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New to spearfishing from Brighton

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by Captain J, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Captain J

    Captain J New Member


    I've just started spearfishing in Brighton.

    Bought a 75cm Venom from Dave at Spearo.

    Works well, got 5 pollack on my first dive - and nothing since!!

    I scuba, so I'm starting to look for a challenge!!

    I'm after some Sea Bass, anyone know a good place to go near Brighton.
  2. capetownguy

    capetownguy Sharks Beware!

    hey man, theres loads of uk spearos on this site.....im sure they can help you. just look on the uk threads!
    welcome to the addiction! hehe
    got any photos of the pollack?
  3. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    No photos of the pollock. I'll get myself a camera!

    I was not expecting to get anything on my first time out, so I did not take a camera.

    I was opposite a beach where I live, about 1/4 mile out in a small Searay.

    A large shoal of whitebait was being chased to the surface so I jumped over board with the speargun and found a small shoal of pollock.
  4. Spaniard

    Spaniard Cider tester

    Under Brighton Pier, outside the Marina, Newhaven (on the arms of harbour) and nearby Bognor Regis. Join Sussex club if you fancy it, send PM to Eric Aqua on this forum.
  5. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey capyain j i am a spearo in brighton, i usually go to the west pier and brighton pier, and so far this year ui have had loads of bass to 6 pounds.
    plus lobsters and pollack, makeral, and lots of mullt to 4 pounds,
    let me know if you want to go out time i am going to brighton pier this very second, will let ya know how i get on,
    would be nice to have another spearo to go with,
  6. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    No worries. Got use of my brothers boat until mine is back in action. I'm still at work so can't make it today.

    I presume you are going at low tide?
  7. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey captain j, yeah low tide, thats cool, let me know when you can go the weather is supposed to be quite good this coming week at moment, but that could change, i am going tommorow after work aswell.
  8. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    Did you have any luck?
  9. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey captain j, yeah i had two mullet about 3 pounds each,
    i saw loads of bream and missed them all which is annoying.
    vis was good though.
    got one mullet from the barge wreck and another form those pipes at the end of the pier.
  10. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey spaniard, just looked back through this thread does eric aqua run the sussex spearfishing club, i have talked to people about it and have a number for them but it would be easier to contact them on here.
  11. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey captain j where did you shoot the pollack exactly i have been trying to find some decent pollack for a while and all i can find are ones about 3 inches long,
  12. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    About 1/3 mile out to sea by Ovingdean where I live. 7.5 metres deep. Not seen another Pollack since!

    I tried directly opposite the Rottingdean windmill in the gulleys, saw lots of big wrass which I left alone. Other than that not alot.

    Sounds like you're having more like by the pier, have you come across the old chain pier? Its directly opposite the volks railway.

    I'm keen to try some wrecks and I here there is one off Hove in about 12m of water.

    There is a popular surf spot along from Shoreham powerstation next to an old water outlet. Used to be the warm coolant return from the power station and I imagine fish, maybe bass, still frequent the location.
  13. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey captain j, got in again today and got 1 bass at the west pier. i dont usually venture down that way sometimes i go along the marinas east arm but i have never really got anything. the piers are the best place to go. there is a wreck opposite the pier which is where i caught that mullet yesterday. yeah i have dived the old chain groin its quite good for bass.
    i have never heared of thie wreck in hove how far out is it. have you ever dived the pier.

    i know where you are on about in shoreham, it looks quite good. might give it a go sometime also those rocks on the southwick arm look good to.

    let me know if you want to go sometime as i will definantly be up for it,

  14. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    Had a really good look around today under the Palace Pier. High tide. Depth showed 10m.

    Vis was poor but saw lots of mullet,bream and bass. Quite dark though, really needs to be alot clearer.

    I'll return later next week when vis is better.
  15. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    hey capain j, i usually got to the palace pier on a low tide then you can go right to the end of the pier and its only about 3 - 4 meters. did you shoot any of the fish. how far along the pier did you go. i dont usually find it that dark, it is under the centre of the end though i usually use a torch.
  16. Captain J

    Captain J New Member

    Went all the way around the end. I imagine it was darker because I went when there was 10 metres of water.

    I didn't get any good shots in. Everyhting out of range. I went with a friend.

    I'll plan an ambush next time. I'll be keen to try at low tide once I've got a float etc.

    What length gun are you using?
  17. jwells1989

    jwells1989 New Member

    i have a 75cm gun, but i am thinking about bying a new 90. i usually use my bodybaord as a float. i think that the west pier is better at high tide, because i think its a bit shallower. might try todsay aswell but the water looks a bit murky. went to those rocks at the beggining of the east arm 2 days ago and saw loads and loads of bass but they where all really small so left them.
  18. huntfish

    huntfish New Member

    Hi guys has anyone tryed splash point at seaford iv been going there this year and had some good results plenty of mullet and bass also decent flatties off the beach only 7-10 meters off shore?
  19. Spaniard

    Spaniard Cider tester

    Eric Aqua is certainly involved with club, not sure if he actually runs it. Send him a PM. You can also try through www. underwaterfishing.co.uk
  20. huntfish

    huntfish New Member

    Hi captain j , i also have recently bought a 75 venom and had some decent fish with it this year. I mainly fish Seaford (splash point) or Newhaven arm both good for Bass Mullet or flaties along the shore 7-10 meters out, have u tryed these areas yet?