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OMER Alluminium

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Jun 21, 2002
Hey fellows,

Here is the review as promised....

I decided to do some practice with my new gun today. I went to spearing point after 15-20 minutes car drive. I parked my car 4 meter away from the sea. I grab all of my gear and locked the car. I put my car keys water proof case on float, gloves in my short's pocket, pumped float in between my legs, gun in my right hand and Long garas in left hand. This 4-5 meter distance took a minute to travel. That was funny shot of picture, fortunatelly nobody was in the coast.:D It was 6pm, two hours before the sunset...

Anyway i geared up and start to swim, first 30-40 meter from the coast thw water was murky with only few meter visibility. After swimming 200-250 meter visibility became normal about 8-9 meter. But the water was still 3-4 meter deep. In east coast you have to got a boat to go to deeper. I decided to test my gun at that depth with surface hunting no diving. The water has a bit of
wave about 35-30 cm height. I know this not much but ther are more frequent and disturb a lot while aiming from surface. I thought, nice this will be a good oportunity to test the accuracy of both gun and me under uncomforatable environment.

The fishes are very few and all under 150gr :eek: . They were all spinefoot. I saw the bigger one looking directly to me from near of its cave. I was trying to make surface shoot coz the water is only 3-4 meter deep and those fishes are very shy, if you try to dive them with those longblade fins they immediately run away. Anyway i aim its head and waited the wave to pass. As soon as the pass i touched the trigger. BAM ! ! ! Just nice head shot behind the eyes. I was shocked that the trigger was so much sensitive. I liked this coz you have max 1.5 second shoot the fish after the wave pass otherwise other wave will catch you. The gun was lighter and more manuverable than old 86cm OMER. Accuracy was amazing just hit the behind eyes from 3 meter away from the tip of the gun. I kill the approximatelly 600 gr fish with my knife:eek: . I just did not want the fish to struggle and i imagine that it was a big grouper. Then i continue my way away from shore after 15-20 meter of swimming i saw the biggest fish in my life that i see underwater. Grouper was swimming 8-9 meter away from me on the bottom. I stopped and waited to see which cave it will enter. I don't know its weight but i can say about the size of it refering to rock sizes. It was probably 70-75cm ! ! !. Its head was so huge:cool: I thought woww finally i will get my first big grouper. I rushed to the cave to find it. I thought i will find it pretty easily coz the enterance of the cave was just my head sized. I dived down ( it was in 4.5-5 meter deep) i looked through the hole. Damn ! ! ! the inside of the cave was so huge and dark. I dived several times with hope to see any movement or eye reflect but there was nothing. I blamed myself coz i didn't buy the torch. Next time i will buy torch probably tommorrow... Anyway i lost my biggest fish opportunity only 4.5 meter of water:waterwork . I go on to swimming i saw another spine foot on the bottom which was 4 meter away. I think its time again for sharpshooter work... But hell it swim in to the cave but she showed his head from the cave as soon as he enter the cave. Typical bream movents.. But the problem is i was 90 degree top of the fish, i wasn't in fron of the cave. I have to make 90 gegree head shot. I think i am not gonna hit it coz i never achieved it with my old gun. I waited the wave to pass then i touched the trigger. It was on my spear. Woww.. I measured the distance with my shooting line. It was about 3 meter. Then i said yes this hell accurate gun. Another thing that i observed is the shaft was very fast just like lightning. May be it was two times faster than my old 6.5mm shaft and 20mm power bands. I continue to hang around i saw octopus i was amazed coz generally you can't see them near the shores in summer. I higher my head from the water and looked how far i was from the car. I couldn't see it ! ! !. I kicked my fins to higher my body to see the car i was already 300-400 meter away from the car. BTW i tooked actopus too it was about 60-65 cm long. I like octopus meat more than fish.:p I dived two meter and shoot to his head. He immediatelly grab my spear. I killed it with my knife. I decided to go back coz i don't have the diving buddy. On the way back i saw little silver colored fish. It has to be in bream family. I shot it for my cat. I love my cat and she didn't eat fish from last summer. At least i didn't give her, may be neighbours gaved her.:). But after last shoot i bent the wishbone! ! ! I don't know how this happened, never happened to me before. The last part of the way to the car with unloaded gun. I watched the turtles while heading back.... Well there were no fishes. The fishes that i shoot was small but i really impressed with my new gun lightness, manuverability, speed, and accuracy.....

