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Omer Mimetic Line

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Is the Omer Mimetic Line overkill?

  • YES

    Votes: 9 23.7%
  • NO

    Votes: 29 76.3%

  • Total voters

Snorkel Bum

Absolut Escargot
Mar 26, 2004
Do you guys think Omer is overdoing their Mimetic line??? I mean god I see more camo at the omer website than in a war movie!!!
I think they should have kept the wetsuit and made the mimetic gun and kept it that way... too much now. The public might now see us a bit differently when we jump on the beach in complete camo; suit, gun, fins, mask, snorkel...

Whats your opinion?
I love mimetic equipment and my friends find camo underwater equipment cooler than the standart black...
Anything that doesn't make me look like a seal to a GW is alright in my books ;)
I do think they went overboard in putting their name 200 times on one wetsuit. :head

So, since I'm undecided, I'll refrain from voting ;)
I think if anyone that has an issue with me persuing a legal pastime weather I'm clad in camo or not, needs not be listened to. I find Omer's Med came very effective and do notice a difference when persuing bottom fish (no pelagics here). the fish are not as spooky and more curious then flighty.
I read somewhere(probably in omer site) every camo pattern does not work for underwater hunting. But they don't mentioned what kind of camo is essential for spearing. I can see that every producer use many many different kinds of patters. Some producer even has completly different style camo with in the produsts (like elios)...

Any thoughts about this?
Camoflage patterns are not not only ment to mimic your surroundings, but rather work better as a disruptive pattern breaking up the size and shape of the diver, hunter or combatant. Fish see in color so I would imagine color choice is important. those of us that hunt 4 legged game must relize that out camo would work just as well in greytones, but funky greens sell better.

Camo works, but isn't required.
Yeah, the Eliossub suits camo try to break up the line of the hunter while others try hide the whole thing(body)... I think the Eliossub camo looks a lot more prettier :eek: and I think a fish would be more curiuos if s/he saw parts of the hunter

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Need i say more. I love my mimetic wetsuit and think it looks absolutely wicked.

Finally a manufacturer that strives keep us spearos on the forefront of spearfishing equipment. We should be happy that manufacturers allow us the big variety of choices regarding gear we use. Just look at the range of guns omer has produced over the last two or three years. No other manufacturer has such a large variety, ranging from cheap and cheerfull (still decent quality though!!) right up to the top of the range gear.

And no, i'm not affiliated to omer in any way.


Do you guys think Omer is overdoing their Mimetic line??? I mean god I see more camo at the omer website than in a war movie!!!

Hi Snorkel Bum,

I'm responsible for Omer sales in the United States.

Almost thought the same thing when I was let in on the new line because it's not my personal taste just like maybe it's not yours, but camouflage in spearfishing equipment is a huge concern in places with smart fish where divers stalk shy elusive fish on the reefs.

It started in Europe but has become popular in the last few years in Hawaii in clear water for muh and kumu hunting, in the North East in the green water for stripers, Florida on the reefs for snapper and grouper, and California in the kelp camouflage is the way to go for the white sea bass. Omer was the first company to start with the camouflage wetsuit trend in the early 90's so we like to try to give the hunter any edge he can. It might not be for everyone but some top end divers are fanatical about camo.

A motionless diver with his gun outstretched on the reef pointed towards the fish blended in from head to toe can cause the unsuspecting fish to loose his bout with curiosity. Think of the Praying mantis.

I have been surprised not only by the number of divers who choose camouflage wetsuits and gun barrels but lately the request for custom paint jobs even for the gun handles and muzzle portions of the guns. It's a sign that it works. Serious divers are the only ones we can look to when we look for direction into new lines like the camo line. We'll just see where it goes here in the USA.

My typical type diving doesn't involve stalking on the reefs but mostly blue water, drop bombing on fish, and mid water stalking and some deep wreck diving, all of which require less stealth factor than the other types of spearfishing I mentioned.


