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nausea from lube?

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Carp Whisperer
Jul 27, 2004
Anybody experience this? I'm new to open cell suits - we went diving again yesterday and once again I had pretty intense nausea - still have it today. Be a bummer if I have to sell my elios black shadow suit - it is incredibly warm. Water was beautiful but the urge to vom kinda put a damper on it!

FYI - This was my daughter's first check out in her new 3MIL elios suit - these are just light suits we got for summer - but she was out there in 38F water pushing icebergs around for an hour or so!
How do you know it's from the lube? Is the collar tight on your neck? maybe the water conditions were freaky and signled your brain to get sea-sick? Did you let water inside the hood (assuming you have one)?

Anyway, some people use water mixed with: shampoo, conditioner, baby oil, KY Jelly and kelp gunk - try switching lube.
Another option: no lube, only water. Can be done in a shower or while standing in the water, though if it's 38F water (not that I know the celsius equvelant of) I rather piss my way in. :)

Good luck.
Thanks for the input. Well - it 'feels' like motion sickness. Which is interesting since skin is one of the contributors to motion sensitivity. I'm using hair conditioner. Onset seemed to begin before I hit the water - but yes the collar is fairly tight. temp is 3.3C :) I'll try chewing some ginger next time.
I'll get workin on the salmon. :)
Ginger did the trick by the way. I think it's the face hit when I'm adapting to the cold water. Seems to go straight to my stomach. Had a nice long dive yesterday though. Wonderfully quiet - no boats!
Fondueset said:
I I think it's the face hit when I'm adapting to the cold water. Seems to go straight to my stomach.
Funny you should mention this, my buddy reckons that he feels sick when he first gets in to cold(9ºc) water.
Me, I never felt sick just a little ice cream headache where my forehead is exposed between the mask and the hood.
I guess cold affects people differently.
I heard of a diver who used to get sick (in what manner I don't know) whenever his kidneys entered a strong thermocline...
He trained this sickness out.
I find that being cold causes me to swallow air, which causes nausea. Swallowing air can also be caused by incorrect packing, but I have never had this problem - the air went in the right place from the beginning!

the neck on my elios suit makes me queasy sometimes - I reckon thats your problem as they do make them really tight... not sure what you can do about that apart from wait for it to grow old and "give" a bit, Flooding my hood sometimes helps
I think it's that and the cold hit. I talked with a woman who puts the neck of her suit over a tank for a few hours before she dives. Next one I think I'll add a centimeter :)
I’m really getting into using spray silicone on my open cell suit. The water in Texas is rough so by using the silicone liberally, with carefulness, I can put my Elios (well at least the bottoms, because of the heat) on before we take off. With it dry, it’s comfortable for the 2-hour boat ride. Then when I am there, its quicker to get ready and in the water, and easier since I don’t have to do it with the boat rocking. More than once I have lost my balance and fallen in the rush to get the suit on. It really stinks to start the diving off with bruises!

We tie the boat up to oilrigs and I have found I trust myself to tie it up more than anyone else. I can get in and get it tied before the other people get their stuff on. Then come back get my gun and have the first opportunity to shoot a fish. Some fish take off as soon as their buddy gets speared, so the first person sometimes has an advantage.

Speaking of seasickness, there is a new drug out that works wonders. It’s so good; I will start a thread just about it.

PS If you use silcone spray first and let it dry, if you do use lube when putting it on, you don't have to use nearly as much.
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What kind of silicon oil is it Don? - for what purpose? Does it say what is the solvent?
When I tried my Omer fins at the store some years ago (yes, I'm from the lucky ones who could measure before they bought their fins) the seller sprayed the foot pocket with silicon oil for 'easier entry' and it stank for quite a time (and a few dives) afterwards , I hated the smell and the touch of it and could never imagine using it inside my suit... am I just being spoiled or is it a different spray? :)
I just use the cheap aerosol stuff from a department store, auto store, or hardware store. It probably does have some additives for the aerosol that could bother some people, but so far I have had no problems. I’m pretty immune to skin irritation. You can get food grade silicon lube from dive shops and maybe even cheaper from other sources. It’s used in industry to lube equipment that processes food and must be cheaper from supply sources than what the dive shops sell it for.

The other thing it seems to do is protect the neoprene and keep it from drying out and cracking. You might try http://www.mcmaster.com/ for food grade silcone lube. I think they probably ship overseas. It’s an awesome place for any kind of hardware, industrial, and manufacturing supplies. You could build just about anything with their stuff.
The suit nausea thing was one of the main reasons I started doing my competition dives without the suit....
I never experienced any nausea at all - but as I read this thread I'wondering if using a regular dish washer liquid is really safe :( . Sometimes even after showering the stuff off I have the smell of dish washer on my skin... hm.
pat fish said:
I never experienced any nausea at all - but as I read this thread I'wondering if using a regular dish washer liquid is really safe :( . Sometimes even after showering the stuff off I have the smell of dish washer on my skin... hm.
My gut sensation tells me it's not a good idea, and also that it's more degrading towards neopren. That's not supported by any reason tough. :)
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I'm intrigued about using silicone spray - someone told me right at the start of my freediving that you should never use a shampoo or conditioner that contained silicone as it would degrade your suit - does anyone know any real facts on this?

these days I just use anything that does not irritate my skin, which is harder and harder....
Just reread this and saw EF's comment. I've really been used to no suit for many years. I haven't gone to the depths EF has but have often spent awhile in pretty cold water - just diving around - with no wetsuit. I've noticed a sort of 'boundary layer' effect - it is difficult to explain but once you are past the initial shock - which sometimes takes getting in briefly and then back in again - there is a sort of comfort layer that seems to extend just above the skin. This may sound odd but it seems like it being there or not depends on your quality of attention. I do pay for it later - but while I'm in the water I'm pretty comfortable. I may experiment with this more this spring.

With the wetsuit - I think it's the hood that throws me off.
Silicone will not harm your suit. It is good for rubber, unlike petroleum jelly(vaseline)

Parafinnum liquidum - [lubricant] - aka mineral oil (can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs - some of which are carcinogenic))

PEG-150 - [thickener] (penetration enhancer/skin irritant - may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide = linked to breast cancer)

Methylparaben (or any paraben.. butyl-, ethyl-, isobutyl-, propyl- etc) - [preservative] - (skin irritant / allergies / dermatitis / parabens are oestrogen mimics - excess oestrogen leads to higher potential for cancers.)

Parfum - [fragrance] - (allergic / can trigger asthmatic reactions / skin irritant / central nervous sytem disrupter / etc)

Butlyphenylmethylpropional - [synthetic fragrance] - (skin irritant / damages sperm in animal tests...)

And plenty of other nasties in pretty much everything on supermarket shelves...

so I use water :) Your choice...
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