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Music to dive with

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New Member
May 5, 2002
I find myself keeping a tune in my head for an entire dive sometimes. Because of this I am being cautious to not listen to any hidious, nagging music before entering the water. ..bad music bring on bad vibes, make me unable to relax, and make the fish go bye bye. I know that music is a personal choice, but I am curious what other divers are listening to before diving.

I try classical sometimes...
Grateful Dead others

'Waiting for Cousteau' by Jean Michel Jarre - 45 minutes of totally chilled plink-plink-burble make this a superb piece to relax to. And given that it is so long, you can work up to a good static before entering the water. Unless, of course, you fall asleep...
Music to dive by

Depending on the dive location, there is a one or two hour drive. I have a 5 CD selection by "Enya" that is really relaxing before a dive. As far as hearing music in my head underwater, that is when things are so quiet, that my "tinitus" is more noticable than anywhere else. This is one place I don't mind (prefer) perfect silence. I do however "hear the music" while on long runs in the woods.
I like a mixture of chill music, and some inspirational. IMHO, a lot of Marillion album tracks could have been purpose-composed for freediving. My favourite is 'Out of this World' from the 'Afraid of Sunlight' album. It's all about Donald Campbell's obsessive quest to break world records, and it features Steve Rothery's haunting guitar solos.

Maybe a bit hackneyed, but a couple of the tracks from 'The Big Blue' soundtrack - e.g. Virgin Islands (?)

Even some sixties music seems appropriate. Ever listened to the words of 'You Only Live Twice' by Nancy Sinatra?

A few weeks ago I made up a compilation album with tracks that get me 'in the zone'. Only trouble with that is, once you've listened to it a few times, you start having favourites out of a group of tracks that were your favourites from other albums. ( A bit like having a plate with all your favourite food piled onto it.) :p

Listen deeply....
Music is CRUCIAL to my diving... if you've seen me at a competition, I was always the one in a corner with my walkman at full volume until seconds before warm up time. I am currently perfecting my technique for putting my suit on without removing my earphones!

anyway my play list includes....
Lemon Jelly
The Beach Soundtrack
David Bridie (obscure I think Australian guy, songs include Dive and Breath!)
bit of way out indian/arabic chill out stuff

but mostly Dido and Adiemus
oh yes and the Big Blue soundtrack but you probably guessed that
sam x

I like:

1. Vangelis

2. Tangerine Dream

3. Steve Roach

4. Jonn Serrie

5. Kitaro

6. Robert Rich

7. Luis Perez

and all good new age music artists.

Regards, gerard.
Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard) and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
Erik Y.
Originally posted by PILOT

I don't know anything more about it, but theres a Snorkel with an FM radio built into it. I guess it operates kind of like a bone phone, but you can "hear" through your mouth so maybe thats it.:confused:
Does anyone know what Mandy-Rae listend to when she beat the women's static record?

I know that there was some debate over if it was "legal" to listen to music, with auto-suggestion, during a world record attempt.

I sure would like to give it a shot.:D

When I do CO2 tables dry my favourite music to listen to is Tool.
Lateralus is the probably the best album. The songs may be heavy, but are mostly on the slow side. Some of the songs go for up to 11 minutes so plenty of time to do a static in. :D
I find that it's sometimes easier to tune out to heavier music, it distracts you from what you are doing.

And my favourite pre comp chill out music - Alice in Chains "Jar of flies".

Yeh confess the Big Blue soundtrack get used sometimes ;)
Really would like a way to listen to music when doing statics in the pool, might stop me from getting so bored. :hmm

I try to listen to nothing

My hearing is so good that a song never gets stuck in my head, instead I am always aware of the noises in my environment. On the west side of my Island are the shippng lanes and those huge ships produce the weirdest sound from the longest of distances. I try to focus on my heart beat. If I am with someone that insist on tunes while riding in the jalopy van on the way to a dive sesson I try to listen to Brian Eno or Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn(I think Iya mentioned this one).

I like the ambient stuff and try to keep it mellow.
I have not tried music doing a static. My trick is to count my heartbeats. Last night I was on 72 when I popped my face out of the water. It wasn't my best in water static (2:20) but the trick works for me.
I thought I'd be real cool a while back a sing 'American Pie' in my head while I was doing a static.... I knew if I got to the end of that (8 mins) I'd be doing good :) Sad part was I forgot the words after the first verse... :duh
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American Pie would get me out of the water and into my car to get ANYTHING else in my head so quick. My last two dives have been interesting enough so that my mind was totally focused on my immediate environment. I guess this is the ultimate place to be; underwater listening to natures music. Unfortunately, sometimes I bring my own stress, or distractions into the sea with me....and these manifest themselves as music. Having a good tune would lessen the distractions of a bad day, or the lonliness of a dive seeing only very few fish. Good music will also help me keep my patience while laying still while holding my breath fifteen feet underwater.

Thanks for the replies
Inna Gadda Davida?

Hum the entire 17 minute version of Inna Godda Davida while doing a static and we'll all be majorly impressed :thankyou.

I've always though that Buckethead's "Colma" album was ideal freediving music. Also, Byrne and Eno's "My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts".

I seem to remember Kirk Krack telling me that Mandy listened to a country station during her record static.

Ottawa, Canada
I thought that she had some special music with some kind of subliminal messaging encoded into it?:confused:

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