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Message for Anderson

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
Hey Anderson do you remember when I asked you about that dive light that comes on when you hit a preset depth, that you mentioned in the review of Tanya Streeters freedive train course. I just wanted to know who made that light. I wanted to get one and didn't want to walk into the dive shop sounding like an idiot when I tell the hot chic behind the counter what I'm looking for. I thank you for your help

Laxson OUT:cool:
Not Anderson


I used the mask light at Tanya's clinic and found it to be useful. I could not find the exact type that she had but most dive shops carry the small dive lights (for ~ $10 and use 2 AAA batteries) that turn on by tightening the top. You just turn the top as tight as it will go without the light coming on at the surface. When the pressure of depths kick in, the light comes on. When you return to the surface, the pressure diminises and the light goes off (saving batteries).

I had a hard time finding a model with a mask clip so just rigged my own and it worked fine. I finally found one with a mask clip and bought it. The light never worked right but the clip fit my original light perfect and so I got exactly what I wanted.

I'm at work now and don't remember the exact brand/model that I have. I will be leaving on a spring diving camping trip to the FL. panhandle with Jeff tomorrow AM (you should drive down for a day?) but if you get no further response, I let you know the exact light that I have next week.

Thank you Scott I'll see what I can with your suggestion, Happy diving.

Laxson OUT
The model of the lamp you're refering to is Mini Q40. It works very well for freedivers.
No Problem!

I forgot to mention the complete name: Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40
yes anderson

sure, i remember.

Originally posted by Jorg
I forgot to mention the complete name: Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40

there you have it, BR. haven't been outside the hunting forum lately, so didn't see this till now. there are a number of twist on lights that you can rig to turn on at any depth you want. just remember that they won't always turn on at the same depth, but w/in 10 or so feet. ;)

good luck,

Just FYI, the light that I have (and the ones used at Tanya's clinic, when I was there at least) was not the Mini Q40. This Q40 light comes with 4 AA batteries (http://www.karstsports.com/unkinminq40f.html) and is quite larger than the ones used at the clinic (2 AAA).

I opted for the smaller light as I think it fits beter for freedivng - although it is not as bright nor does it burn as long as the Mini Q40. The Q40 does come with a mask strap.

I'll let you know the AAA model when I return.

Re: yes anderson

Originally posted by andrsn
... haven't been outside the hunting forum lately...

andrsn ; you my MAN...:king

What is the purpose of this thingy :confused:
Any light that is activated by turning the bezel should work.
I know the back-up lights that I carry on my trimix set-up go on everytime I drop below 100'.
Since they're under my arms I can't see them while I am diving.
I have had my buddies come up to me many times and reach under my arm pits to turn them off- it makes you wonder if they have enough helium in their mix when they start grabbing at you like that at depth.;)
Find any light in a smaller size and you can adjust their activation depth by a simple turn of the bezel.
You should be able to rig some kind of a strap to hold them onto your mask with a snorkel keeper. The miniQ40 uses a strap that was originally designed as a snorkel keeper. If that doesn't work there are always zip-ties and duct tape.:D

Seems trivial now

With that has happened this past week and the intensity of posts, this seems so trivial to follow-up on. However, I said I would.


The 2AAA battery light that I use is PrincetonTec Blast. Bought from Divers Direct for less than $10. It did not come with a mask clip. I then bought the UK Sportlights (Underwater Kinetics) "2AAA High Intensity Mini Pocket Light" just from a local dive shop (included mask clip). This light never worked right but the mask clip fit the PrincetonTec model perfectly and now I'm all set.

What a drag

I have the miniQ's but do not attach them to my mask because it feels unbalanced, as if my mask was listing to one side and is about to come loose.

When I attach a light to each side of the mask, it is even worse.

I never figured out how to aim them properly either, so I found I needed a hand-held light anyway.

Now they serve as backups attached to my belt. They are actually pretty useful for this purpose in case my light fails (which happened once in a dark room). Since the light came on due to the pressure at depth, I didn't experience that panic I might otherwise have if I had suddenly been in the dark and had to grope for my light - it was obvious because it was on.

Is the Princeton light smaller, Scott? I like the concept, but just don't like the was these feel on my mask strap. [this is all academic of course - since I can't seem to find time to dive any more I probably shouldn't worry about gear adjustments.]
After trying lights on my person, I pretty much gave up on having them other than in my hand(s), Chris. The parallax of the light never being exactly where I wanted it, necessitating me to move my mask, head, or arm, drove me nuts... though I'll always wish I was wearing one at night when on those rare lobster sojourns.

With carrying a UK Light Cannon, the World's pretty tan though.

Hey, are you in on kk03?

Princeton Light


The Princeton light is very small and in no way creates an imbalance. Because it is small though , it does not provide the greatest amount of light. It does work great for seeing your depth guage/watch where light is limited (like at Blue Springs, not far enough in the cavern to lose all natural light but far enough back that light is limited). Works nice as a supplemental light also.

Sorry that it took so long for me to reply but I have been out of town. One if the places was at Ellaville Spring. Very unique place to dive - ever been?

I am attaching a photo from Tanya's clinic where we both have on the Princeton-sized lights. As you can see (hopefully), they are very small.



  • lakeaustin.g.jpg
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I realize they're being used for different purposes but I have to second the UK Light Cannon. You can't beat the "firepower" of that baby unless you go to a canister light.
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