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no contractions

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New Member
Oct 11, 2002

I have trained freediving for about 1 month. My "problem" is that I have no contractions. People are talking about contractions during dive, so they have messages from the body that's time to stop. But I don't, I can hold my breath to BO and no contractions(not tried). There is just fast coming urge to breath in the end.

I have tried: negatives, dynamic, "dynamic half lung" , static, negative static...

static dry 4:30
static 4:18
dynamic 75m

If anyone have this same "problem" please write. I think it's no problem near surface, but next summer in depths it's maybe hard to control divingtime.
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On that...

On that, what exactly do you guys mean by contractions? When I do a 50m pool dive, just before I hit the end, I get a reflex action like my body is trying to breathe - is this it? It isn't very severe at all, like in another thread I think someone mentioned it was like doing a little situp.. this is nothing like that. Any thoughts?
I don't really know too much about the mechanics of contractions, and I suspect that they can be slightly different for everybody. Although I'm not a freediver (at the moment) I like to practice dry statics. My best is only 2mins 45 at the moment but I do get contractions. For me, they can be controlled to quite a high degree - I mean that I can actually block them or (and I've written about this here before) 'hold' them, sustain each one. For me, they're actually quite pleasant, feeling a bit like my lungs squeezing then relaxing and helping me to hold my breath longer. Yes, I know thats about as clear as mud, but I can vaguely liken the feeling to stretching and relaxing a muscle after contracting it hard.
Aloha mzzz
I did four minute dry statics for 15 years without one contraction. Now the first one usually happens by three and a half. For some divers they are not reliable and some very good divers don't feel them.
P.S. They're a lot like a hiccup, with your throat closed.
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Just one idea

Mzzz, I can only figure up 2 reasons to explain your lack of contractions:

- because this is your nature and there is nothing you can do.
- because your ventilation pattern is very quick, something close to hyperventilation. This can explain your words: "I can hold my breath to BO and no contractions(not tried). There is just fast coming urge to breath in the end".

I don´t know mzzz, maybe you are making very quick ventilations. Please make a trial: make very sloooow and deep ventilations before the breathold, something like 10 seconds inspire 20 seconds exhale (more or less for 2 min) and when you feel relax just only one quick and complete inspiration and go for your apnea. In this way you will start your apnea with a higher quantity of CO2 remaining in you lungs, and normally your contractions must arrive.

I can not guarantee you that following this ventilation pattern your breathold time will be as long as it is in this moment, but I think this is not important now, we are just speaking about contractions. Let me know if it works.

Agustín Espinosa.
Do you smoke? maybe you already "killed" all your Co2 receptors, since Co2 levels are the signals for making you wanna breath/contract. I think it was Eric Fattah who once posted that he met a guy that did statics till B/O. Try searching a thread about 'Sleep Apnea'.

Other reasons could also be due to the alkline level of your blood. I still haven't bother to figure that variable out, but Eric Fattah mentioned that factor in a few occasions, and also the ways to improve it. I don't remember the thread's name, but I'll try fishing it form the search engine for you.
Blood Alkelinity Threads:

Here there is more raeding than I can grasp at the moment about blood alkalinity and it's affects on contractions and blackouts:

Here is the thread about 'Sleep Apnea' that I think stated more raesons for blackouts with no warnings:

Please keep me updated on your B/O problem, it sounds pretty scarry to me.
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to DeepThought

No I don't smoke anything.

And I have tried also slow breathing. Also with full exhale.
I have also tried 50 m static and after that wery quick resting time about < 1 min and after that trying to dive as long as possible - no contractions, I think there is quite a lot of CO2. Tried also minute ago several continuous apnea walking with only 2 pairs of inhale and exhale - no contractions.

Thanks for searching those articles.

No I haven't blacked out. But I think I can hold my breath to end without contractions. (Sorri for mi baad inglish).

Maybe it's something to do with those alkalines or diet.
More pizza:D more fat:D

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Re: to DeepThought

Originally posted by mzzz

Maybe it's something to do with those alkalines or diet.
More pizza:D more fat:D

Nah, I can vouch for that, not true ;)

Quick question: how do you guys control contractions? I got some fairly heavy ones about half hour ago doing a 50m dynamic without a long enough surface interval, and with a cold :(
Today, I just opened up my lungs to my mouth and kida did sucky things :) but it kinda felt wierd, looked wierd, and didn't exactly feel efficient... any suggestions?
Well Mzz, maybe you're just doing too well. :D
I practiced statics only for 2 weeks (around 2 times per week) to achieve my 5 minutes personal best. During those 2 five minutes tries (I had to make sure it was true:) ), I started to feel unease only at 4:30ish, and what I call contractions were only small involuntary abdominal movements, and they come AFTER the urge to breath. In any from of freediving, I think I prefer taking the easy way, which for me is to prolong the relaxed and fun part, not the fight part.

O, and I don't hyperventilate!

So, Maybe you should do an all-out SAFE N' DRY trial, and discover your limits, or contractions. But you might wanna ask more people, since I'm no expert.
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