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Iya, Quit Smoking And Freediving More!

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New Member
Aug 19, 2002
You had to know that if you hung around here long enough, someone was going to challenge you to quit smoking. Well its time! Iya, we all like you and want to see you quit hurting your lungs. Did you know most of the damage done by smoking is reversible if a person stops in time? The lungs have amazing healing and strengthing capabilities. Just read some of the training form where people have quadrupled their breath holds in four months.

You know the Asian and Micronesia smoking thing happened when American Tobacco companies started losing profits at home and decided to export their damage to other countries. Do you want to be tied to an oxygen bottle at 65? I know 65 sounds like a long ways away when you’re in your late 20’s, but I’m 42 now and 65 doesn’t seem that far away anymore. I plan to still be active, including freediving, at 65.

Iya, I’m just saying this because I like you, and I know many other in the form do too. Just think of going diving with buddies and telling them to stay on the boat while you take a freedive to check it out. Shoot that big palegic then return to the surface and tell your bubble blowing friends its okay for them to enter the water now!
Don't listen to em Iya, I smoke 3 packs a day, even before I go diving and never had any...[....umph.....cough....gasp.....can't br.......need ox.......light fading.......why why?]

this tranmission from unirdna has been terminated - for more information please read the obituary column in your sunday paper
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Wha ha ha ha...Cute Uni...... he he he.

Thanks Don. I didn't know you are so sweet. Honest.
I know it is bad to smoke but it is so addictive ( just like sex:t)
I think I won't live long, maybe 55 is about max, not smoking related though.

Smoking is a very Indonesian culture, local cig company are no 1 tax payers. The foreign cig companies don't stand a chance here, not yet. I don't smoke in a room with my kids in them, I have my own smoking room. I know the danger of indirect smoker.

I do realize I am not as fit as when I was 17-30 years old. I drink a lot too, not that I am alcoholic just that in my life style, I go out to a bar on Wednesday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday mostly at sea. There are many times when I dove, I was still half stoned, thus I remain at 60 feet and not deeper. As the day progress I feel better, then I dive deeper. Not a healthy thing to do but ......... hhmmmm.

I have a share in a bar & restaurant, very very small though and that's where I hang around. I brought Erik Young once there. With all the dudes drinking and smoking..........what a temptation :p . Also it feel funny if you drink and don't smoke.......( AUUUCHHH who knocked my head ????? )

I will try to reduce my smoking and that is why I am trying to freedive. I realised that by freediving I know and had to improve to get fish, thus my smoking must be cut down and eventualy stopped. Many of my friends of the 45 years old category stopped smoking. The new generations of Indonesians are quite anti smoker, that I taught to my kids too.

Unfortunately all my scuba friends who are non smokers are no better freedivers than me too...he he he. I have now a few Aussie freedivers who wants to teach me a thing or two.

The irony is that my grandpa lives to 103, still jogs at 90 and he was drinking in quantity till 70 and smoked till 90. What a wackie world.

My dad is not very healty now at 60 but it was not smoking related, no cancer and still a strong heart.

If I go abroad I don't smoke so much cause, the countries are not an easy place to smoke indoors.

OK OK, I'll do some slowing down. Need to get rid of my tummy too before it block the view of the last loading tab on my shaft....:eek: :eek:

Thanks Don. Sincerely thank you.
Yea absence, healthy eating, and training can be difficult if your only motivation is to be healthy. It really helps me to have a sports goal. Iya, keep concentrating on freediving. Just think of the good stories you can tell us!
This is a wall writing

"Kissing a smoker is just like licking ashpit":yack
IYA, I've tapered down my drinking quite significantly since I started freediving. It's a great means to the ends of your bad habits. :D

Good luck and stay tuned to "dropped hints" about your quitting. ;)

Quote from Brooke Shields on Smoking ....

Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti smoking campaign
"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of
your life."
LOVE U ALL......Thanks

Strictly clove(local ) cigarette, no kinky stuff.........

Will try to cut down....when I see those wonderful visibility and fishes swimming.....:D

It true, must have fishes as a motivator.
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Iya - Clove smokes are something else - I'll give you that. Really do miss them! yum yum yum!

Still - good luck - took a summer as a Divemaster for me to quit. (and dating a Nympho US National Swimteam chick will help too!)

Ah Americans.....

Iya, we will start hanging out more and I will tease you if you smoke.....on the boat or at the clubs. The thing is that in the clubs here, like Stadium and Club TigaPuluh, there is so much smoke that it doesn't make much difference! Let's go diving (ocean or clubs) soon kawan.
Sampai nanti,
Erik Y.
One day this oke of about 25 is walking down the street and sees a old lady, full of wrinkles sitting on her porch in the sun with a cigarette between her fingers and a glass of neat whisky in the other hand with a half bottel on the table next to her. While looking at her he sees her down the whisky and refilling it and lighting another cigarette with the butt of the other one. He walk up to her and says to her "Sorry Mam but I couldn't help but notice that you are sitting here chain smoking and downing scotch, I would be really glad if you could could give your secret because I would also like to be as old as you and still be able to do that."

She replies "Young man every day I sit in the sun and drink 2 bottles of whisky and smoke 60 cigarettes. I don't use any sunscreen and now and then I smoke some grass and pop a few pills."

The young man is stumped and asks her "Sorry Mam, I know you are not supposed to ask a lady her age but how old are you ?"

She replies "32"

Cheers Reinier
Hey this is cool, when did we get a hunting board? :D

Hey Iya, read something interesting during my hols, I thought you might be interested... can't remember what book it was from but I'll look it up for you :)

See the go is, haemoglobin has a greater affinity for carbon monoxide than for oxygen... so if theres both O2 and CO in your lungs, it binds to the CO first. In a non-smoker, about 2% of your Hb is bound to CO, form things like car exhausts, pollution, etc etc. In a smoker, around 12% of your Hb is bound to CO... that seemed like an awful waste of Hb to me :D

Take care bud, hope the diving is good :)

Where is Iya lately that guy has been sneaking to his favourite pinnacle a little to much lately, chasing doggies lucky son of a $#%^.

He he he he............ me been sick since Christmas till New Year and went hunting last Saturday...suddenly I feel much healthier.

Not the regular pinacle but also in the Indian Ocean side. This is easier access but long drive by car.

Your keen if your driving by car to go spearing, never done that ever only drive to local boat ramp.

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