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Languid Web quiz that will drive you mad!!!!!!!!!!

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Deeper Blue Beer Taster
Oct 19, 2002
My other half and her mates are doing this quiz on www.languid.net

Now they are stuck on section stage 1 part 12.

We could tell you how to get straight to this section but in order to do your head in as much as hers and get in the mind set of the types of questions asked you might as well start at the begining.

:duh :duh :duh
great, there goes my spare time..

some of these are real easy, others a bit tough... ;)
Well what have you come up with and how far have you got?????
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the first two are gimmes but the third is bugger. Ive never been any good at "word games".

The key (i think) is the "strangely transports insects" part..

Ive also tried source code views and checking the directory listing to see if i can find the next page. ie cheating...:eek:

wanna help?
dude thats just rude no cheating.

anyway have a look at why it is so IMPORTANT!:D
:duh :duh :duh

but how do people get that..?

theres no logic involved, no formulas.:hmm

edit: hey sharky you wanna post the questions from the quiz, not the url's the riddles.. might be able to help on part 12..:)
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this is very frustrating. i'm stuck on stage 1.5. the problem is that you arent sure if his mistakes are clues or if they are just mistakes, like "or if the sister and the grandmother sg10 (i.e. in alphabetical order), "

why did you do this to me sharky!:rcard
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The questions

And so it begins for YOU, of course there is a little matter of entering the first part of the first stage, you've probably noticed the box below, now all you have to do is type in a word, and hit the 'Begin' button. If correct the journey will begin, if incorrect you'll be right back here I'm afraid.

Which 7 letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?

My friend owns a huge multinational company, it strangely transports insects, he also loves word play, I guess that's why he named the company ????????? Ltd

Sadly (in terms of comedy value) the very same man also rode a horse, but very strangely, only in the dark... I don't suppose you'd have any idea of its name?

Anyone want to post the next few?
sharky is way at the moment but this is mrs sharky .

we have got to section 1.27 now & have come to a bit of a standstill (you will see when you get there)

1.5 is the rope bridge ??? the key to this is to get the two slowest people across together. another clue is the minimum time is 17 minutes. hope this helps you - it gets worse so quit now if you are frustrated (although there is a couple of really good gen knowledge/moive quizzes later on !!!!!!)

:) :) :)
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Sharky and Mrs Sharky,

Words cannot express how much I hate you guys. Here I am, rocking up to work as usual, expecting a quiet morning, and now... this. I've just spent the last half an hour getting up to level 7 and it looks like I'm in this for the long stretch. My only consolation is knowing that you're stuck doing this as well, because now I hate you guys, so very very much.


Very addictive bud, karma for you!! I wonder if the Aussies are gunna show up the poms in this like most other competitions... :p
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been stuck on this damn 1.7 all morning now!!! 3 to go... 'Head in a box', 'The state of Britain' and 'Vicious Circle'... :(
sharky here.

well glad to see you lot have got off to a good start.

you will see it will get harder as you go along;)
"Head in Box" = 7
"State of Britain" = 51
"Viscous Circle" = ???

Sharky: Why??? I had a life before this!:D
(btw google comes in real handy for the movie titles)
Damn that vicious circle!! I thought it may have been the one ring but that didn't work... hmm, maybe I've added up funny....
I emailed you the answers Brad, its a real Catch22.

I'm stuck at 1.8, stupid question...

1.7 was ok, but I ended up breaking it with brute force.. That last patttern still eludes me.
well come on guys tell me how you are getting on with it :D
"The problem is you see, you've already seen the answer"

Is that the question to 1.8? If so what is the *&^%$ answer?
I cheated on 1.7 so maybe its a false trail...
Hmmm... I wonder if that text before it has anything to do with it? Judging by the other questions, I'll wager not, but this guy has an annoying habit of making you doubt yourself... :mad:

The problem is you see... hmmm
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