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My First BO/Samba...While Apneawalking

Discussion in 'General Freediving' started by demasoni, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. demasoni

    demasoni New Member

    I had my first BO/Samba today ever while apneawalking on grass in the local park. On was on the fifth rep of my usual set. I was walking into the wind with a noseclip on. Rest times between reps were from 2-4 min.

    At around 2:15, somewhere between contractions 25-30, I remember that I lost count of my contractions and next thing I know air was sputtering out of my mouth and my head was bobbing up and down like a bobble head doll. I then began my recovery breathing.

    I felt a pain on my right knee and looked down to see a scrape. I then realized that as soon as I lost count of my contractions I must have fell on my right knee, got up and continued to walk, because as I started to recovery breath, I was on my feet walking. I also looked down to find a wet mark on the front of my shorts! :)

    Would this be considered an LMC or BO? Also, anyone else ever "wet" themselves while tolerating contractions?
  2. SanderP

    SanderP Dive bum

    Well, I guess "wetting" themselves while apnea walking isn't a that unusual sight after all. I think Todd made a topic about that a few months back.

    And I'd count it as a LMC, as your head was "bobbing", like you said.
  3. cebaztian

    cebaztian Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha, and you think I would admit that if I had? I have though found myself looking at a wonderful summersky wondering where I am, seeing all those treetops (I must be in a wood) then being a bit confused about my head hurting so much. And What am I doing here in this lovely wood? Why is my leg in such a funny angle. Have I been sleeping here on the ground?

    After retracking my day I remembered that I had been training walking apnea.

  4. joe123321

    joe123321 New Member

    I was apnea walking in a park by my house and I sudenly got really dizzy and lost vision and everything went silver for a second. thats the only thing like this that has ever happend to me
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  5. XyseR

    XyseR New Member

    haha...sometimes i feel like i'm about to take a piss during walks but it never happens. yeah..you gotta safe...LOL the first time i woke up after a samba/whatever my head was bobbing soo hard on the floor...i was like wwttff but it kept on going for awhile. my mom freaked out and i laughed and said "what was i doing?"
  6. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    It seems to be quite common to BO/samba while apnea walking - maybe that is because it is harder for blood to get to the brain while standing.

    I have never done proper apnea walking, and I have been put off a bit by the number of accidents that others have described on DB. The possibility of hitting my head on the floor or landing on my face doesn't appeal to me... :crutch

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  7. dallasdiver

    dallasdiver Well-Known Member

    I have never blacked out yet, but have been really close. I know I have reached my thresh hold when my vision dims like someone turned down the lights and then I get tunnel vision real bad.
  8. Fondueset

    Fondueset Carp Whisperer

    This happened to me once. I was out apnea walking and suddenly woke up several thousand miles away as a completely different person. There were these people around who thought I was part of their family - a wife, a couple of kids. It was weird for awhile but they still let me go diving so I don't mind.
  9. dallasdiver

    dallasdiver Well-Known Member

    There weren't any aliens involved were there? :D
  10. Fondueset

    Fondueset Carp Whisperer

    there are ALLWAYS aliens ivolved
  11. spaghetti

    spaghetti Campari Survivor Staff Member Team Leader

    Chris, I married my wife just because a tench told me to do that, so I see what you're saying.
    But I never BO'ed and I'm with Naiad about apneawalking: a no-no for me.
  12. Fondueset

    Fondueset Carp Whisperer


    What is a 'tench'? If it is a type of fish - I well understand. I often take the advice of Carp. Very reliable.
  13. spaghetti

    spaghetti Campari Survivor Staff Member Team Leader

    Tench is a ciprinidae, same family of the carp: same wife et cetera. Very good in the oven, much less bony and less muddy tasting than carps. And talking to them (before ovening) prevents BO, as I can witness
    I once told the whole story on DB, just search for the word tench in the recipe section.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2007
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  14. Fondueset

    Fondueset Carp Whisperer

    Wonderful Story , Spaghetti. And good to know another who listens to carp!
  15. cdavis

    cdavis Supporter Supporter

    Hey Dallasdiver,
    When you got tunnel vision, how long did it last? Did you try to maintain the breath hold? Curious how long the interval is between tunnel vision and BO?

  16. efattah

    efattah Well-Known Member

    It was definitely a blackout, not a samba/LMC.

    90% of blackouts are accompanied by a hypoxic seizure (samba/LMC), but they are still blackouts. If you have memory loss, it was a blackout.
  17. dallasdiver

    dallasdiver Well-Known Member

    When I start seeing the lights dim, I can continue for about another 30seconds to a minute of apnea walking. When my vision goes to a tunnel with dim lights after the 30 seconds, I start breathing. I am starting to feel faint at this point. I assume much longer and I would BO
  18. naiad

    naiad Apnea Carp Supporter

    That sounds like already quite severe hypoxia. Fading vision and tunnel vision are often experienced during LMC (although I have never experienced these myself).

  19. Dewit2it

    Dewit2it New Member

    When I almost SWB'd I got the tinglies at 10' and was down to a 6" tunnel as I broke the surface. 3-4 sec max. At the rate the tunnel was closing, 1 maybe 2 sec more would have had me out. It was strange that I didn't feel the need to breathe.