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Philippine spearfishermen

Discussion in 'Asia & Japan' started by spriggan, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. spriggan

    spriggan New Member

    Are there any spearos here from the philippines? I would like to know if there is any sort of restrictions on spearguns in the philippines and also where can I get one in Cebu if need be? If you know the best spots to spearfish in Cebu, please tell.:)

  2. cigarlung

    cigarlung Well-Known Member

    I Dont Remember Seeing Any Spear Guns For Sale In Cebu However Shoping Was Limited To The Major Malls If You Can Go To Moalbol Great Diving Also I Am Not Spelling The Town Properly Leluan Dont Remember Seeing Spear Guns At Any Dive Resorts Now I Am Hungry For Kinelaw And Squid On A Stick Its Great At The Food Court At Robinsons Bummer On The Peso Being 49 Per Dollar Wish It Was 53 Or 54
  3. spriggan

    spriggan New Member

    Yeah, I didn't see any spearguns for sale at the malls either, although another diver here told me that they did have some at the cebu/mactan dive shops. I just want to know if spearguns are allowed in the philippines. I've been to Moaboal, I like that house reef drop off, although kinda scary at first I must admit lol. I want some more shomai (not sure about spelling) cause they are so good! About the 49peso to dollar yeah I just saw that, hopely it bounces back up by next summer.
  4. poacher

    poacher New Member

    Plenty of guys spear in the philippines using home made guns not sure where you can buy a decent gun some guys I met that lived on the beach near san fernando between Naga and CarCar in cebu took me out for a dive they speared some small fish on a shallow reef but were scared to swim with me near a F.A.D in deeper water I saw some small Rainbow runners there and in closer some small mangrove jacks. Some of my friends with their home made guns and some fish from Bais near Dumagete in Negros.
    I think you can spear pretty much anywhere aexcept in some sanctuaries - like most spots where they run tours for scuba divers - best avoid these places local fishos get Tuna and Talakituk (trevally or jacks ) and Lapu lapu (Coral Trout or grouper) and Tenigue (spanish mackeral) if you were to go to the Markets early in the morning and ask the fishos they would probably take you out for a 1,000 pesos or so. they dont get a lot of money for their fish there so if you offered them some cash you would probably get a boat ride out to the fish OK Just make sure they Know they will get a bigger bonus if they get you back to the wharf alive and well and with a few fish- if you tell them they can keep most of the fish you get except for what you need to take for a meal will probably help too.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2006
  5. maxdive

    maxdive New Member

    I recently moved to the Philippines (Manila) from Sydney. I'm very keen to get back into my spear fishing yet can't find anyone to dive with and don't know what areas would be suitable. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.
    If you could inform me of any clubs, contacts, or good places to go, I'd really appreciate it.
  6. mwoolgar

    mwoolgar Cell Phone Rentals UK

    Hi Guys

    Maxguy - get in touch! I'm off to the Philippines in mid August 2007. I was thinking of going to Nasugbu but I've seen a post mentioning Puerto Galera. Send me a PM or email me at mileswoolgar @yahoo.co.uk.

    My wife is from the Philippines so I go out quite a lot. Thus, far I've been to Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, and Siquijor. The legality of spearfishing seems a bit vague as I've read somewhere that you are not allowed to do it anywhere in the Philippines and yet I found this officail website saying it's ok WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Description. As suggested above, if you do want to go spearing you need to do it outside of the tourist areas. One really good place to go would be Siquijor which is quiet and most of the island has good areas to hunt.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2007
  7. maxdive

    maxdive New Member

    Great! I've sent you an email.
  8. ted93

    ted93 Active Member

    Hello, i'm off to Cebu soon, any news on spearfishing in that area would be much appreciated regards Ted
  9. mwoolgar

    mwoolgar Cell Phone Rentals UK

    Hi Ted

    When are you off to Cebu?

