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Kayak diving

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New Member
Mar 31, 2004
I was wondering if any of you guys use kayaks (or something similar that involves paddling) for your spearfishing and how convenient is that sort of "boat". I am tempted to buy one (as soon as I can finance myself :( ) but I am troubled because the Greek spearos and my friends usually don't seem very enthusiastic about that idea.:confused:
I use a kayak to spear and I find to be the next best thing to a motorboat.You have access to alot more water with it than with just fins alone.The kayak I have is a sit-on-top which is alot better than a sit-in if your getting in and out of the boat while in the water,it's stable and basicly unsinkable since it has drain holes that let eccess water out.In the winter it can be a pain because you always get a little wet but if your freediving it won't make any differance.Mine has a storage up front and also in back ,the back is cutout for a scuba tank but will hold my freediving fins quite well,everything is tied down as if the boat would flip(and you will flip it).The brand of mine is a ocean kayak,the model is a frenzy.I hope this helps you out
On a traditional kayak,would i be able to attach a stringer anywhere? My sister is getting a new kayak for this summer and she's going to take me out to some of the remote places on some lakes nearby, they're 99% virgin to any kind of divers/swimmers. I was hoping i could attach my potential catch onto the kayak instead of holding it, because she was thinking a 2 person so i could help paddle back too. She's also a great swimmer, so i would have my own lifeguard :)
I found a kayak a perfect partner to diving, better than a cumbersome stinky noisy motor boat. Cheap to run too!

They are many out there: easier to use a sit on the top, but nothing wrong to use a normal sea kayak... need more technique but they have they advantages.

You can use a wide kayak, stable and in some of them you can even take the dog and fit an engine... but they are slow and heavy. the with interferes with the paddling tech and they are heavy to pull. On wind conditions you drift hopeless: you should never get out a bay with this thinks!

A narrow kayak is more unstable and need some learning. But pass this point you move fast with a nice and economic stroke. Wind becomes easier to manage and your range increases a lot.

On the middle, one of the most comun is the scuper pro, a good, reliable and stable kayak that have proven over time to be a good value, and a cheap second hand. The cobra tourer is a good value too.

On my case I opt for something fast, real fast (the faster is your hull the less effort needed for paddling) and I can get almost anywhere, make crossings to islands and other weird stuff. Is an Cobra expedition with 3 hatches, soft sit... He still performs OK with lots of load: +40kg fish and diving stuff. I've been taking wind on the face until 25 knot wind + 2 m waves and still going.

My advice is to rent a few before buy anything. For a few bucks you can get them for a day before make the right choice based on your experience.

That will get you started:
here in sothern california, kayaks are very comonly used by freedivers. While your payload is not what it would be on a boat, it is more than enough for a freedivers gear and catch. Most of the kelp in socal is within one or two miles of the coast, which is easy paddling distance if you are in resonable shape(most freedivers are). Yaks also have the advantage of being very stealthy, which is very important for targeting some of the spokier species, such as white seabass. Once you have some practrice surf launching, they can be put in the water almost anywhere, no boat ramp needed. And you dont have to worry about fuel cost or engine problems. Of course, if you and three buddies want to go hit the islands 20 miles ofshore, a yak just wont cut it. Here is a link to the manufacturers sight that i use. I imagine the shipping cost to greece would be horrible, but it is somthing interesting to look at. Like Pablo said, paddle several before you buy.
I use a Cobra Navigator sit-on-top for all my spearfishing it saves you time and energy and there fun to paddle as well, I have two sealed compartments for dry gear and the back have a large well for all the other stuff
Thanks everybody! I think that you have talked me into it. Now I have to work harder in order to save some euros!
I just came across an inflatable sit-on-top kayak with a hard cover, by Sevylor. Does any of you know something about it?

HAHAHAHHA, a ballon on the sea!

I know the one, just good to play on grade 2-3 (small 3) rivers and beach folks! for the $$$ get a real sea kayak...
Originally posted by Pablo
HAHAHAHHA, a ballon on the sea!

