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paint camouflage wetsuits

Discussion in 'Wetsuits' started by Arab-Fabolous, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Arab-Fabolous

    Arab-Fabolous New Member

    hey guys, am wondering if i can paint my wetsuit from black to be a camouflage, cuz the dive shops here doesnt have a variety of colors, its either too green or too blue, so i was thinking if i can do my own to fit in places i go to. can this work , specially i dont have enough experience in drawing and painting !! in case its possible what is the paint to be used !!
  2. kirkerik

    kirkerik newbie freediver

    hmmm, sounds like you would have to be careful so that you do not melt the suit with the solvents in the paint. Choose the paint carefully.

    i do not know about these types of paint.
  3. andrewm

    andrewm New Member

    I was also after info on painting a wetsuit. I bought a 7mm Cressi technica suit but it has very large areas of black and I wanted to paint over those and to cammo my fins and spear gun.
    I found a u-tube video that was very useful, Google for ......... Custom painted freedive/spearfishing wetsuit

    In it the guy uses Delta ceramacote paints with a textile binder. Looks great.
    I've ordered some from the states and I'll post something when I know how well/badly it works.
  4. ReefTroll

    ReefTroll Expert Space Drummer

    From a few threads on here apparently the camo isn't much of an advantage if any advantage at all! I wouldn't know personally but the risk of making a suit stiff, or ruining it completely, seems to be for little gain.

    I'd also be careful of anything on you-tube, some great stuff on there, but even Mythbusters shows us how much is fake.
  5. foxfish

    foxfish Silver Smoker Staff Member Team Leader

    I have just had a custom made suit design for me with a camo body & black areas as this is regarded as a good effective camo!!!
    Just like your cressi!

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  6. andrewm

    andrewm New Member

    Hi again
    I'm not the most patient man in the world and couldn't wait for "Delta ceramacote" paints from the US of A. I went to a local craft type shop and they sold me a set of "dimensionally stable" cloth paints in a box with textile modifier for $8. I tried it all on an old suit first and it worked very well, so I tried it on my Cressi and ,so far, so good. It was easy and the suit doesn't feel any different than it did before I painted it and the color stays on just fine.
    Wether cammo works or not is a very moot point indeed. Most "cammo" suits have a huge ,usually brightly colored, makers name plastered all over them. Looks great in photos but for cammo to work at all it has to be complete, or all you are doing is waving a brightly colored fish frightener around. Cammo tends to be all or nothing. I haven't had nearly the experience with cammo suits that some people have but from what I've seen so far cammo does make a difference and ,I hope, now that my suits don't have bright orange or large white areas or lettering on the head or chest areas, that they will be even more effective.
  7. FishyHunter

    FishyHunter Active Member

    I shifted to Camo suits 5 years ago, In NZ we have butterfish trevelly and snapper that all react badly to black suits, THe yellowtail kingfish don't seem to mind at all either way.

    I coloured in the advertising with a black marker.

    If you have a good breath hold, then camo is the best, if your flopping around on the surface it makes no difference.
  8. blaiz

    blaiz Well-Known Member

    I have seen a lot of spearos DIY camo their suites. All you need is a textile or fabric paint which you can get at just about any craft shop. I believe they are all water based so wont hurt the suit and once dried they don't come off.

    I just dove with a guy from california who camo'ed his suit with a sponge and red and blue paint. Looked really good and once he was on the bottom beyond 40-50 ft his profile completely disappeared.
  9. blaiz

    blaiz Well-Known Member

    Totally missed this post! :D

  10. BilgeRat

    BilgeRat New Member

    You sure can paint your suit. I did. Also look on youtube.com for instructions on painting , type in painting a wetsuit. Here is what I did.
    Craft paints at Walmart, get the textile medium at Michael's and ask for it. They dont put next to the paints as they should trust me on that one, just say, where is your textile or fabric medium. Brush your paints on using a synthetic cheap brush from Home Depot. You may have go over it again as the wetsuit material will absorb. If u wanna make it more blurry, after brushing, use a sponge to soften the edges. I have three suits with my own camo. One in greenish brown with light yellow green strips to mimick kelp. One with the leopard shark pattern just for fun and one with gray brown splotches and green and blue patterns for around the rocks for upcomming lobster season. You dont need to "set" the paint with an iron, just hang your suit over the steering wheel of your car on a hot or warm day with the windows up for a couple of hours. The suits will look factory and will not run nor fade. Two of my suits are 3 months old with the paint. Everyone loves them and I have had to paint friends stuff too. Remember-One part fabric medium, two parts paint
  11. salah

    salah Member

  12. octopus

    octopus Well-Known Member

  13. BilgeRat

    BilgeRat New Member

    The method I have prescribed to paint your wetsuit with craft paints and textile medium is so far the least expensive and readily available and the most durable. I highly suggest typing in painting a wetsuit on youtube.com so you can see for yourself.