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Omer Moonlight

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Mar 6, 2004
Has anyone got one of these? we're thinking of buying a couple. Some views or alternatives would be welcomed, Shane, you have a Pca as I remember, how are you getting on with it?
I have rechargeable one,very similar to the elite actually. What you will use it for?

Normal moonlight is just like anyother torch on the market with similar type design.

Elite/Rechargeable one has most powerfull (Bright) beam in its category and heavy duty construction with alluminum head. No fear to break the torch anyway... Superb magnetic switch with spring feedback system. Mine is 1 year old and still works superb, no problem, like the day one. It is superb torch for finding fish in big and dark caves. Especially good for grouper but you know SOMETIMES the beam is just to powerfull that it scare the fish off when you light it from to close distance to the fish. Which you can prevent by keeping your fingers in front of it while using your palm to push up the switch but probably your hands are not that big

Its quite heavy and big as well, well at least not as compact as some other "smaller" designs. Since the head is alluminum it makes some noise when you bump it to the rock and that scare the fishes,. So you have to keep it in your hand on bottom. If you are doing aspetto, and don’t forget you have the gun on the other hand, so it makes the aspetto little bit difficult but since you don’t need torch on aspetto you can just hang it on to the buoy when you don’t need it.

Bottom line, i am glad to have one and i would do the same choice if i had to decide again.
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Hi Alison - I have a little PCa too - pretty happy with it - went out with a friend who has a £300 or £400 Kowslawski torch and although mine is nowhere near as good I was surprised with how good mine was - nice tight beam and the batteries last for over an hour - I would get rechargeable batteries - you can get them from www.7dayshop.com for a reasonable price.
Nice and small and if you drop or break it it is £25 or so to replace rather than a coupla hundred.
I read a few reviews in my cousins diver mag and it came out tops there too...
FOr me the best thing is that it is small so you have no excuse for not taking it.

I'm like that with cameras too - need to be small or else you fall into the trap of never taking them out.

I went out night spearing with some mates who have bigger torches (D3torch or somethign like that - sort of large with a trigger switch/handle) - too much drag for me I would imagine - the PCa fits in the hand really well and can be turmed on and off easily - all plastic so no worries with sea water and good seal design - it is simple....

Would buy another PCa if I were given the choice again.

Cheers - hope that helps.
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Colin bought himself a Pca last night on ebay so that leaves me in the dark :eek:
Does the Omer use special bulbs? or can I pick these up anywhere? Omer isnt a brand that you can just shop for around here, the nearest dealer is in Jersey (300 miles and a 6 hour ferry ride away) I know you can but Ikelite spares mail order in the UK
Hi Alison, i have an omer moonlight rechargable, it is a little big like Murat says, but super powerful battery life lasts forever. You can cover the aluminuim head in neoprene so it does not make such a noise when you bang it on rocks. Also attach/put a bugee to your forearm, when you have the torch on your wrist with safety strap tight and you are not using it you can bungee the torch to your forearm that way you do not have to hold it all the time when you are not using it.

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I've also got a Omer Moonlight torch. Laying in a corner some-where gathering dust though!!!

Nothing wrong with it, its just that i couldn't get used to diving with a torch. The torch is attached to my wrist by a lanyard. When decending and when i equalise, the torch would dangle in front of my face. Very annoying. Then when i switched it on, the slight "click" it made, would frighten those wary reef fish. But the biggest drawback, for me, was when spearfishing in crayfish season. Then i dive with gun in one hand and the other hand free, just in case i see a cray in its crevice. Grabbed at a couple, only to have the torch jam at the entrance of the crack/crevice/hole!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

I've stopped using a torch and have learnt a couple of tecniques that help when hunting in crevices/caves/holes. Close your one eye when approaching a cave. When you look into the cave, then open the eye. Helps your eyes adjust to the darkness quicker. Also try turning yourself up-side-down, so that you can see if there's any fish hiding in the roof of the cave!!! (i've taken a couple of fish that my buddy didn't see, like this!!!:D:D)

The other downside to a torch, is seeing a fish VERY dep in a cave or in a very awkward spot, and being unable to get your gun in to shoot it!!!! :vangry :vangry

Regarding the Omer Moonlight, it did work very well. definitely get the rechargable batteries and ALWAYS try to remove your batteries from your torch after a dive. (torch's seem to switch themselves on when you forget them in your dive bag!!) Wash in fresh water after each dive. I used mine for about three months, but didn't remove the batteries. When i wanted to take the head of the torch off, it was "corroded" solid. Had to use a bench vice to get it lose. Since then it was easy to open!! (lesson learnt - wash ALL your gear in fresh water after a dive!!!)

Hey Ladies and gents,

Well sounds like you're all alive and kicking ready for summer. I know I am, I like riding the mountain bike but its time to get back in the water again on a regular basis! We had temperature in the low 90's here in Virginia today (in the 30's centigrade I guess). A few more days like this and the warm water-with the fish-will be here soon! Miles-guess you're heading into winter.

As much as I can never get myself to carry a light around anymore since there's no use poking around holes that much as the fish are always dumb and "out and about" here, the new Minimicra we came out with is pretty cool. One big downside of carrying a flashlight is not having a free hand and fumbling with it spearfishing when you're not using it. There's also no place to tuck them and mine used to always slip out of my belt a lot which made me even more reluctant to use them. Even though the real truth is, just as I said, there are enough fish here that its not worth the bother looking for them in dark holes, unless its a reaaaally big one :) This little ingenious
design fixes a few of those little frustrations and I have to say altghough I've only used it twice this year, its much better than carrying a standard flashlight. So here's the product plug :duh but really though, take a look at it and I think you'll see the Minimicra is a cool idea. I used to use the Moonlight before, albeit rarely, and this is even smaller and as bright.

Well bed time for me, you guys and gals take very good care, ciao, Mark
Thanks Guys
Definately ready for summer Mark, I am SO FED UP with winter now its not true (its my first one in 24 years)
Well Ive orderd a moonlite torch, the Aluminium one without the rechargable batteries, it was half the price and its not as if it will be used every day, I wanted a bigger one than the Minimicra as a backup for scuba.
Colin's torch arrived Tuesday,turned out to be a PC lite not a pca as I thought, nice little thing with a blinding beam, he will have to keep his fingers over that or the fish will get a suntan rofl
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