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Well-Known Member
Mar 2, 2001
I just read DeeperBlue's preview of OceanWomen. This movie apparently will follow some female freedivers, and it does not say that they will 'try' to break men's records, it says that it will follow them 'as they break men's records in three categories.'

Hopefully the movie will respect the real world records and not invent some record for the purpose of the film. Let's take a look at the current differences between the records:

Constant Weight:
Men 86m (Nitsch)
Women 70m (Streeter)
Difference: 16m

Free Immersion:
Men 90m (Stepanek)
Women 70m (Streeter)
Difference: 20m

Variable Weight:
Men 126m (Genoni) OR 131m (Pelizzari)
Women 105m (Dalkilic)
Difference: 21m or 26m

Men 162m (Ferreras)
Women 136m (Cruickshank)
Difference: 26m

Men 47m (Lee)
Women 40m (Dalkilic)
Difference: 7m

So, the unassisted category is close, but for the other categories these OceanWomen would have to break the existing women's records by 17-27m in order to surpass the men's records, and there is a very high chance that the men's records will be significantly increased by the time the women try to break them.

Further, many recent attempts to break the existing women's records have failed. There has been one failed attempt to break the women's constant record (Dalkilic), two failed attempts to break the women's free-immersion record (Andolloh & Cruickshank), one failed attempt to break the women's variable weight record (Streeter), and those failed attempts were only attempting to break the existing record by 2m, 4m, 1m, 1m.

So, what do people think? Will they be successful? And if not, what will happen to the film?

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Hi Eric,

Do you have any idea who the female freedivers would be ?

The only reason I ask is this: If they're not generally well known for their freediving abilities, they might have stumbled onto a 'get sponsored quick' scheme.

Of the three women record holders, I think Tanya Streeter will be the one most likely to suceed in breaking a men's record - more thanliekly CW. Would be interesting to see what happens.
20meters or more.........it is such a difference specially underwater taht deep, I would be worried about the safety if they try to brake the records all when filming the "Ocean Women"..... there is nothing so waluable down there that it is worth your life...not even a movie...
Perhaps they succeed, but I think they will not...we are talking about the current limits! of freediving professionals...they are allways hard to bracke...But my best wishes to anyone who might want to try!
There's another way to read that blurb... "records previously held by men" could refer to previous men's records which not that long ago were less than some of the current women's records. So they will perhaps only be trying to set new women's records and will say in the film that "just X years ago this would've been a record for men as well and only 2 or 3 men have been deeper than this, etc."

I agree with Observer, welcome by the way, in that maybe the directorial staff got a hold of a 1978 list of records. Then too, I suspect there might be a bit of license in the translation to "workingman's English".

But then again, is it that big a deal? As long as nobody gets hurt, go ahead if that's what makes you wake up and "Howdy".

What is interesting is the tone of not the movie touting these women, but the sense of needing to question their abilities and motives. It reads like a case of sour grapes at not being in the cast.

Interesting points...

In fact, I didn't even know about the news item until I saw this thread (proving to me how far we've come since 1996 where I knew everything that was going on the site)

I do have concerns about the movie, especially the bit:
Currently, three writers are working on the script and negotiations are on their way to sign the female stars and the director.
This smells like it is going to be a slightly fictionalised story, like "The Big Blue" is, against a docu-drama like "OceanMen".

Perhaps the good old phrase of "Any publicity is good publicity" applies here?

Then again I think starting off a movie with the full events surrounding Pipins 1997 accident, which lands him in a coma for 6 day, might be a bad way of helping to promote the sport...

But then again I may be wrong - let's see what more information comes out!
Re: waa...

Originally posted by icarus pacific
What is interesting is the tone of not the movie touting these women, but the sense of needing to question their abilities and motives. It reads like a case of sour grapes at not being in the cast.


I know that you're wrong Sven. The typed word unfortunately does not show enough of who a person is or their motives. Some people like facts, truth, and figures...so much that it is a strong focus in their lives along with their devotion to excel at pursuits, but does not necessarily mean that they are egotistical or envious of others.
I think if this movie ends up portraying things in an incorrect light, then it should be questioned. I think it's an honest query.
Erik Y.
Point taken, Erik. So use different words.

Something along the lines of: "Hey, there's a movie being being made about some as-yet-unknown female freedivers and they're saying that they're going to surpass the men's records! Anyone have any info on this? I looked back at the current records and at the latest attempts by some very skilled women and am having a rough time seeing how it's going to happen... Comments everybody?"

Much less adversarial, no?

And kudos to Mssr. Fattah for his alerting us to the goings on and his current efforts at this pastime.

There may be physiological differences between
men and women that relate to breathheld
I just don't know them.

I did know one woman-natural.
On her third freedive she went to 14 meters
- and smiled...

In this thread I have missed
a comparison:
how many women are into serious -
or for that matter ANY kind of freediving -
compared to men.

I bet you that ratio is
at least 5:1 favoring men.
That sort of influences the odds of
a men's record being broken by a woman,

Over Analysation?

Hi Guys,
Aren't we over analysising something that hasn't been done yet? From the original review it sounds like the movie is just in it's very early stage of planning. It could change a dozen times before "its in the can". It would be great if it were true to life, which would include any problems that occur during the attempts. I personally don't think the general public(which this movie is being made for) really care if these ladies break the records they are after or not. Just watching someone dive to those depths and return on a single breath will be facinating. Whether it promotes the sport as "Big Blue" did or as "Oceanmen" has it will be more of an awareness issue of the sport than a technically correct one. We may be too close to the issue to really be subjective. Remember not being able to see the forest for the trees? Just my thoughts. Safe diving.
Nice take on it, Jay.
Must be because we're in the throes of winter w/nothing else to wank about.

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