said go, but there is no need to make fun of my spelling.....thats kind of a low blow.

I undertand completely. I was just trying to clarify my position on the subject. Im trying to keep as many friends on here as possible. :) Joking got out of hand, tempers flared, and now I think we can all agree that it's time for everyone to settle down.

Back on topic:
Obviously passing out would be a bad thing, especially if you are in the water. Always having a dive buddy can help reduce the risks of dorwning, though.
As for damage from just holding your breath, i wouold have to say that is unlikely. Our bodies are fairly resilient, and are able to bounce back from such things. Training helps to teach your body how to "bounce back" more quickly and efficiently. Also, when you hold your breath, your body still has access to oxygen, its just in a limited supply. When you breathe, this supply is unlimited. Thus, when you go back to breathing again, your body is able to tap into the unlimited supply in the air. At least, that is how I understand it.
Anyone with more knowledge feel free to correct me.
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