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Jerk spears 200lb GBSB in La Jolla, is arrested.

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"He told us he didn't know what the fish was and that he was afraid of it,"

Yeah so he shot it from behind in the side. Broad side of a slow moving barn. Dick.
Wearing tanks! That may not be unacceptable some places but it gets you no hero points in California.
Bad press huh? Not so good for the sport.
It's a pity that the Spearos that found the Illegal abandoned Gill net at Catalina Island didn't get the same amount of airtime, especially when they freed all the animals caught up in it.
Thanks for the article. Good to hear about the comeback. The picture of removing the shaft reminded me of thirty years ago when we managed to save a fish that was shot out of season by accident (long story).
There are probably only a few divers that have spent more time hunting Blacks than I have. Maybe there's one or two still swimming around with my tags.
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Considering the Black has been mentioned by lifeguards here for many years, and you can 'map' out his parking place by using landmarks, it is hard to imagine how this dick and his friends could NOT know this was a protected space, let alone species. A dark day at the Cove, indeed.

BSB are still legal in Mexico; was he too lazy to go?
My uncle and his wife swim the cove on a constant basis. It is my opinion that this was not an accident. A very inexperienced spearo, may think that a 200lb fish is something he just might be able to "sneak" out of the water.

The article says he shows up in a boat, anchors right next to the bouy, puts on tanks and gets his speargun and comes out wrestling with the fish(him and his buddies). To me that sounds like a set up, not a chance encounter.

Hey Oceanswimmer, dont sent that pendejo down to baja. He would have some major problems down here shooting Black Sea bass. If he used the tanks he would have some serious problems if caught. Loose all of his stuff and his buddies too. And maybe a good Mordida(fine?) to go along with it.

By the time the mex PROFEPA was done with them(again, if caught)
they would be pretty worked over. On the other hand if that idiot would have taken his Ill shoot anything attitude down here and freedove and then shot a 200lb anything it would have probably drowned him. Im serious...

Either way that dude needs to get the full 6months for shooting in the preserve, and then 6 more months for shooting a protected fish, and then loose his licence to ever fish again :ban

It may sound harsh but like I said before my opinion is that he saw it diving one day or heard about it and then came back loaded up and killed it.

A good jail stint ought to clear up any fish and game questions he or any other smart ass poacher might have. Now all of the attention will be on us bad spearfishermen and people will shift their attention off of other far more damaging things such as commercial fishermen with traps and nets.

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I have nothing civilized to say about this. Like shooting a big friendly golden retriever.

GTB - Still hope to get my daughter and I out your way for one of your camping/dive trips. You've got my dream lifestyle - except for all the people of course :)

Speaking of which - anybody ever dive Tasmania?
Hi Gonetobaja,
Right you are...I shouldn't have wished this guy on anyone, or suggested he go to Baja! I e-mailed Ten News, and they will follow the situation in the press.....
I agree with gonetobaja.
That idiot redneck should be locked away for a long time preferably with a cell mate called Tiny who likes to cuddle him allot and shows him some good man lovin.
If we break the rules in West Australia they take everything of you on the spot ( boat, dive gear etc) and you only get it back once you have been to court and then you are lucky if you get it back.
I would say 100% he did it on purpose, so through the book at him
You should have to pass an IQ test to own a spear gun, im sick of seeing people with spearguns knowing the only thing they will ever hit are small non eatable reef fish or with any luck one of their mates

spearing a 50 years old, docile, black seabass and then claiming it was done in self-defence? This is a great reason to institute flogging as a viable form of punishment.
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crusty said:
That idiot redneck should be locked away for a long time preferably with a cell mate called Tiny who likes to cuddle him allot and shows him some good man lovin.
Wouldn't it be great and ironic if his new cell mate and boyfriend was called "Sea bass"?
Every summer we get hundreds of new spearfishermen shooting fish they shouldn't. At least these new guys will know better this summer. They will know basic don'ts such as don't shoot the big black fish, don't shoot anything a preserve and read the DFG regulations!

FYI, the San Diego Council of Divers and DFG are pressing for heavy penalties if he is convicted.

This is far from over.
San Diego Council of Divers, California DFG and Spear Gun
Manufacturers Respond to Recent Sea Bass Poaching
SAN DIEGO - On April 24th 2005, a scuba diver was reported to have
speared and killed a giant sea bass in the La Jolla Ecological
Reserve. This incident sparked a negative outcry from the local
community and also from sport divers; not only is spear fishing in the reserve a violation of state law, but the take of giant sea bass
(Stereolepis gigas) is prohibited according to State of California
Ocean Fishing Regulations.

The San Diego Council of Divers hopes to turn this unfortunate
incident into a learning experience. Derek Tarr, president of the San
Diego Council of Divers, stated "This event proves that we should be
proactive in educating spear fisherman about marine reserves and
protected species."
The San Diego Council of Divers has contacted speargun manufacturers
Riffe and JBL, and both companies have agreed to include a copy of the
California Department of Fish & Game's Ocean Fishing Regulations Book
with each speargun sold in Southern California this summer.

California Department of Fish and Game warden Erik Fleet stated, "If
you choose to take, you are responsible to know and abide by the laws
which govern the take."

The San Diego Council of Divers also is further encouraging all
manufacturers, dive store operators, spear fisherman, and dive
training agencies to promote responsible recreational use of marine
Thanks for the update. It sounds like a stern message is being relayed.
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