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No fish, why? underwater fish university..here

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Jan 10, 2005

what am i doing wrong?

am i to noisy?

wrong time of day?

have i got an invisable flashing red light on my head only visable to fish?


i do small waits, glide, look in holes, trying to be quiet as possible.

there must be something more??????

i live in the costa brava spain, and i am starting to believe that there is a very large underwater fish university here, where all fish go to learn how to stay away from spearos.

can anyone help me?

johnny. rofl
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Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

mira querido johnny!!!!!!!!
the big question is :
comercial fishing (nets and act........)
what kind of fish ( grouper,king mackarel, oratas act....)
did you change places and dive in another sites
its highlli recomended to go spearfishing at dawn
you can read what said the world champion Pedro carbonell that he is also spanish about spearfishing
i hope you speak spanish
suerte amigo
waiting for replay
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

hi mundial,

thankyou, i will check out that web address, my spainish is pretty good, i am trying to catch a loubarro/lubina ( sea bass) or a doradas ( i think) or a mero, something over one and half kilos. tomorrow i go spearing in Llanca in the edge of the gulf of Lions Spain. I know there are fish there, i have seen other spearos taking them out.
i will try to go early but my friend just free dives, and we will sure have a relaxed morning you know what i mean!!! i will keep trying
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

i hope you dont scuba spearfishing .... i can anderstand why you dont
see fish :) its better freediving
it have to work out just go and try
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Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

Try aspetto but have a buddy watching you.... know your limits.
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

first of all, can you approach any of these fish you hope to spear without a speargun?
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Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

i am only freediving when i spearfish,.....

i am not really into scuba so much.

you did not understand me my friend freedives around me with no gun, and i am freediving with my speargun.

no problem, cool.
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

good question paddy the frog..


i should try that and i will. Thank you very. to be sure to sure :)
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

cool , sory if i didnt knew about what i was talking :duh
any way i wish you to see the fish first and then to hunt them
its importent not to go to the same places , just visit them once
in 2 weeks, thats the way the fish will not be scared by spaeros!!!!
the dorada is a stupid fish (in israel it is rofl ) and tasty!!!
if you miss a shot it will not go far ( 2 -4 m)
the mero is very smart and lives in rocks and caves(grouper)
you have to go down and wait till he will come close hi is very intersted in
see what is going on seens hi is a very terretorial fish
it takes 1-2 min
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

thanks eyal,

i went this morning to a place i have never been, it was ok, i saw a 2kg Octopus by decided to leave it alone, it was so beautiful and big.

i did some short waits on the bottom and the small fish became a little interested and came over but nothing of reasonable size. i was fishing between 5 and 15 meters.

how long should i wait?

i will go again on thursday. i go in the middle of the day because now it is so so cold in the mornings is this wrong?

Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

Depends on your limits & if you have a buddy watching ...

Typically I find that here for my local conditions about 1 min 20 secs you start to see the big fish. This is between 4m and 12m. Typically around 7m or so.

Small fish come around 30 sec or less - especially those friendly wrasse that the Italians seem to eat (? tasty apparently - never tried them myself).

Get the medium schooling bass about after a minute and then shortly after that the bigger ones.

Times may vary according to areas / species....

For example I have never had any luck with aspetto for bream (sargo ?) but have had better luck approaching them from their blind side (they definitely have one !) whilst drifting.

Oh .... get paddy to tell you about fish calling / grunting - works a treat.

Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

you have to got good aspeto technique to shoot sargo with this technique. Its not the hardest to get by aspetoo but definatelly not the easiest :) especially when you do aspetoo at shallow water, they are even harder as like as many other species...
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

yasou Murat, and hello Ed, :friday

ese elenas? speaking a bit of Greek there, anyway!

how do i get good at aspetto then... yeah i saw lots of wrasse, but yuk! i am not eating them and the cat has enough food as it is, i wont kill just for the hell of it.

so i must wait more, i suppose that means alot more good trainning, running cycling etcc.. etc... i just bought the manual of freediving by Umberto Pelizzari and Stefano Tovaglieri, it seems very detailed and lots of good info and more.

hey ed where is the blind side on a sargo?

what about looking in holes am i wasting my time?

johnny. :wave
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

yasso johny, sorry my greek is not good at all :duh

you should check the caves first for goruper etc...but if you hunt in shallow most of the fishes are too hard to shoot in caves. They survived in the shallow with reason, they have nice protected "homes".

For developing aspetto technique and learn about fish behaviours buy videos of Dapiran. Especially L Agguto Profondo and Dentex series :)
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

I think you need to spend a lot of time doing observations and working on your technique to make ZERO noise or movement upon descent, all the while hiding your speargun to a certain extent - I use my left arm to camouflage my 90cm tube on descent. Are you finning upon descent? If so stop now and learn to make more use of your duck technique to get down deeper - some people can get down to 5M without finning, others 2M.

Aspetto for bream is tough going, especially with Royal sea bream (I had them just out of shooting distance last Summer and all were 2-3Kg+ in size in 3M+ depth)
This fish needs to literally put itself on the tip of your spear - ANY movement, even the swallowing of your own saliva while immersed will be enough to scare them off, did you blink? -- goodbye fish!

