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My second gun..?

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neoprene dreamer
Aug 22, 2001
Ok I have Omer Aluminium 75cm Speargun.. I am thinking of buying an other, preferably one bit bigger and better range, for waters where viz is better than here in England on a stormy day.
Any suggestions, I have looked at an Other Aluminium, about 100cm long, is that any better or should I go for something bigger?
How much does an extra rubber add to guns range?
can one add one to the 75cm gun?

Good Hunting!

Adding a band

It adds about 1/3 more range, plus about 1/2 more power at close range. That's if you upgrade to the same band - ie two 16mm bands.

Why not go for a big gun? ie a 120 or 130cm RA or Stealth? It will suit al your needs - you'll end up using it more than the 75, except maybe for holes and caves.
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Re: Adding a band

Originally posted by SASpearo
It adds about 1/3 more range, plus about 1/2 more power at close range. That's if you upgrade to the same band - ie two 16mm bands.

Why not go for a big gun? ie a 120 or 130cm RA or Stealth? It will suit al your needs - you'll end up using it more than the 75, except maybe for holes and caves.

Nah stuff the 120's go for a 110 :D

Hi Pekka,

Nice to see another UK Spearo on here, we're a bit few and far between I think...

I'm not in a position to give advice yet as i've only just started, i've gone for a 100cm gun as it seemed to be the best compromise i.e. not too big for starting out but big enough to give a good punch when needed.

Where do you normally go, I see your in Exeter, I live in Weymouth and generally go out around Portland, ever tried there?

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Hi Stevie,

I just came back from Butleigh Salterton, I finally found fish from UK waters, Mackerel, Bass and some other that I have no idea what it was.. I only shot one fish as I didn't really want to eat fish tonight, but next time I will go for some serious dinner..:)
I have done diving at Exemouth, Sidmouth, Butleigh, Minehead and bude.. I don't like any of the spots really.. I want deeper waters, atleast 20m..
I am stuck here around Exeter as I don't have transport.. unfortunately, I have heard rumors that fishing in Cornwall is musch better.. I might end up going there as one of my friends lives there.. I just have to go for a wisit.. I think it is in Penanze or something like that..


I can't sell the gun.. it is not mine, I kinda borrowed it from my dad and he wants to know what kinda gun he should buy... so it is not exactly for me.. I like the gun by the way I find it quite right size for the fishing in Exeter area..


I'll let my dad know.. do you happen to know if I can add an extra band to my 75 Aluminium..
I tried to read from OMER website, but they just had some information about the thickness of the carbonfibre used in the guns, and they mentioned that the longer model is made of thicker material to avoid bending of the gun due to stronger pull by the bands...

Thanks guys! :cool:
What is your bands on 75 cm gun? 16 or 18?
Alluminium trigger mech and barell can handle double 16mm powerband. Probably there will be no flex on the barell coz 75 cm gun is small.
But i don't know about the shaft flex under two band's presurre without rail/track.
I already ordered my 100 cm Alluminium i will get it next week.
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I think they are 18... but I am not that sure.. they seem quite long and I have no problems loading it what so ever.. seems too easy to load.. but then again so far it has had the pover I have wished for..:)
If your bands are 18mm your second band should be 14mm. But i don't know if its accurate. Anyway if you like the power of the single band don't add second one. It will ruin the simplicity of small gun and increase your loading time.
yeah I know what you mean about the depth you are looking for, i'm lucky here in Weymouth as the rocks around Portland average depths of 10-20m within about 30m of the shore, along with plenty of kelp and huge rocks and good vis (10m possible on a very good day but more like 5m generally) so its a pretty good place to spear fish.

Whats Minehead like, pretty poor vis I would imagine being in the Bristol Channel.

As for Cornwall, I would think that would be good as the coastline is very rocky, very similar to Portland.
Originally posted by Murat
If your bands are 18mm your second band should be 14mm.