    I was told by someone in Bohol that the whole of Visayas was out of bounds to spearos - but they could be wrong.
  10. ted93

    ted93 Active Member

    Hello Miles, thanks reply, must admit i'm not very happy about that, i have read that in certain places they are a little relaxed, fingers crossed regards Ted
  11. mwoolgar

    mwoolgar Cell Phone Rentals UK

    Ted, when are you going? I don't suppose in August? I'm looking for a buddy in August.
  12. ted93

    ted93 Active Member

    Hi Miles, we are going to Cebu early part of 2008, sorry about that, you have a great time, let me know how you get on. all the best Ted
  13. mwoolgar

    mwoolgar Cell Phone Rentals UK

    Is there anyone out there who will be in Puerto Galera from August 6th - 15th? Is so let me know asap.


  14. maxdive

    maxdive New Member

    I'm looking at going spearing at Anilao soon. Based in Manila.
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  15. jonny_grant

    jonny_grant Jonny

    hi guys! i have been researching about Boracay and Cebu, i would very much appreciate a bit of info in laws & regulations in Phillipines (if i can take my own gun, who i could go with, where i could get some equipment and if ppl do it on scuba, umm... also what fish there are to shoot, how deep the FREEdiving is, what gear i will need etc.) i will go mostlikey summer 2008. thank you very much reply to me on my email,: superfang80@hotmail.com
    THANKS A LOT :D:D:D good luck spearfishing!!!
  16. jonny_grant

    jonny_grant Jonny

    ok thats great! how about prices? will he be charging a rip off rate, i have been told i will get a local fisherman to take me out for a day for just over 1000 pesos and a bonus at the end for my safe returnwhat about equipment over there? what type of gear, we lookin at my good old 90 eurogun with reel and 2nd band or a full on SPEARgun i.e. Riffe? thanks a lot m8 :D!
  17. mwoolgar

    mwoolgar Cell Phone Rentals UK

    In terms of price that depends on you. You could just go to any resort at Moalboal, hire a banka and that might be all you need. He would be offering going with others for safety and no doubt there would be a bit more on offer. He said he plans to hire out spearguns.

    As for the locals - I can vouch for them - I'm married to a Filippina rofl

    In terms of gun I would go for something relatively powerful as the water has really good viz. But it depends what you are doing. I'm only new to the sport so Dave at Spearguns by Spearo uk ltd finest supplier of speargun, monofins, speargun and freediving equipment kindly recommended a 100cm Seatec - Gabbiano Elite. It has two bands and will do for me. I don't think I'm ready for the massive game fish just yet. I'm also taking a 90cm euorgun. I'm using both without a reel.

    Hope this helps

    I intend to visit Moalboal in May 2008 - but perhaps it is a bit too far off to make real plans just yet.
  18. jonny_grant

    jonny_grant Jonny

    nice 1 well my father is also married to a filippina too!! well yeah you got recomended a good gun! wish i had got a longer gun now :( i am new to the sport as well so yeah im not goin for any large fish i will defo shoot a nice 3ft long trevalli if it went swimmin by ;) if you have msn hotmail please add me because i would love to hear how your trip went for future preference! I dont suppose you know of any shops on the island that sell spearfishing equipment? thanks a lot!
  19. cjv

    cjv New Member

    Hi guys,

    You can't find a speargun in the local dive shops here or in the malls either though we have a Riffe dealer here. If we need some spearfishing gears/accessories we'll just give him a call. If it's not in stock, we have to wait for almost two months for our orders to arrive. Most spearos here are using Riffes. The Island and Baja Plus models in particular. As far as I know, there are only three Wongs here, one Alexander, one Merlo, one Poseidonsub and two Spear-Diver guns.

    Cheers/Safe diving,
  20. maxdive

    maxdive New Member

    Hi Mate,

    For spearing Boracay is pretty much out of bounds. It's produminantly a Dive resort and if the Scuba dudes don't get upset, you'll probably get run over by a parasailing boat or Jet Ski.

    Cebu could be good. There's a guy running a resort there that is into freediving and loves spearing. You can catch him at
    www.clubserenaresort.com his name is Wolfgang. I havn't been there, but he seems a good fella.

    As for as fish go, I was freediving at Anilao at 16 metres and saw a school of Tuna 300 metres off the beach (largest 40kg). You don't need to worry about seeing fish, I usually dive in Sydney and the Philippines blows my hometown dive sites away!

    If you have blue water gear, bring it.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2007