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#kill A Shark#

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New Member
Mar 7, 2005
last week
me and my friends went 15 km from coast by boat to spear a big fish .we speared 5-6 dentex and 2 see bass.the last one aprox 20kg but i got it half of it. when we start there were 3-4 (not big)sharks i said no problems 1 hours later a white one came i was at around 20 m down i shoot a see bass(almost 20 kg) .and i came to surface but when i was looking down i see half of it and bent my inox. i saw many but this was very huge .i wanted a shoot but i did not. anyone who knows the way to kill a shark
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I will discuss this hypothetically first.
You will need a Powerhead to kill a shark.
12 gauge is probably the easiest thing to use for availability of ammo.
Now the hard part why will you kill the shark in the first place?
A lot of divers here on this board encounter sharks regularly and the procedure they use is to leave the area, a short trip of 2km will be enough to lose the shark.
There have been a lot of discussions here recently about the killing of sharks and while I personally do not have a big problem with killing any fish(as long as you eat it), some people feel that killing sharks is not to be encouraged.
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xiphiasgladiuse said:
last week
me and my friends went 15 km from coast by boat to spear a big fish .we speared 5-6 dentex and 2 see bass.the last one aprox 20kg but i got it half of it. when we start there were 3-4 (not big)sharks i said no problems 1 hours later a white one came i was at around 20 m down i shoot a see bass(almost 20 kg) .and i came to surface but when i was looking down i see half of it and bent my inox. i saw many but this was very huge .i wanted a shoot but i did not. anyone who knows the way to kill a shark

If you are fishing in the Eastern Mediterranean (around Turkish coastline)

1) There are no 20kg sea bass (Dicentarchus Labrax) there!!! However maybe you mean amberjack (Seriola Dumerili) (mineri in turkish).

2) The chances of seeing 3-4 sharks in the eastern Med as soon as you hit the water and a Great White shark after an hour in the same spot is not believable. This is not something you throw casually into a post. Out of the hundreds of spearos I have met or talked with in the Aegean maybe 2 or 3 have seen a shark in the water while spearing once in their life...and you say you saw 4 of them and a GW in 1 hour?

Sorry dude I dont buy it.
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Hey dude, your words really suspicious...

I am not very experianced here but,

in another thread you said your friend cought the 9kg octo in 30 meter in winter. As far as i know no matter what big they are, in winter they all comes to the shore 0-6 meters. I never seen or heard anoyne cought octo that depth.

Second 20kg se bass is really big, hovewer they are different kind of basses in med and agean sea but the most common one which can be hunted again in winter shallow water possibly will not be bigger than 10-14kg...

Theoreticalliy there are whites in med and agean sea, in ancient times they were many around italy and i also heard one had been cought in agean in recent years. You should be very unlucky or may be lucky to see one...

If you regullarly catch those kinds of fish, no doubt you have some pics with em isn't it??

Don't get me wrong here, if you really get those fish i enjoy to see pictures and may be get some benefits from your experiance.
correcto:fish name is (lichia amia)here in around 35 kg strong fish
tip to kill lichia amia:
i use thin aleminum and cover the body of speargun and a little over my sacks.it it shines in water and atracts the fish or in summer i wear white t-shirt it atracts also
i use 140 gun with 170 spear
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I don't have any experience - so maybe I shouldn't be posting, but I'm bored - but from the threads I have read on this site I think attempting a kill on a shark is a bad idea. First off, safety appears to be the priority, and secondly, if there is a risk of injury from shooting a ray (getting stabbed retroactively by the barb) I would imagine that same risk of injury would present itself with a shark. Why aggravate something that can kill you at will?

And if you really did encounter a big white shark, which I don't think you could kill if you wanted to, i'd see the best possible scenario as this:

The 10-20 ft, 2000-5000lb shark takes off with your rig. Or you could hang on while it drags you down at up to 40mph (I love Animal Planet) rupturing your eardrums due to the fast descent and eventually drowing you with the depth....
Some old time pacific divers said that the best place to shoot is the brain but to know were the brain is you have to use the same distance between the eyes to form a triangle on its head and thats were it is. Its kind of hard to explain but thats what the old pros said.................................I have only shot one shark and it was a accident.(long story)
So Coral are you going to tell us your story? I would like to here it anyway.
Shark story