I got the contact of few good spero whoes 30+ meter. They will teach me something and hopefully get me more fishy places....

Take care....
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Don't stress about the Grouper Murat. I lost a big one this morning too. I know where it lives though so I'll be back

Was doing Aspetto at 19 meters on Tuesday evening and had my first encounter with a big Dentex. It must have been about 7-8 kilos. Came in quite quick but stayed at about 5 meters from my spear tip. I quickly loosend the reel drag and shot my new Picasso Century Carbon 110. The spear slowed down just before impact and the fish made a quick exit.

Glad you like Omer. Have a look at the barrel and see if the shaft has made any marks on the carbon? When I had mine it did.

HAs your gun got the rubber seals between muzzle and barrel?

What is a Spinefoot?????
Is night hunting leggal here? If you do it here you directly in prision:( . Hovewer i heard that many big fishes apper at night:(

My gun has rubber seals between muzzle and handle.

yeah there is a black line where the shaft lays. It is on bright surfave i rubbed my hand but couldn't feel protrusion. I hope its not beacuse of the shaft. If its because of shaft does it make any affectable damage to the barell?

BTW in my old gun, after few dive the bands get wear in the screw points. You had to pull the guns to see it. I washed my gun with fresh water after every dive but it happened. How can i avoid this?

Spinefoot is http://www.fishbase.org/summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?id=4613


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Spinefoot, exactly same in our water too.
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The bands will perish due to the salt water and the UV rays from the sun. To prolong your bands life, after every dive wash with fresh water, dry then bands with a towel and put some talcum powder on the bands. I found omer bands don't fray like other bands but eventually become shiny and sticky. Soon after that they snap.

MY Allumimun ones lasted about 8 months. 4- 5 days a week spearing
Does silicone spray help to prevent this and keep longer the life of bands? Power bands price is about 30-35 euro here.:(
Silicone spray screws up latex band (Or so I've heard)

Stick to the fresh water and talcum powder.

Killed anything big over the weekend??
Hey shane,

I used talk powder on bands as you said. But how many days it should be on the bands. Should i do it after every dive and wash it just before every dive?

I couldn't go to spearing this weekend coz my wishbone and shaft was bent from previous dive. My float was also loosing its air. Today i went to spearfishing shop, the shop owner correct the wishbone and shaft. But i bought new wishbone and save the previous one as spare, i couldn't buy extra 6.3mm shaft they will arrive about 3 weeks later so i have to use my "slightly" bent shaft. The shop owner will fix my float as well. I will write the trick to other thread. I went to buy Moonlight Elite torch but i saw new 30 reel. I didn't mind to buy it coz i have bad experiance from old OMER reel but this one really impressed me, so i bought both moonlight elite and 30 reel. I spent hell a crazy money in one month to gear. I used all of my stocks that i saved in winter.

250 euro for gun + 130euro for gara 3000 + 60 euro for float+ 60 euro for moonlight elte + 50 euro for reel 30+ 21 euro for accecories. Total 571 euro.Twice the Riffe comp. price. But i belive i made good choices. I gather pretty good info from you guys when reading the forum in winter.

Now i ALMOST geared up for bigger fishes. Ha... the most important thing is i found two diving buddy whoes both 30+ even 40 sometimes. They agreed to teach me the stuff. Now there is no barrier between big fishes and me. Until the time come i will continue to snipe the spinefoots... But if i saw big grouper again in shallow water and he makes a mistake to try hiding in cave.... I will show no mercy.:martial

What about you? what are you doing about lately? any catch with your new picasso century carbon? Or any news about tunas & orcas? Did Fabrizio start to build your gun?
Going fishing 7 am tommorow morning. See what I catch.

Buy the cheapest talc powder you can buy and use it after every dive. This will keep your bands really dry and they will last a lot longer. You don't need to wash the powder off before going in the water.

One of my diving buddies bought the new Omer 30 reel. Looks the business. Really smooth action. How have you set it? Vertical or horizontal?

