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My first -200'

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New Member
Jun 27, 2001
Oh my best dive so far..

I should have sent this in ages ago but lethargy took the best of me, sorry.

Well suffice to say my dive lacked the grace I usually don't display
while diving.

Ort Quarry dive site: The dive site was an abandoned quarry Just west of Rome, NY in upper NY State. One of the engineers I use on my buildings dives there from time to time. A friend of his owns it. It was a truly crappy site collapsing sheds rusting trucks. I'm sure a body or two at the bottom of the quarry. Its strength is that it is -210' of relatively clear water.

We got there early and I swam out to setup this coolest decent line ever. I've got this huge float with a 5.5mm decent line on a cam pulley to take up the slack, complete with glow sticks every 20'. Very "sweet", to use a word my nephew uses so well in describing sports cars.

We shot the sh#t for a while until it was decided that I should do
the dive or we were all going to leave for Denny's. Seeing as
how I despise Denny's I said ok lets dive. I warmed up for 45 mins with a nice swim and face immersion without a mask. I started my new rhythm breathing focusing on adjusting the tempo and fullness of each breath. I then did two warm up dives to 20m (65'), then a third to 40m (131').

I felt really good nice and loose. I was slipping through water
nicely and my mind was relatively calm. The weird thing was that I was thinking about a video game a friend had me playing instead of the dive. I started my 10min then 5min breath-up all the while thinking of this stupid game. My alarm went off at the 30 sec mark my breathing was right on schedule increasing in depth and duration. I was as ready as ever.

0 sec, down I went. After six strokes I was in the glide position. A
few glow sticks later I started to pick up speed. I closed my eyes
and just felt the water moving my hanging limbs. I was loose and
falling. I tried to concentrate on the dive but my thoughts strayed
to that stupid game. I forced the thoughts of this game from my mind and looked at my depth gauge -175'. OUCH that's deep shot through my skull. I watched my gauge moving to the -200'mark when I should have been looking for the bottom. I found it the hard way, or it found me. It was so surreal I was just in purest, deepest silence I have ever experienced. A perfect silence. I felt like both the master and minutia of this silent world. I had to shake myself to start the return trip back up.

It was hard to get my legs to start kicking again. I looked at my
hand as gauge moved down I could see all the veins and contours of my finger bones,, cool. I passed by my safety diver Karl and gave him the "OK" he gave me the finger (Engineers are tools). It was getting lighter and warmer. I breached the surface calmly and just floated for a while.

It was done I didn't time myself mainly because I hate diving
numbers. Karl estimated 2:45-3:00 mins. I buried the needle of my
depth gauge, which only goes to 60.9m (200') Karl's reading on his vyper was 62.4m (205'). I loved the dive even though my thoughts were else where. I'm wondering if the distraction helped?

I loved the dive so much, the silence. I plan on doing allot of deep
diving this summer to my "silent depth".

Very cool, Jeff. Did you have to stop any time to put air in your cheeks or was it smooth "Frenzeling" the whole way?
Smooth as silk

I've seen this guy in action almost every weekend. Jeff is definitely Smooooth. If anyone can get to 200', he could. You'd be amazed at the tight spaces he can (and does) squeeze through too!
By the way Jeff, I got us a bunch of those volume reducer inserts for our masks, if you're still using the Samarai this season.

It won't be long now!

"6 strokes and I was gliding"... What the hell were you stroking?

Originally posted by Feld
I passed by my safety diver Karl and gave him the "OK" he gave me the finger (Engineers are tools)

Hey i resent that! :D Actually, i was saying the other day, the only three underwater signals I know are 'ok', 'out of air' and 'the finger'.... must be an engo thing :D

Congrats on the dive!! Over 200' is insane!! :)

I took similar offense, but I have to dive w/ the guy. My solution iwas to start referring to myself as a "software architect" :D

originally posted by Feld
I passed by my safety diver Karl and gave him the "OK" he gave me the finger (Engineers are tools)

Hmmm.. aeronautical architect... sounds like a designer of flying buildings...

"We're not in Kansas anymore Todo"


I myself am an Architect and a Struc. Engineer. So when I say "Tool" I speak of myself as well.

Plus if you knew Karl you would agree with me.
Engineers are immune to offense

The truth hurts -- unless you are an engineer.

Hey, your post might actually draw in all the geeks and become a "hot" thread.
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