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Logging freedives and Training performance

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New Member
Jan 27, 2003
I want to know if you guys log your freedives, if you do what information do you log, and do you log your performance in training and how do you log that? Are there any downloadable freediving logs on the internet?
A great way to log all your dives is with a freedive computer like the Suunto D3 or Suunto Mosquito. They are downloadable to the computer and track the dive profile in 1 second (D3) or 2 second (Mosquito) intervals, surface time, max depth, temp, etc. You can download the Suunto Dive Manager software from the suunto site and enter dive info manually if you would like but after having a suunto and computer interface I can tell you it's the only way to go.

When I started training I did make up a progression/performance chart but since I'm training on my own all the time non of that ever gets filled in. It's too hard to keep track of times, laps, etc. I figure if I'm training, I'm improving so my training logbook gets no information.. if I had a coach or buddy to train with I might have kept better track of the training.
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Hey Johnson,

How difficult is it to get the D3 to upload to your computer. I've heard it can be a handful. Does is just use a standard port (serial or USB :inlove), or do you need a degree in electrical engineering to get er going ;). Jon has a D3 and seems very happy with it, but I'm not going to spring for one unless I can get it to play nice with my computer.


ease of use for D3

I recently got a D3 with software and serial port accessory. The software loaded with no glitches and my dive profiles download seamlessly.
I have a relatively new computer but its not a supercharged machine. (windows XP professional, 1400 mhz processor, 128 ram)
I've created my own MS Access 2000 database for analyzing the data from my Suunto Stinger (you'll need to export the log from the Suunto Dive manager 1.4 software)

you can download it at http://www.xperience-automatisering.nl/divelog/

Another free tool is the JP logbook software, that doesn't need Access and is much better maintained ->

give it a try, it's really nice seeing some statistics on your dive series and to have the velocity profile for single dives
One gripe I have with Suunto Dive Manager ( v1.4 ) is the printing......it doesn't. :( Comes up with a fatal exception error every time. I mailed tech support at Suunto about it, who must be so busy trying to fix it that they haven't been able to reply to me.

It's probably some combination of my computer type ( D3 ), and logbook settings ( metric?? ) - who knows - I've tried everything and it still won't work.

Something to consider if printing is important to you.
I used SDM 1.3 and 1.4 on Windows NT4, Windows 2000 server and now 1.4 on XP professional
Works without a problem....

I don't think you'll ever get an answer from Suunto. I tried to get the specs for the sdl file format that the dive manager uses -> nothing

Some suggestions for nice reports in SDM -> no reply
The only thing they do is adding support for new computers I think. Probably because it's a free download, so they don't make any money of it. On the other hand the serial cable costs a fortune for the bit of cupper & plastic you get, so some of the price should be for the included software.
how audiable are the alrams?

you guys own a variety of suunto and dive cold waters, right? i was curious, can hear the alarms for time and depth max through a 7mm hood, if yes on which models?

D3 clearly audible over a 5mm suit and with hands extended forward (away from head). Will be even louder if you use hands to equalize and wear it at the nose-pinching hand. I would say loudness compares well with that of Stinger.
Don't know about use with a 7mm though.

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sounds like a D3 is "the one"

no pun intended. thanks for the input! i was reading the reviews in the diveinn store on the D3 and the complaint of an inaudible alarm through a 3mm hood was present. i suppose it depends on the diver and their ears.

speaking of ears i only use the valsalva on the surface to -3m. i use the valsalva very seldom even then. i can't prepressure my ears as they leak back just a quickly as they were filled and if i try to over pressure my ears(ie. greater than given ambient pressure greater than 1 ata there is a steady steam of air that passes from my sinusses and past my eyes. with no mask on i can blow tiny bubbles(Don Ho eyes, ha ha) out of my eyes whilst submerged. i wonder what its from?

The bubbles out of your eyes is called 'tearduct equalization', as air is forced from the sinuses through the tearduct. There is a thread about it somewhere.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
if only...

if only it were enough air flow to facilitate equalizing a pair of goggles. does the air really travel through the tearduct, because it feel more like it is passing under both lower eyelids, maybe it's the swelling of the glands.

any way what is a good bottom timer to accompany the D3. I really like the citizen but the 6 degree thing... i spend so much time diving here during the winter that it sounds like a questionable choice for me. i am probably over reacting.
you will feel pressure from the sinuses just below the eyes.
the tearducts are located at each corner of the eye so I guess a channel runs below your eyes and that what you're feeling?

anyone here studying medicine?
I had this photo in my archive from the golden days of A&P in college. Unfortunately there was an attractive girl that sat next to me, impairing my attention to the subject matter (but not to A&P as a whole). Consequently, I can offer no interpretations or explanations.

Looks pretty tight in there though Gitano. If you could equalize your mask this way, you would probably be in serious trouble ;).
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I love visuals, thanks

Next time send one of the girl;)
Yeah, I know I am just dreaming but on the serious side my sinuses are crazy! Everything flows a little too well... For example I have felt simultaneous mask and ear squeezes that only can be resolved by first equalizing the mask then my ears. If I equalize my ears first all presure leaks past my eyes and gives me a new ear squeeze.
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For the people who don't have a dive computer and want to log their dives and training progress manually, what info should we be recording?
Log problems

If you concentrate to keep all the data of your dives to log them without a dive computer, you cannot freedive efficiently because your mind will be busy recovering data.

I can´t imagine how to recover all this information.
freedive diary

I have a little black book that I write all my training in - gym stuff and freedive stuff.
Usually write depths, times but mostly how I felt about it.... and whether deepest bear came along or not

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