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Keys Kraze 04'

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King of the Kup KK04'
Sep 19, 2001
Well here we are, April is on its way and KK04 is in the works. The usual representatives are showing up and we are taking bets on who will take the cup. This year has been a little hectic with school and all but I have managed to keep the tradition alive . Anderson, the ring leader of the Kraze will be in attendance with the wife to be. Octo and Sven will be taking the 6 hour flight to be with us and Stylin Jay (king KK03 ) will bring the cup from the Carolinas for some lucky person to win again this year. Freeman (rigdiver) will not be in attendance cause of classes and we are all thankful JK. The Monteros' will also be in the race for the cup this year. We will be in the process of havin fun from April 3rd till easter. Now for those who want to talk smack and take bets, here is your chance.

KK 04

My bet is with "Dumb and Dumber" (The Montero Bros.)
They've been fortunate enough to dive with me lately, most recently yesterday afternoon, and they have picked up some skillz:D

Have a great time!
i hate to ask what might be obvious to others, but where when and how can i get there?

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KK '04 runs until Easter? I'll be in Miami for Kirk's course from the 16th to the 22nd of April but it looks like you guys will be finished by then. ¡Que lastima! Maybe next time. :) It would have been fun to meet all the crew.

well that seems to be an incredible roster with a boatload of talent (pun intended :hmm ) maybe...too much talent? yes it seems that there will be too many great spearfishers on this trip. i predict that anderson will be jealous of all the opportunities Aquiles has to dive in the keys and therefore seek revenge, causing the rest of the crew to attack anderson thereby making this a police investigation and what do you know? i go and poke my head around, snatch the mothership full of equipment and have a jolly good time whacking those finny little creatures making me KK '04 King :king

hold on let the dream catch up to reality...

ok heres how its gonna be 1st place goes to Aquiles because he will probably scout the area from now till KK, 2nd goes to Anderson based on the FACT that he will spend an unbelieveable amount of money on a new toy that will aid his success, and 3rd place will go to Sven because well just because.*

* Disclaimer - The statement above is an attempt to kiss Aquiles cuban ass so that he will take me on this trip and does not represent the honest opinion of Javier Garcia because we all know that Aquiles will not win. Copyright Javier Garcia 2004.
Here's the real rundown....

Sven will talk the talk, then stay at the camp and cook due to medical conditions resulting from clear, warm water...dont worry, he brought a note from home so he can sit out of gym class.

Anderson, now spoiled by North Gulf rig hunting will assume his role as yearbook photographer earlier than expected. Also as a current Florida resident, his new eye-friendly tan is sure to win him some votes.

Aaron will be gone to the store in search of some exotic herb blend imported from the Amazon only picked under the first full moon after the autumnal equinox so he can cook and miss the boat entirely.

Aquiles will be so busy ensuring everyone else is having a pleasant vacation that he even points out fish to others instead of shooting them.

Jay, well Jay you wont even really notice as he quietly slides fish after fish into the cooler. Drop the anchor and keep a lookout for him as he just might decide to swim the 5 miles home while hunting.

Mike (Montero), quality hunting is to be expected here but he will be trying to win just a little too hard which will cause him to drop the ball...a few more years of seasoning and lookout!

As for myself, the rumor is I cant make it but I have been known for my spur of the moment, world wide adventures so...heck, Im sending gifts so I might even win from Mississippi.

Montero, you've got a PM...
Re: KK 04

Originally posted by Rolando
My bet is with "Dumb and Dumber" (The Montero Bros.)
They've been fortunate enough to dive with me lately, most recently yesterday afternoon, and they have picked up some skillz:D

Have a great time!

Who is dumb? and who is dumber? So you boys went out and did not think of me huh? That is ok. And Rolo, you owe me a date! I have been so buisy diving off of the beach that I forgot how it is to dive off of a boat. We can hold hands and everyting.

