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Lactic acid and statics

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Fabio Toyama

Well-Known Member
Jan 2, 2004
Would anyone know the effect of high lactic acid levels in your blood for statics?
The reason I’m asking you that is because 3 weeks ago I broke my previous PB of 5’25” managing 5’45” but the interesting thing is that my muscles were aching from the weight lifting training the day before. And working as a car mechanic I normally get home pretty much exhausted and this PB was just after I arrived at home. Lied on the floor and started the statics.
In other days even less tired I could not get close to that mark.

If the lactic acid levels has a negative effect, so the better performance is due to other variables (concentration, diet, relaxation state… ) which compensated the physical state of my body and probably if I managed to combine these other variables to a less tired body and no presence of lactic acid levels in the muscles I could manage a new PB?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best to everyone
If your muscles ache after a hard workout, it's probably not caused by lactic acid. Interesting info here: http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/lactic.htm

Interesting case anyway. Maybe Eric F. can come up with an explanation?

My guess is that you be exhausted an physically tired, made you give in to relaxation more than at other moments, resulting in less O2 consumption.

I would agree with Fred. I did my 6:30 PB at home after a very stressfull and heavy day at work. When i came home i immedialtely lay down did 1 warmup and them a PB. It just fellt so nice to be able to relax that i gave in more to the "enjoy" feeling.
Had similar results after heavy gym workouts. It's the contrast with the activities before that counts in these cases.
An other example would be after a very cold day i arrived at our static training pool which is ~30 degrees. The moment i touched the water i hyper relaxed and did a very good static as well in the first attempt.
I use this feature sometimes on purpose. The harder the day was the more likely i will put in a static training session afterward. Sort of programs the mind as well , saying "now it's time for something nice"and the activity of doing statics is automaticaly associated with positive feelings. (sort of neurolinguistic programming)


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Need advice please!!!

3 weeks ago I broke my previous PB of 5’20” doing 5’45”.

When I told my wife she did not like at all as I was doing my trials unattended with no supervision so I agreed to practice not pushing to much and trying my PB only in her presence.

Today I woke up feeling very well and relaxed and thought would be ideal for a PB trial.
I was aiming for the 6+ by the end of the year, but with the improvements I was having I started to get a bit greedy about it and decided was going to be today.

Well, started with a warm up of 1’30” hold, waited about a minute, ventilated and went for 2’30”… and so on… next 3’30”… next 4’10”…next 4’50”… and finally with only 8 contractions I stopped coincidently exactly on my PB of 5’45”.

At that moment I gained confidence and thought… if with only 8 contractions I reached my PB, it’s going to be on the next trial I’ll reach my so desired 6+ (only 15’ for my goal).

Had a rest of nearly 10’ from my last trial and started breathing again. Ventilated for quite a while and went for it.

Started counting my contractions but don’t remember counting them more than 15 to 20 times because I passed out.
At this moment the stop watch I was holding in my right hand dropped but my hand stayed in the same position. (just know that after what my wife told me…)
Well, poor her. She had a terrible image of me with my eyes wide opened and pupils dilated and my face nearly blue and I was still having the contractions and not breathing. And to get things worse, because I was holding the stop watch, when it dropped on the floor I kept the same position of the fingers and she thought I was already having contortions in my hand.

She panicked and removed my nose clip and started to shout my name when I woke up but somehow I still remembered I was trying a PB and stopped the stop watch which was on the floor. The time showed 6’37”.

My questions are:

After how long after you pass out (that’s what I think it happened) your body starts to breath again? Just for reference of what would be a possible PB as this one does not count as I passed out and don’t know how long I was unconscious for.

I would guess that if in the last trial with 8 contractions I was on 5’45” and on the PB trial I might have counted to about 15 that I remember, so a potential real PB would be more than 6’, wouldn’t it?
Is it normal for your pupils to dilate only passing out for a short period of time? Or even before you pass out if the amount of oxygen is too low?

If I was already unconscious (not sure) why haven’t I started to breath again but was still having my contractions?

Are all these reactions of my body I described above normal of when you pass out pushing the limits or it could indicate something more serious?

What are the chances of having a heart attack practicing statics?

I like pushing the limits, but sometimes the body does not respond according to planned.
To be honest with you I got a bit scared with this experience... don't know if that's the way it is..

I need some advice to regain confidence and specially regain the support of my wife on my training and PB trials

I’m looking forward to hearing from you
All the best for all of you!
And take it easy sometimes…
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