Trust me Murat, If you get good at sniping those spinefoot you'll never miss the big ones.
I set it horizontal. I think this way it will less effect the tarcking and may do some counter force if the muzzle lift up. It really smooth. That why i bought it. But if you dont mind to use it evertime just rotate the reel on the bottom/side and pack the line so you dont have to reel the extra line every time. You can use it easily when you need it.

As i said before i hit one spinefoot from 3 meter away from speartip with 90 degree angle. It was showing its head just little aout of the cave. It was a great hit ! ! !.

Anyway do you hunt them in spain or you have much better fishes to hunt? Groupers sells about 14 dollars per kilogram. And spinefoot at 12 dollars per kg. Those fishes are luxery but doesn't taste great like groupers. You can't catch them with nets that why they are expensive.;)
Never seen a Spinefoot in my life.

Over here I catch Sargos,Soldier bream, Sheepshead bream, Sea Bass, Gilt head bream (Dorada) Dentex, 3 types of grouper, bonito and amberjack.

Big Conger eels also buit they bend the shaft so unless I get a good head shot I dont.

I am waiting for Fabrizio to email me that thde guns are ready. I have asked for a mimetic stain whic apparently is really good. We'll see!!!!
Yeah one of the pic. there is a mimetic stain gun. It was with AJ.
Pelagos model with mimetic stain may be good too.
We call spinefoot "rabbitfish" here. do you have a recipie for them? never knew they were edible. I see 40-50 every dive at certain locations.

Thanks - Willer
Looking at the fishbase.org info, spinefish are a new species (for the Med.) that have come in from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. If they are already around Cyprus I wonder when we'll be seeing them here in Spain.

Originally posted by Amphibious
We call spinefoot "rabbitfish" here. do you have a recipie for them? never knew they were edible. I see 40-50 every dive at certain locations.

Thanks - Willer

you can fry them in pan or better put it barbeque with and pour olive oil on it.;)
But be sure to don't touch the spines its venemous. It does not kill you but pain is guaranteed.
Hey Murat. Today I caught absolutely nada!!! Zilch. HAd a close encounter with a big dentex but it was just out of range.

Man I cant wait for the Tahiti. Those fish will be mine.

Which picture are you talking about with the mimetic stain. There are a few of Amberjacks on the site.
As you have been talking about the OMER Aluminium I suppose yours is the 100cm one, right?

Well I am equally impressed by my 75cm one.. last sunday I was spearing at reef just offshore.. about -6m or so, fairly good viz in English standards about 3m-5m at the bottom.
As I was waiting at the bottom for fish to appear I see this ghost..the kind of fish that doesn't want to come close but stays at a distance you know the kind. I have shot couple of times at fish at this distance and always got nothing, but again I thought I'll try..
I took aim and followed the fish and shot it (the trigger is really sensitive:)) and as I got to ake good look at the fish I was that the spear had only penetrated the other side of the fish, so the very tip of the spear just barely came through from the other side.... that was longshot in my book.. especially with that gun.. so trhee cheers for OMER Aluminium guns.. by the way the fish was 3pound Sea Bass..

Good hunting to you all
I caught my fair share of sea bass with my omer before i returned it to the factory. Waiting for October for the Big ones to start arriving.
It seems like we'll be buying a bigger omer alumnium for Pekka from here ( Finland ) since the prices for omer guns are in my opinion extremely good here. Anyhow for us all omer alumnium guns have exactly same price tag, and therefore we could order as big gun as needed. However i dont know wheter we should get a 110, 120 or even 130?
The price we'd have to pay for those is 150 €, which in my opinion is very good price.

Thanks for help.


Someday i'll move to a country where there is fish in the water..
Originally posted by shaneshac
Hey Murat. Today I caught absolutely nada!!! Zilch. HAd a close encounter with a big dentex but it was just out of range.

Man I cant wait for the Tahiti. Those fish will be mine.

Which picture are you talking about with the mimetic stain. There are a few of Amberjacks on the site.

Was it out of range of 110 picasso? Then 120cm tahiti with double 16mm will take it ! ! ! Just not sure about the shaft. I heard from some speros that 7mm shaft may be slow for dentex in some cases. 6.5mm will be suit better for dentex.

Camo. stain gun is this
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