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Nose clip?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
There is only one good nose clip for freediving and it’s a pain-in-the-butt to get. It’s the PARADISIA. It is made by a French man who doesn’t speak much English and doesn’t sell it to dive shops often. There are some threads here in db that tell you how to buy one from him. Do a search and you will find them.
Thanks guys, I am a bit skint as it is but I would give 30euro any day if it means that I will have both my hands free!
Just encase you didn’t realize this, but you can only use a nose clip for deep diving if you find a way to keep your mask equalize. Two methods are currently used. Fluid goggles which are expensive and have limited visibility and user friendliness, but work great for competitive freediving where the diver only needs to see the rope, the bottom plate, and the tag; or pipe mask/goggle where a tube goes from the mask to the mouth of the diver and the diver blows air into the mask during the descent.

Db member Wals has a thread on pipe goggles he made. There is also a thread on homemade fluid goggles, or Eric Fattah can sell you a production one.
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Thanks for that Sammy, actually I am going to use the clip without any mask, so I guess I wont have a problem with my eyes etc due to the pressure. As for the paradisia I emailed the guy but I don't speak French so I guess I will just have to wait...

Thanks again :D
I heard his e-mail address on his web page doesn’t work, because he was getting too much spam. You have to PM Adrian who will give it to you. I told you it’s hard to get one.:D It’s like buying a banded substance!
If I knew better! I just come back from France yesterday! Oh well, I can give him a call I guess....
Update on the email:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: 552 RCPT TO:<paradisia@chez.com> Mailbox disk quota exceeded)

But I know someone who lives in France so I guess he can order it for me...
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Great idea Zagor.

Can anyone send me some close up picks of one of their nose clips? I might be able to have a couple of freinds make some if they don't look to complicated.
All of the pictures I have found on the web are too far away to get a good look at how that locking mechanisim works.

I tried the email game and never had any luck with it. From what I understand they shouldn't be too hard to make, but then I wouldn't be doing the actual manufacturing so what do I know?;)


After failing to buy the real thing I've made 4 of them and they are really easy to make. I'll take some pics of mine as it uses the same locking principles and send them to you. Like most good ideas it is simple and effective with a square rod going through a square hole that jams when the pressure on the sides(nose bits) trys to push it apart. The only difficult part is drilling an accurate square hole in the scrap plastic I use to make them. If your friends have access to moulding plastics then it would be really easy.

I found a picture of using mine with a pipemask. You can see the square slider rod and square hole that it jambs in when the pressure on the side bits trys to push it apart.


  • jan0304 092b.jpg
    jan0304 092b.jpg
    12.2 KB · Views: 883
....and a pic from the other side



  • jan0304 091b.jpg
    jan0304 091b.jpg
    19.1 KB · Views: 865
nice shots man, if i get my hands on a paradisia i will get plenty of pics for anyone to make one, i just hope the guy still makes them
Not so bad! :cool:

ADR picts show all what we need to know... no excuses to wear anything else.

A few bits of plexiglas, a small square metal file, and a heat gun to deform the side plates (no necessary). I replace the foam by some cork , a good excuse to open a good bottle... but easy on your skin and with just the right hardness. They are glued with a bit of polyurethane glue.
Is a bit small for my appendage... and I did the pict before melt a bit the ends of the middle bar to avoid loosing the side plates. But works very smooth!

The next one go to be a glamour! and after I will try with the tube googles...:duh


  • dscn0548.jpg
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The two ends are melted and a bit smashed to stop the sides to fall of. The two sides slide along the square rod and lock on the position you feel comfortable. To open just pull apart the sides at the rod point.

You could have one fixed and the other sliding.

I like to be able to press and open with out slide the pads along my nose: After few h of on/of start to become painful. You can apply as much pressure you want and he will stay constant... not like a spring. Adjust is made on a breeze.

If anyone needs I can make a proper drawing!
how do they lock in place - the friction from the square(?) rod being pushed on an angle?
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