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Loading a eurogun

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New Member
Feb 19, 2003
Hello all!

I would like to know your opinions about what is the best way to load a 110 cm band eurogun.

Many thanks.
I can't tell you the "best" way but I'll tell you my way. You'll have to learn the best way for yourself.
I start from the hip and go to my chest. First I put the butt of the gun on my hip, grab the bands very close to the wishbone and pull down to the first notch. Then I move the gun up to the center of my chest and pull back to the last notch. Make sure the wishbone is seated in the notch well before attempting to remove your fingers from between the bands and the barrel of your gun.
Some people load directly from their chest. Just start out w/ the gun centered on your chest. If your arms are long and strong enough then this may be a possibility too. you'll find what works best for you and then that will be the best way.
The alternative method Jay mentions is found here:


Many people(including myself) use this method, but be sure to have some padding on your chest... i still have scars from dving in Hawaii one day without a wetsuit :waterwork

Good luck :D
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1. Go to the garbage can.
2. Lift the lid.
3. Throw the gun in.
4. Replace the lid. All nice and neat.

furthering euro relations wherever I go...:t

Method #2

Similar to Sven's:
1. Wait for garbage men to empty previously loaded can of Riffes/JBL's.:eek:
Method 3

Hire a caddy to load ur gun for you. If you have two guns, u hire two caddy, this way you can do second shot in a breeze.:D

I used to hunt with one of my client, an old man, very generous and sweet man. Evertime he is around me and if he missed the shot, he will grab my gun without any warning and passed me his gun to re-set......:eek:. He shoot with my gun and takes back his ready to use gun while passing me back my own gun, then I have to re-set my gun again. This is why I kept a good distance when I dove with him.... ha ha ha

Method 4

Ask Kapiten Rig for that girl's spearo number who has a 63" Wong Ono gun. If you court her, I am sure she can load ur 110cm Euro.... he he he he...just kidding.:eek:
Nice thing about owning a Riffe is never having to worry about running out of combustibles for your BBQ .

President of Riffe appreciation club ;)
Hell , Sven ; I spent a month worrying that you might have suffered an euro conversion , would have missed our cyberspace sparring ...:D
Happy to find everything is as it should be , keep 'em coming viejo .
With all this talk of chest loading......

I have always loaded from the hip, even my buds custom 120.

Am I a freak? :confused:

no worries Abri. Still this place's BIGGEST proponant of a finely rubbed piece of teak, even if it does have a length of titanium along it. :king

maybe more geegaw but...

it could help you load your gun:confused: In Italy the trend has gone to 20mm elastics and as a result they have a tool that looks something like a horse shoes and hold the sides of the wishbone. the handles i suppose shorten the reach some and add grip. i can't be certain I have never felt a need for one, but it might be of interest to you.
Very true. If you're a tad short in the reach department, using a gaff like hook will give you some added oomph, but the added length might be a bit much forcing you to use your fins against the muzzle crosspiece if you have one, ala pogo stick.

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Why not just use 14mm or 16mm x 2 ?? ( many new Euro can take double rubber )

If one need a loading tool or forcing oneself that much to load a gun, what's the point of a single band ? It might be slower than loading two smaller bands. :confused:
What is the big deal?

I don't get it, why do people feel the need to argue over gun disiplines in such a derogatory fashion. I feel like I am listening to a Nascar Ford vs Chevy argument. They are essentialy the same thing and becoming more simular every day.

O.K. I will make an analogy that I think covers the scope. Spearguns are like cars it really depends on the displine or application. I still think it is silly to drag race a front wheel drive car but it can be done and achieve results that are formidable. The guys that race them are masters of their displine. I personally think fwd belongs in a rally race. Then there are F1, SUV, Indy, TransAm, Mini Vans, NHRA, all will get you where you want to go it just depends upon where you want to be and how you want to get there.

I hunt with so many different guns and each one has its merits and disadvantages. I happen to be fortunate and have so much time to go spearfishing that I can hunt many different fish that require different techniques. When the conditions/environments vary I will change technique sometimes even with the same type of fish. I have had my best results whilst hunting with being very adaptable. There is always something to said for the dedicated who know every subltle nuance of their speciality, I just find it too rigid for me. There are three different ways that I load my euros. One gun I made was more of a study of theory than any thing else. Its mega length and huge elastics required me to make mini fold-out armatures on the stock that allowed me to climb it like a ladder using my leg strength to cock it. There are so many ways to skin a cat!
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