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Karl static performance

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Karl's performance should be accepted?

  • YES

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • NO

    Votes: 17 58.6%

  • Total voters
I would vote....but

What's up with the coverage? Am I the only one not knowing what's going on? I read all the stuff on the site + everything I could find on the official site. And I still know nothing. What site do you goto to get info?

Was Karl given the red card? :waterwork I just want to know what's going on.
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Just an stupid rule

Hi Seal,
He came up clean after his performance (in fact with much air left).
The problem is that because his poor english, he didn't understand the time to confirm his performance. He arrived late to confirm his static performance. They said he couldn't compete, but after all he compete and get the best score in static (72.5 points). After that they said that is not valid. Isn't fair
What was his time?

And yeah it sounds unfair, I get the idea that the competition has been a bit blurry in it's rules. Seriuosly when will they make a system that everyone can understand? The sport will never be fair and respected if they don't start beeing more clear in their system and rules. Well that's my opinion anyways,but since I have never competed I probably shouldn't say anything.
His time was 7'16"

I can understand some rules, like LMC and that. It's just to keep people conservative. But this one sounds like burocracy
I wasn't there, but if it was as you say, I think there should have been some flexibility. One has to know when to bend or even break the rules sometimes.


Hell yeah of course his performance should be accepted, but im confused has everyone already done their performances or something ie Martin and Herbet and if so did they all do smaller than 7:16, I thought the way that everyone was talking that the wr was going to be broken. Very confusing


I'm sorry. It's terrible to be eliminated over a technicality. Remember that you didn't lose. I'm glad they let you perform.

This is what I can gather, Martin did 6:00 ??, Herbet did 7:15 but got disqualifed, Karl 7:16 clean, Timmo 7:30 clean.

Timmo announced 8:00 so there will be some penalty. Is Karls 7:16 without penalty enough to give him the win points wise, although Timmo did the biggest performance.

What happened to Herbet doing 8:27 and lots of 8:10's, what about Misfud who did 8:02 at the nationals.


With respect - Karl was told by the AIDA judge from Colombia the day before (when she sat with him for a long time) that the deadline was approaching, she told me this herself, she was reassured that his subscription would go in three or four times......it didn't. There was no language barrier as the judge was from Colombia herself.......

This is so sad because Karl has a fantastic static performance. But let there be no doubt that he was informed in plenty of time in his own language of the situation and the subscription deadline.



Crispin Karl is still the winner by points right or what ??>


Since Karl missed the deadline his performance is not officially part of the competition so he gets NO points with regards to the official Static competition. Unofficially his performance was great though.

Then what?

Hi Crispin,
I don't know the details of it, I wasn't there. I just know what my brothers tell me.
It's very weird that he travel half world, just to miss a dead line for static. for your post, you think he knew the things completely rigth. I don't think so. Why will he miss on purpose the deadline?. The only reason of his travel was the static competition. I understand your position, but for me still is an stupid rule.
Why oh why?

Stupid or not, burocracy or not the deadline is there, so WHY ON EARTH DIDN`T HE JUST SIGN IN??? I mean it can`t be that difficult hence he`s been reminded of the existance of that rule, so he knew it... :duh

I`m really sorry for you Karl and congrats anyway for the time, next time just go sign in, man!

Respect for the perfomance, greets Joe
Karl did 7'16" - I read that he subscribed (late, obviously) 7'20". Is this right?
My condolences to Karl for the situation, but congrats on the performance.
On the subject of rules, I believe that rules in competitions should not be flexible. Flexibility always causes problems, because human judgement comes into play. Human judgement can be wrong, and can be biased or swayed. Look at figure skating, which is based entirely on judgement. It's a joke.
AIDA already has enough problems with the Samba rule: Sambas can be hard to detect, and sometimes a diver's recovery pattern may look like a samba. It's left up to judges to decide, instead of (for example) just having a rule where the diver makes it to the surface and swims a short distance to hand over a depth tag (then he's free to pass out) ;)
Karl's situation is unfortunate, but I believe that rules have to be observed. In Karl's case, the rule is probably for the organiser who must place the competitors in a proper order, among other things.
If the rules are firm, our only excuse is ignorance of the rules. If the rules are flexible, we open a whole Pandora's box of controversy :(
With great respect to Karl,
Salud amigo,
Erik Y.
Just a little insight guys,

Kirk Krack, freedive guru was 11 min late to subscribe his static performance. Did he compete? No, he was not allowed. There were quite a few people that subscribed late and they all got DQ'd and they all new what time the dead line was. So Karl, as cool as a guy can get had plenty of time to subscribe. It's part of competition.

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" Prejudice is the dislike for all that is unlike"
Israel zangwill

Saludo muchos Daniel
Originally posted by Erik
If the rules are firm, our only excuse is ignorance of the rules. If the rules are flexible, we open a whole Pandora's box of controversy :(
With great respect to Karl,
Salud amigo,
Erik Y.

You are right that from the organizers point of view it would make things difficult to say the least. But it still feels like a great pity and an opportunity wasted.

Maybe the organizers are allergic to "K's" - Karl, Kirk...:confused:
Or the "K's" allergic to inscriptions...

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