How to get the suckers - a perfect, silent and motionless aspetto in anything from 2-10M depth, preferably landing into a pile of seaweed with sand below which will make a nice gentle sandy cloud around you when you hit the bottom (VERY GENTLY, I use my left hand to ease the landing - gets harder the deeper you dive and more weighted you are). Eye movement also instantly shocks the fish out of shooting range too -- I'd love to see how Dentice compare because these fellas are my biggest challenge to date and I'm still working on attracting them (only ever landed one so far but have seen plenty in the distance, sometimes only as shadows they're so far away)

If you did a good aspetto, floated down to the seabed like a dead leaf and made a nice little cloud upon landing, kept the eyes in a fixed state looking at the tip of your spear, with a bit of luck, you'll have one on the end of it very shortly. Squinty eyes work well too and I know some guys close their eyes completely, then half open them very slowly to find one waiting to be shot :hmm

Another technique is using your left hand while on the seabed, gently run your fingers through the sand back and forth, very slowly, then clench a fistful of sand, turn your hand upwards and release a little cloud in front of the tip of your spear (too much and you won't even see him!) What this does is it immitates another Royal sea bream eating and if done correctly will bring them right to you. They're still just a little out of range for me, more experimentation to be done when I get back to warmer waters.

My first was taken at approx 2M depth, I lay as dead as a leaf in a jungle of seaweed surrounded by sand banks. Satisfied I hadn't made any noise whatsoever, I took a deep breath and did a one legged aspetto with one fin still protruding from the water while my head was at the edge of the seaweed before the sand bank, using my left hand I steadied myself in this position and also VERY gently parted the seaweed in front of me (it was like the opening of a stage show with curtains!) only to reveal a school of small bass, several mullet and in the middle of the pack -- a 1.7Kg royal sea bream. I had to adjust ever so slightly to take the shot and he began distancing himself but he did so, so slowly that he allowed me time to get the shot off and net an extremely tasty dinner :p

heh - no sense in me trying to make a fool of myself describing the noises I make underwater again, just download one of shaneshacs vids where he shoots any seabass and you will hear exactly what needs to be done to get some attention down there rofl
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Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

thanks Murat :thankyou

So how do i find these videos, are they in English?

:wave Johnny.
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

WOW !!! Paddy, :thankyou

That says it mate, awsesome thankyou very much :thankyou

i think the bream you catch is that called a sargo here? yeah?

yes i fin on descent, i can not see how not too. should i put a bit more weight on and be more aggresive, surely being more agressive on the duck dive would make me noisy??

well tomorrow i go again, somewhere near Cap de Creus, Costa Brava Spain.

Johnny :cool:
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

not sure but you may find them on www.dapiran.it otherwise check local shops.

Aspetoo styles varies with the targeted species, time of the year, and depth of the hunting ground.

As a general rule being silence in shallow water aspettos are more important. You can develop your duck dive on those shallow water to minimize the noise. You should be able position on the ground without or with very little fin movement. Keep your gun's butt near your mask (not to close to your face :blackeye ). Move gun only by applying opposite direction force to the butt very slowly and don't rotate your head too much to aim, by practive you will develop instinct aim technique and butt of the gun being close to your mask also will help for aim. You can safely use little more weight for shallow water aspettos. Don't forget ankle weights, they are extremely imposrtant on shallo water aspettos to keep them down. In deep dives keep the wieght as light as possible for the safety purposes. You will not need that excess weight for deep aspettos anyway coz you will be more negative at the depth.
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

Hey all
Ankle weoghts are brilliant - I made some last summer - whilst lining a gutter for a conservatory with my dad I noticed a few offcuts of lead sheeting (he had 190kg which we had to lift between us over head height, so I figured that it was fair to use the offcuts :) ) - anyway, covered them with tape and they are sweet weights. About 500g per ankle from what I remember.
Really keep your legs down - especially with a 5mm heiwa suit - pretty floaty.

Paddy - I only got one last year too. I see plenty in one particular spot.
A spot where fishermen are always pulling them out.
I agree that you see a shadow. In my case I see a shadow and by the time I figure out that it is not a wrasse chilling along it has gone.

Normally "hey, weird outline? Wonder if that is a wrasse or a bream ? Oh... it was a bream ! Berger...".

But managed one :
In about 2m of water and saw it swimming past me, did a sideways roll and shot it on an exhale (another good tip for getting below the surface - exhale and you should sink quickly but quietly - **BUT don't do this for big dives unless you know what you are doing - chance of a quick samba/BO I think - anyway feels "bad" to me for more than 30 secs, but I am more used to full lung diving - yadayadayada...).

Noticed that the side it was swimming past me on the eye was blind !
Well by any means necessary and slightly unsporting but I swear I didn't notice at the time. (honest - but I will be on the look out for more next season)

I agree with Murat - choose weight carefully - def. want to be buoyant at the surface and ideally have a fine buddy spotting you.

Good luck
Re: no fish !!! why? underwater fish university..here!!

Yeah, I presumed he wouldn't be diving deep since he's a beginner so I think it all stands. For shallow and silent aspetto, you need to find a nice blend of not making too much noise but also giving a sharp enough duck that it will allow you to get down without finning and greatly increase your chances of bagging some fish. If you're fishing between 2-5M depth you NEED to be able to dive to the bottom and stick without finning to get down -- you'll need a little extra weight but not too much! You don't want to be finning constantly to stay afloat and you don't want to be rising to the surface once you hit the bottom.

Personally, when I'm diving shallow like that I'm weighted so that there is a little lift between 1-3M and if needs be I use my free hand to stick by making use of the rocks or seaweed. At anything deeper than 5M I stick and it gets heavy around 8-10M so be careful! I use my spare weights on my float then mix and match according to the depth.

http://www.ulg.ac.be/aquarium/visite/mt/jpg/daurade.jpg - is the sea bream
http://roncasyl.club.fr/santalucia/sar460.jpg - is the sargo I believe
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