Well here goes. I had some friends that were going to charter a scuba boat and go out diving. I asked them if I and my dive buddy could tag allong and just do a little freediving and spearing and so they asked the dive master and he said it would be ok as long as they dont shoot everything he said ha!So we headed out to some open reefs about 6 miles out of the harbor. Everything was going well the scuba divers were enjoying the beautiful coral reefs and the vis was great(every spearo loves that) the fish at this first dive were quite skidish and deep I shot a small drum but that was it.Now on the seconed dive the water was a beautiful clear blue and the fish were here too! I shot a coral trout and a little bit later a dogtooth tuna both the fish were not real prizes so I was looking for something bigger and there it was a good size coral trout about 35-40lb so I dove and with my riffecom3 with 4 bands went down to about 55 feet and got in range and was about to shoot and it spooked but I took a quick shot and hit it good allmost stoned it but the spear did not penetrate:head :head :head so the fish gose crazy and was able to drop the spear because it did not penetrate so I headed up and tried to watch were it went it went into a coral cave so I headed up and loaded my gun to go and get it.Meanwhile the scuba divers were on there way back to the boat but they were still down there and they passed the area were I had shot the fish and from above I saw my two friends pointing in a hole and looking at eachother so I thought that must be the trout but I thought It went in that other hole,well it must have moved while I was loading,............thats what I thought...:duh . So I dove down to the scuba divers and cheked out what they had been pointing at and there was the whitish belly of the trout in the poorly lit cave. So I thought ''I got you now'' and too the shock of the scuba divers I took aim and shot..........................................WHHAOOO Out shoots a whitetip 6-7 footer right in front of me and following it came a 4 footer thrashing its way out of the cave with my 7mm riffe shaft bending bad! As crazy as all this was it was a little funny to see how my scuba friends takeoff like lightning rofl. The shark tired quickly and I towed it to the boat and one of the scuba divers came up a little early because he ran out of air because of all that heavy breathingrofl Ha. We gave the shark away and the people loved it. So thats the long boring story of how I shot a shark by accident..............THE END ha
i wanted a shoot but i did not. anyone who knows the way to kill a shark?

Back to the original question, regardless if this happened or not, but just for your future reference;

Leave the shark in peace and DO NOT shot him unless shooting him would be a last resort to save your life or your buddies life.

Remember everytime you spearfish (in areas where there are sharks), you are probably entering and invading a shark territory, and competing with their natural source of food. Yet still shark attacks on spearos are extremly rare, which simply shows that when you see sharks, they aren't there to attack you, but they are simply in their territory and you are the parasite there....

How useful is a speargun in deterring a shark that is determined to "consume you" ? I guess very useless... If a great white shark set you as his prey, then you got no chance of escaping him, regardless if you were swimming with a speargun or powerhead. Not so long from now, a tragic incident happened in South Africa, where two guys were spearing there, and a GW stalked one of the spearos, grabbed him and completly consumed him. His buddy even shot at the GW, but that was just barely enough for the shark to notice a spear in him... The same shark was even seen couple of days later with the spear and speargun hanging from him....

In brief, if you are one of the few very lucky divers in the med sea to have that privilege of seeing one of those beautiful great white shark, then you should feel really happy and proud that it happened, cause you might never see a GW in your lifetime again (in the med sea). And simply, never risk your life or the life of your buddies with you by shooting such great creature simply cause he pissed you off by taking his preys (which you originally shot), and ONLY shot him if that's your last resort to save your life....

On a more personal note: happened to me couple of weeks ago, and returning from a long swim (1.5km from open sea) in one of the most beautiful areas in the persian gulf (natural reserve in southern Qatar), and when I was like 200m from the shore in like 7-9m of coral reefs water, just like 30mins before the sunset time, i see this huge (2.3m +) and thick bull shark beneath me just checking the reefs in the bottom of the seabed, and btw, those are extremly rare here and the chance of encountering them are very very slim... I just felt very happy but kind of anxious tooespecially that I was swimming alone (my speargun wasn't even loaded at that time too, nor did I stop and load it). I simply followed him calmly from the surface for more than 20m and then it disappeared in the blue. Shot him? That would have been probably the most stupid thing I could have done and might have costed my life.... I all the time swim back in that area and keep that encounter in the back of my mind....

My 0.002 euro cents :) :) :)

Best regards
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