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Jedi 106/Superjedi by G.Dapiran

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New Member
Mar 31, 2004
Yesterday I was browsing through G.Dapiran's site and saw some pretty wicked looking wooden guns.

Especially Jedi 106 and Superjedi caught my attention.

Has anybody tried these two out, or has some reliable info about them?

Thanks for you time and info
I think you can get most accurate feedback from shane, or if you can speak italian, get the most detailed technical infom from DApiran himself or if you want unbiased opinion ask the italian forms.Like apnea magazine but personally i don't belive Dapiran will make a product that will not match the purpose for what its made for. If you manage to get english converted version of dapiran internet site, he says its for Dentex which parks 6-7 meter range and don't intend to come closer than that or for big pelagic. I wonder if he make 110 or 120 version of SuperJedi or it will be to heavy to maintain required mobility for aspettos:confused:
Murat you are correct.

The Super Jedi was infact meant for pelagics as the normal 106 Jedi was designed for DEntex spearing.

The super Jedi at 106 cm is a heavy piece fo kit, neutral in water but the mass has been increased to control the recoil from the 2x17.5mm bands

It has been tested to 6m shots by Dapiran himself and it works. Wait for his latest movie where he spears exclusively with the Super JEdi.

If you want a gun longer than that go for a Totem Tahiti. They will cater up to 130.

After many long conversations with Dapiran i second Murats opinion. Dapiran will not put out a product if its not 100% tested and does exactly what it was designed to do.
What about Dapiran's minijedi??

Am considering a though gun that ll make my "l'agguato in superficie" - indian style hunting manageable. :p

It should be a very powerfull 75cm gun...
In winter when the visibilty is low it could be used with one gum only setup.

Your's opinion wanted...
The minijedi is the first of 2 vids Dapiran will release. I have seen clips of it and it looks quite useful. Now that i am diving more off a boat i need a short gun for hunting seabass in the real murky waters. This is always the case when there are easterly winds. It is always too dangerous to dive in from rocks as you get splatted.

I want a short gun with lots of power as fish over 10 kilos can appea within a metre of your face.

I am thinking either the minijedi or the maorisub mamba 90.

If my planned trip to sardinia works out next month i wll let you know what the super and mini jedi are like

May be 106 Sjedi can catch up Tahiti 120 in terms of range coz Sjedi uses 2 18mm bands and appropriate mass of teak, that will maintain the stability. Hovewer Tahiti 120 is made of mahogany which is lighter and also slimmer stock,to offset the recoil of the 2* 16mm bands instead of 18mm bands.... Shane all i need is side by side comparision of tahiti 120 and Sjedi 106 :D I wonder much about maximum effective range and mobility of the two gun in the water. I want two band gun much for long range grouper shooting(those species that hungs out of the cave and generally don't let you come close) and dentex (if i ever found one) pelagics is in the second order.. Shane did you ever talked with dapiran about Fabrizio's guns? I think he mentioned about Fabrizio in his internet side at somewhere...
why do you want to use such a powerful gun?
I do not use double bands guns (not yet as I'm looking for a wooden gun for summer spearfishing) here in France.
Anyway, I think that standard guns (simple band) is far enough powerful to go through the biggest sea bass!!! I mean in winter - By the way I'm using shorter bands and it is realy powerful!!!
Dapiran has issued a "medijedi" gun too - 90cm with two 17.5 bands. May be rigged with a single 20mm for easier loading if the full 4m range isn't required. I have read a lot of his ideas and experimentation works (in italian) and after carefully following through, - sometimes having to read a paragraph twice or three times, all I can say is that they all make sense. He really knows what he's talking about - and that's over 40 years exerience talk!! I haven't yet read any reviews about it, although Dapiran himself made a video entirely hunting with the medijedi. (haven't seen this either yet). But I agree with most of the replies up here, he wouldn't market something unless he's absolutely right it'll work. If I am correct, I think his are the only guns (at the moment) where you'd have to choose a right-hand/left-hand version. Anyway, I am thinking of actually getting one, (though not so cheap at 320Euros)
The one thing I can't still understand fully is why in certain videos of his, like "agguato profondo" and "Agguato a spigole e cefali" he INSISTS on using a home-made gun with single bands (don't know anything about its length etc) instead of using one of his Jedis. I don't think that really shows the confidence he has in the Jedis. I wonder why he does that?
Scar, medijedi is a mean peice of kit for shallow water aguattos, i have a denton 92 which is based on medi jedi and it is shooting fish at the end of double wrap.
I think that he might have made the videos before he designed the guns - I have seen them and they are good - either that or he is using a prototype or maybe it is a medi in diguise ... :) Your guess is as good as mine !