I know the one, just good to play on grade 2-3 (small 3) rivers and beach folks! for the $$$ get a real sea kayak...

Don't laugh too soon. ;) A friend of mine uses his Aire Tomcat 2 person inflatable kayak (~500$USD) for freediving and it works great. It's meant for Class IV rapids and is stable as a tank to get in and out of. It's also quick to setup and stow as well.

I own an Ocean Kayak Prowler http://www.oceankayak.com/prowler.html for diving and general putzing around and am pretty happy with it. Around here in California a kayak is practically another piece of dive gear.

Peter S.
I remember on my guide times to get down a class 5 on a 2 persons raft. Good boat, but with must of them the speed on flat water and the influence have the wind seem to be a problem.

I agree is good ballon-boats out there, and was a friendly laugh ;) ... but for the money I never find a good deal. I would like someone prove me wrong on this one: I need something for my traveling...

But here is the ultimate kayak. Cost me... well nothing! I spend on that two weeks exploring a spanish river.


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Good tent too: was the begin of the winter and bloody cold!


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A last one... he was a nice trip, one of my best!


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    con pablo .jpg
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Do you know the chinese proverb: "One picture is a thousand words"?

Man you made a kayak out of twigs, respect for that.

I want to make a kayak out of fiberglass sheets myself this summer but dont know how to start. Id appreciate some advice if you can spare the time since you seem to be an expert.


Well technically is not a kayak but a canoe!

Not an expert, but you have all the help I could be able to provide.

the problem with a sit on the top kayak, is that your deck is structural... and your sit. Build a hull is an easy task, but the top can be more challenging if you don't want to end up on a submarine... two half submarine to be exact.

I do some research and get back to you.

Like any DIY project is still cheaper to buy a second hand rotomolded yack! but is not the same... :duh

There is a first link to one of the best kayaks builder around. He got lot's of good concepts and tips you could use.

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Thanks Pablo much obliged. Ill be waiting for any details you can give.

As you say DIY has a different sort of appeal. Once you learn how to mold and reinforce fiberglass you can make anything.

Ive seen people leisurely make their own boats with fiberglass and plan to get down to it myself this summer.

My first objective is a Sea Kayak.

Second is a tuna float/landing platform with some nice features I think will help me catch a big BF. :D

Safe Diving

Platform...nice features!!!!

What about this one....


  • ultimos_.jpg
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What's the viz over there? LoL. I'd definetely send that in to MTV's "pimp my ride".

Where is this? Looks like South America. Is it also New Zealand? Very "Indiana Jones" I must say.

Platform "Tuna Control Center" rofl is still a concept design. One of the features will include a trailer winch to draw in the steel wire connected to the bungie/thinner steel wire/shaft/tuna via a pulley attached to a 50-100 liter float. Underneath will hang many weighted flashers. Will send the design as soon as I can get it on computer program in a few days.

You are right: is South America (Paraguay)... a 300 km survival trip trough the forest. Viz none, and pirañas kissing you toes :( ... but they aren't bad to eat :eek: !

I like the idea of the platform:

Two plastic kayaks joint by a carbon platform supporting a monster reel. Two guys paddle out to the BF g-spot , they rig the tandem, and one start fishing.
Once to lochness monster is spear, one steer and the other check on the fish and the line.

The set up is relatively easy for the fish to drag (a platform could need km of line out!), is cheap to build and modify. Once the fish dead is not so hard to fix it in between the hulls and have a nice time to paddle back.

I love the idea... I need to find someone in here willing to try with our marlins... :duh

But get a radio in board!!! I use a small hand held one for safety.
Wow Paraguay, 300km , eating Piranhas. What an adrenaline rush.

Glad you like the idea. I have to admit you took it one step further. Although I envisage a "catamaran" setup tandem kayaks sounds alot more reliable because it introduces the team element. The drag problem im thinking of dealing with a sea anchor falling into the water after the shot. I think we may be onto something here...:D:D
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