Mark Laboccetta
Technosport - OMER USA


  • prayingmantis.jpg
    13.3 KB · Views: 719
not sure who makes this suit - but what a great pic.
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Oh I forgot to mention those damn "sarf africans" like Miles.
Rugged bunch who hunt poinskop, mulloway, and mussel crackers among the GW's;)

Miles do you know Rudolf Van Rensburg, very proficient spearo from Durban or Cape Town

Here is a picture of him:
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well i know camo sells, and works. The fish might be less bothered by you becouse you look like somthing new, not becouse you blend in. I understand more people are going to start offering camoed equipment for us hunters.
I've just begun wearing an Omer Reef Mimetic and the results seem to be very pronounced right away. It's my first camo suit and I'm a fairly new spearo so I understand my opinion might not be scientific or grounded in years of experience, but I'm getting much closer to the sheephead, calicos and sand bass that frequent our reefs here. (I have'nt been out in too much kelp yet). Here the calico bass are smarter as they get older; small ones will literally come up and "kiss" your mask while older ones will flee at first sight or any provocation. Lately I've come almost face to face with a couple fat old boys and they are lingering much longer before either one of two things happen: 1. they see more of me and bolt or 2. I shoot them. When I wore my previous black wetsuit the fish use to spot me alot sooner; now I can look around with near impunity for those larger fish who like to hang out under the ledges and I'm able to get my gun aimed before pouncing on them.

Summers coming and my 5mm Omer is quickly going to be too warm; I wish Omer made the Reef Mimetic in 3mil but alas, I guess I'll have to try something else. One thing I know for sure is it will have camo of some sort, perhaps just green nylon, but definitely not black. Omer Reef Mimetic, to my eye at least, looks the most like California kelp and reef colors. Yeah, I'm not crazy about the hundreds of small white Omer logos either, but... oh well.

BTW: How's this for a tall tail? Mark, the guy at James/Joeseph in San Diego, while selling me the suit, told me I could roll myself up in a ball while out in the water and fish will come check me out thinking I'm a ball of kelp floating there!rofl Ya never know!
camo manta rides

BTW: How's this for a tall tail? Mark, the guy at James/Joeseph in San Diego, while selling me the suit, told me I could roll myself up in a ball while out in the water and fish will come check me out thinking I'm a ball of kelp floating there! Ya never know!

Hi Roan, I'm glad you dealt with Mark, he's a good white sea bass hunter. You know those WSB hunters, they're a strange breed with crazy theories:D They're almost as bad as Dentex hunters in the Med who put black paint under their eyes while doing "aspetto" (laying on the bottom waiting). The theory is that the white under the eyes scares the fish. I like my new mirrored mask, the Aries 45, with the yellow lenses-I think after 6 years I'm going to replace it with my old Abyss. That way the wahoo can't see me staring at them intent on wrecking havoc on their day;)



  • mantaride.jpg
    8.2 KB · Views: 502
Mark Lab.,
Yes, the eyes! That's the next thing for me. I don't think those Med spearos are that eccentric. The fish here seem to be able to actually read my intentions through my eyes. Lately, because I have fish in my freezer, I'm passing up on a lot of shots. (I still bring my gun in case I see a W.R. calico or some other monster fish:D). I've had some close encounters with some med-large size calicos where I'm laying on the reef with no intention of shooting one and they'll just sit there and check me out. The second I start to think maybe I should shoot him anyway... he bolts. Is there a mask out there that hides your eyes a bit but does'nt cut down on the amount of light that comes through?

Mark at J/J in S. D. is a great guy. He freely shares alot of his experience hunting the wily whites (and theres plenty of photos of him on the walls hoisting a fat one). I'd recommend anyone in So Cal take the drive and see him, they have a great selection of Omer, Riffe and other quality spearfishing gear.
Is it overkill? I don't think so;)

God mercy to those dentice:martial

ps. Pic taken from www.omersub.com w/o permission.
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