The guns used by dapiran in the Agguatto videos is a home made wooden gun with a Beuchat Marlin handle.

This was well before he designed the Jedi range. You can see him using a Jedi for the first time in Aspetto Dinamico al Dentice part 2. This was a 4 year project hunting dentex exclusively. There is no video where he is seen using the production model Jedi as he started using the Superjedi soon after the original jedi was put on the market.
Oh I see, Shaneshac. Didn't know that part! Well thanks for your reply. I thought there was something wrong in that!! Anyway I am most interested in his guns because being from Malta, I too hunt in the Med. His theories make a lot of sense. I've just emailed him, asking about the medijedi and his sister Giovanna replied telling me that production for the medi will start again in September - hopefully to have selling ones in October this year. I am looking at the moment for further info and also other different brands, but till now, the Jedi's rank no1 in my purchasing list. I noticed also that the Jedis do not have a safety-trigger block. I am a bit concerned about that....especially considering the fact that the Medi comes with 2 bands and qiute a considerable amount of power. The sears are the only thing left holding the spear in place when loading, so it must be strong indeed (?) Have you got any Jedi models yourself? Would you recommend them? And have you used anything better for shallow water agguatos? I am still unsure whether to go for the Medi (90) with two bands, or the Jedi 86/Jedi 96 with one band!
Oh and "Aspetto dinamico al Dentice I" and II on the way!

Seriously look at the Abellansub Denton 90

That is one SERIOUS GUN and i prefer it to the mini jedi as it is laminated and it has slightly more mass than the medi jedi.
I heard this guy name(DAPİRAN)
When he starts hunting(age) and how young he is? How long is he being hunting?
is he the best of the italy? Any idea will be helpfull
Dapiran has been fishing for years. I believe he was an engineer of some sort and when he retired he used his skills and increased leisure time to perfect spearfishing. Don't think competitions etc. are his 'thing' but he has produced some spectacular videos and writes very interesting articles in an Italian spearfishing magazine, "pesca submarina" I think. Shanesac knows a lot more about him and I believe he has fished with him.
Dapiran was the chief engineer for Technisub.

He has dedicated his life to spearfishing and at 63 he is considered a Guru in italy.

His technique is impecabble and attention to detail is considered by most too extreme.

A lot of his design developments are later copied by major manufacturers.
Shane thanks for informations. You mean he started when he was a kid to spearing or after?
His name is Giorgio Dapiran and don't know at what age he started hunting. I know that he lives currently in Sardegna and he spent about 10 years living on spearfishing alone. He still dives every single day till today to maintain his apnea skills and he is a no frills spearfisherman. You can watch his techniques in both shallow and deeper waters in the videos he makes. Check on www.dapiran.it
Shane, I ran a search on google for Abellan. Unfortunately I can't understand the language - just bits here and there, however I menaged to get some info regarding a Denton 106 on subprof.com - and from what I read, the Denton has lots in common to a Jedi. So it's in my list too now! Currently searching for more advanced info on Abellan.
However, one question pops to mind when thinking about wooden arbaletes, and that is: Is wood really the right material for a speargun? I mean, wood is a raw material and as such it is subject to numerous movements such as warping and bending - which in turn would be detrimental for shot accuracy, especially any warping along the rail guide. Since I haven't seen any complaints anywhere about this, I am starting to think that I'm in the wrong BUT how is it that wood is used for such a highly accurate masterpiece of equipment? I would guess that the right material would be synthetic like carbon fibre (and thicker - so as to eliminate barrel flexing under load) and then weighed with lead to increase mass for reduced recoil. Have any of you spearos out there with wooden guns ever experienced warping problems? I would really like to own one of them wooden no-nonsense guns and like Shane suggested, there are a number of options like Abellan, Jedis, Totem, etc .....but why oh WHY doesn't wood warp and crack in spearguns - when the doors at my house need to be adjusted every now and then to close properly?
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