Well boys the trash talking has commensed and I love it. We will see who will come out on top this kk04 but the competition looks feirce

Ahoy hoy, no you can't come JK

We may need your boat to take out all these damn peope so you need to be there

Originally posted by rigdvr
Anderson, now spoiled by North Gulf rig hunting will assume his role as yearbook photographer earlier than expected

That's fer damn sure! It gets boring being the only one hitting anything big the first few days. rofl

I think this is going to end up a competition amongst the boat crews. I'm in with the Montero's on their boat and I think Aquiles is in with the Manatees on the Anna Marie. This should even things up a bit, plus it'll spread us out and give us a better indication of what's where. At the end of the days, we need to regroup, tie up and anchor in the shallows and share a few beers/sodas over some stories. Of course comparisons are inevitable. :D

The countdown has begun....

Anderson (aka. kk photoboy)
manatee comparisons:naughty

My official vote is for.....drumroll......SVEN! yes the mighty sultan himself will win this years speedo competion(Bikini wearing just comes naturally to Swedish people:D ) As for the Kup, thats a little harder:yack to determine.
wow Aquiles you see what you started! i think KK '04 will turn into a brawl for the cup!
:ko :martial

anyways i was just kidding i wont be able to make it anyways because yes i am only 16 (rofl ) and yes i am a junior in high school (rofl ) and my spring break is the week before :head the infamous sausage party :yack known as KK '04.

by the way, care to disclose the location of said event? ( if its Key West or farther then school will have to wait!)

Aquiles i dont think my boat will do much good since the 17' gets a better ride!:head :waterwork :hmm
well good luck to the competitors :wave and ehem... keep it in the speedos fellas!
what are the exact dates...

i can definately take down my 21' boat and my boys from miami...

where do you guys stay around, is there still some rooms available...i might be down
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I hear that even thought the weather has not let up for the past month that the gulfstream is in real close. The water is clear and warm, and the fish are jumping in the boat.........tick, tock, tick, tock,tick....... I am going to fish off the beach today to scout the conditions, I will let you know.........

no scouting, no feeding, no problem

just in from a week at Tahoe working on my faster descents with the mighty Pudman...

Beware all- though it's been a wet Winter, it's all been a dry one for this guy. The rain finally let up last week after starting in December. yeah :head So though my game may be rough, the sinuses are tres smooth! :king I'm on a diet of decongestants and irrigation that has me breathing freely and pissing Claritan! :p

To that end, the gear is laid out and the glue is drying, (a nod to the Stylin') the guns are being rigged and I even added some wood to the hybrid to float the reel. Together with some fins from my Estonian backers, I figure that I'm going to fiddle around for the first day and then pretty much hope that I can draw something up with my flashers as doing the 70' hop with you in -practice-migrant-typesis going to be on the third or fourth day... and then if that doesn't pan out, I'll race Jay to the back of the boat at days end. :hmm

I will predict though that I'll most often be seen casa-side doing the patented lounge static whilst evaluating the local latina population. :cool:

Tickets are bought, bags is packed.
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Re: no scouting, no feeding, no problem

Originally posted by icarus pacific
I'm on a diet of decongestants and irrigation that has me breathing freely and pissing Claritan!

would you like anything at all to eat with that?

damn pill poppers with their perfect sinuses...
Originally posted by ahoyhoy239
damn pill poppers with their perfect sinuses...

Hey, if you'd have been at KK03 you'd know just how far and to what extent a frustrated and congested guy will go to clear the sinuses. Go to the KK03 thread and read through it for some pure entertainment.
Obviously, I am winning the cup. That is a foregone conclusion.

The real question the rest of the participants must wrestle with is this:
“Should I make a run at second place or should I become Mr. Montero’s helper (e.g. fish cleaner, gun loader, personal chef, etc.) thereby ensuring some glory for myself?”

Tough questions, tough decisions gentlemen.

Mr. Montero
Keys Kraze 2004 Cup Champion
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