Why? And where/who did you get that info from? Because it sounds like complete BS. If the manufacturer recommended that for the standard 6-6.5mm shaft they need help...
Originally posted by Shadowkiller
Why? And where/who did you get that info from? Because it sounds like complete BS. If the manufacturer recommended that for the standard 6-6.5mm shaft they need help...

Hi Shadow,

Those 18mm power bands are more powerfull then 20mm. Don't ask why, it just observed ballisitic tests that OMER did. You can find it somewhere in OMER site. Don't you think if you put double 18mm bands on 6-6.5 mm shaft it will flex??? Those Alluminium guns doesn't have rail to support shaft everywhere. This seems logical to me. What ya think?
Thats why adding an extra rubber is pretty silly. You'll blow accuracy away and gain a little range.

Ugh, I really wouldn't mind changeing location for diving at places where there is some depth and some actual life..
Minehead.. well I hope you wouldn't have asked, it sucked totally and from all angles!!!! I really wish I had not gone there, but then again I guess you gotta learn somehow.. Viz..about 0.05 meters that is if you stretch your hand infront you can not see your elbow.. it sucked it sucked it...:head

Well I went to Exemouth last week and I had made up my mind to swim far enough to get some decent depth, I even took compass with me in case I couldn't see the land.. well after swimming what felt like eternity I tried.. and whoa! -4m:duh Arrghh!!!! So I said goodbye to Exemouth diving.. Although a speareo I met in Bultleigh told me that he had caught some bass from Exemouth.. well I guess I'll have to go and see one more time...

I won't add a band to my gun, perhaps if I someday need more power I can get 16mm power band for the gun, or would that help?

Safe diving!
Hey pekka,

In my opinion 75 cm guns are not designed to make powerfull long range shots. Even 18mm OMER "power" are too powerfull for such small gun. I don't know what is your hunting condition there but from what i see from english spero pictures you guys generally hunting small sea basses. In here we use 75 cm guns for groupers hiding in caves or small bass, mullet etc.... If this is the case i advice you to swap your bands from power 18mm to top energy 16mm, and 6-6.3mm shaft. This way your power will reduce a bit but you will able to do more accurate shoots which is essential for small mullets. You know... If you are hunting that kind of fish your biggest target is few cm range.
If you look for more long range shoot and more power you may consider to buy bigger gun. You have to decide it by thinking about what will you hunt....
I expect to take my 100 cm Alluminium soon... I will try to do some review about it if you like to wait. I will buy 75 cm excalibur for cave hunting as well. I think that you can't go wrong with two that sized gun anywhere in the europe.
im from hawaii I own a 75 cm omer excalibur. I love the gun but I needed to get a little more range out of it so I modified my gun by making it an open muzzle and put two bands on it.
the modification added more power and range. however it wasnt enough.
I noticed that I had to wait twice as long as my friends did to shoot a fish. My friends both have riffes. one has a 54" midhandle riffe looka like. The other has a Riffe comp 3.
I watched at the surface to see the distance at which my friends were shooting from. compared to the distance that i was shooting from.
I noticed a big difference. So when I got the money I got a Riffe comp 3
Its big enough to give me the range and power I desire. Plus its silent. I mean my excaliber was silent too. but this I cant hear anything. its also small enough to take into holes. Just have to remember to have only one band loaded. Also the new pencil tip point that riffe uses now instead of the bullet tip stays sharp even when you hit rocks. Ive hit alot of rocks with it already and my tip is still as sharp as it was when I got it. bonus to the gun is that the bands are cheap especially if you know how to tie your own bands. dont have to spend $30 or $40 on new bands.
Ive had both euro guns and american style wood guns. In all euro guns are easier on the budget and accurate, but lack power.
the american guns I believe are just as accurate, have tons of power, the trigger mechanism is alot stronger than euro guns, but can cost alot.
try to look for someone who can make a riffe looka like which can drop the cost substantially. friend got his riffe looka like 54' midhandle that wouldve cost $400 or $500 for only $180.
well just my two cents
peace out and dive safe

Hope theres fish up there for you charlie
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