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Leaving on a jet plane

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The boys are back in town
Jul 11, 2004
Well..just lettin ya all know that in one week from today..that'd be the 7th, im heading home!!! Very excited about this, gonna get lots of diving, spearfising, and hopefully (sinky) a course in during this summer. Thought i'd share the news cause im excited and i know you are all interested!!!
I sure envy you. Hope you get back to the Jersey/PA area before seasons end, and get a chance to meet the club and dive with you. Dive Safely,

Jim U.
oh. jim!! hello!! good to see another one of the eastcoast members here. When does the season end? i will be back for school in late aug/early sept. are there still dives then? Im hoping to pop back up at least once, hopefully twice to NJ this summer, to Lavallette. If i can actually get that time off, hopefully it'll coincide with some of the dives!!! Im excited about gettin in the water this summer, see how i still dive after all these months.

Safe dives to you too!
Hey drunky-drunk-drunk,

Back to paradise, eh?

You punching those pillows on that couch for old Sinky? Ha ha. As if I had the money for the plane trip. Say, if I took a little Sunfish sailboat from Rockport, TX, when do you think I would make it there in Bermuda? I guess I should bring a sandwich with me, huh.

Speaking of a course...

I just got my Performance Freediving Manual, shirt and travel information in the mail today. I got so excited, there was a trail of urine from the post office back to my apartment. Thank god it rained a little today.

Anyhoo...I've stopped drinking in order to get in better shape, now that the clinic is getting closer. God, I want vodka. No...must lose weight.

Let's hope Kirk can recover 200 sum'm pounds of Sinkweight out of the water after I lead my partner in the samba.

Boy, I tell ya, there's nothing like getting merchandise, a manual, and messages from a group of pending world champions. Perhaps maybe them teaching me?

I can almost smell the saltwater in Miami.
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"Perhaps maybe them teaching me?"

No perhaps, it's a great course. Save some room for sushi!

Whoops, I meant that them teaching me could be the only thing better than getting the t-shirt, manual, and correspondence from them in the mail.

And, Adrian.....I aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllways save room for sushi. :p
I hope everybody's waters are warming up, here in the northern hemisphere!
i think im gonna start with a new thread!!!

yeah sinky..im really hoping itll work out. Im not gonne be able to pay the deposit(since at the moment im a poor college bum) for a few weeks...perhaps teh third in april! So hopefully by then there will still be at least one spot left open. Then there's whether or not ill be able to get the time off.. fingers crossed.
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woo hoo..well another safe flight under the belt and i am home!!! now where's the water....
drunkinbda said:
Well..just lettin ya all know that in one week from today..that'd be the 7th, im heading home!!! Very excited about this, gonna get lots of diving, spearfising, and hopefully (sinky) a course in during this summer. Thought i'd share the news cause im excited and i know you are all interested!!!

cool! is that Bermuda you're going to?
Drunky, Sands, Jim, Freediver,....Adrian, wherever you are...

I just got back from a family fishing tournament down in South Texas. No computers. Mostly wood shacks, pesky hornets, and an unfortunately timed oath to detox.

If you ever spend 18 hours on a 14 ft aluminum bass boat in 3 hour shifts with my old man, you'll be needing your own beer cooler. Don't you dare touch his Bourbon. You think morays can do damage?


Drunky, you nutmunch! I'm dyin' to get at some crystal blue saltwater. I haven't been to the triangle in a long, long time. Probably since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Well, let's just say that I'm adequately and appropriately green with envy (and frothing a little from the mouth as well). Thanks to my old man, who took me with him to snorkel around the small island. It was the day I found the real world, something both brilliantly wonderous, yet undeniably inborn. Although I'm doing my best to blackmail low-rated celebrities, the money just isn't coming in as fast as planned, so tickets to the t'rangle (Texas pronunciation) are still behind schedule.

You'd better get to Miami in July.
haha...yo yo..havnet been on in a few days cause ive been workin on a BSD box (computer stuff).

yup..good ol' bermuda triangle! love this place! i can't remember exactly..but was it you who flew the saudi royal family??? just checkin cause one of them comes down here all the time...

freediver... yes ill def be put pics up. ill add some good landscape ones to my gallery...as soon as the rain goes away and i can get out on a photo ride.!!!

and sinky....well..i will be able to tell ya by the end of this month what my miami deal is. Although i know i should be responsible and get an office job, i think im leaning towards the lifeguarding for yet another year...good money and i have a say in when i get off(senior perks). basically now the miami thing is gonna come down to whether or not there is a space left for me at the end of this month, when i got the money. Sadly i have to pay a deposit to hold the spot so i wont be able to reservie it for a couple weeks!! im hoping itll work out!

and i didnt know you had been down here to the triangle before!!! yeah..well the couches are def here! Gotta find some time that we dont have a visitor(since i got a bro and two sis's, we get lots of visitors) but its def here!

so how did you do in the tourny? get anythign good? besides hornet stings..

well..im gonna go email you know who {wink wink} about that trip!!! ill let you know how it goes!!!

peace homies!
Yeah. We caught and released about 26 fish, some of them weighed up to about 6 pounds. Not my dad's 13 lb. record, but it got us in the runnings, as far as the tournament went. Unfortunately it wasn't spearfishing (haven't started learning that yet).

I caught more than the old man, accidentally.

I felt like how Alice felt when she beat the Queen of Hearts at croquet. Except it wasn't "Off with his head"...instead it was "Why don't you start fishin' off the other side of the boat, and while you're at it, gimme' some more ice for my bourbon, God D@mnit!"

Nothin' but good old widemouth bass. We only came in 3rd as a team, and it took about half the 1.5 hour car trip for him to shake it off. heh-heh. You gotta love the old man, though. He sure is dedicated to drinkin' and fishin'.

I'm not the competitive type at all, but I think I agree with him that the winning team pretty much B.S.'d about their catches. Not a very formal tournament, as no fish were kept, and we went by the honor system. And I mean "we" as in my dad and I, not everyone in the tourny.
I dont understand the reasoning in the fish n' release system! If you catch a fish you take i home and you cook it (unless its too small or you have passed your quotta)!!

I watched a program on national geographic a while ago which claimed and proved that a big precentage of the fish that were caught and then released in sportfishing died!!!

I'm sure that some of them did die. There were a couple that swallowed some big hooks.

I'm not an avid angler. Hell, the last time I went fishing was two years ago, and the time before that? One previous year.

I'm not a big supporter of catch and release, not when it's a perfectly good fish. But this is a privately owned hunting and fishing lake, so I didn't feel as bad as if they were "truly" wild. Most of the big boys wouldn't be there if they hadn't been fed, and hadn't kept nutrias and foreign aquatic plants in check. It's one of those "cows exsist because people like steak" kind of situations.

Another reason to get in the water and choose your meal. Is it not?
haha..yeah theres no such thing as catch and release spearfishing.. at least not for people with morals. The thing i dont understand about it with regards to big ocean game fish..is that a lot of the time the anglers just cut the leader attached to the hook, and leave hte hook in the fish, supposedly it just "rusts out". i dont know about the fish's immune system, but who hear would let a hook in their skin just rust out??? and what would happen if you tried?? hmmm?/?
k..i got a couple pics taht i put together last summer...its a bunch of standards patched together so it does have a curve on it..still looks good though. they are beaches that i work at here..

well..to save on attachment space ill put them in my gallery..check'm out
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