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Pics of California White Sea Bass

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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New Member
Jun 11, 2002
here are a couple of pics of the 39lb White Sea Bass i shot in
La Jolla California. The WSb was taken about 400 yards out near the kelp beds.

because of the previous post, the reponses that i received, i ask that if you have nothing positive to say then please don't reply. I apologize for my "story" in response to your opinions... you are entitled to them. I do not wish to create animosity.



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not sure how to attach two pics on the same page, heres the other


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Nice one Sask :cool:

Just curious by lookin at those waves what sort of vis you get on a shore dive. I know for sure that when the waves were that big here you cant even see 20cms.

OK, after just reading the previous post on this fish, I'll have to say I'm ashamed of a bunch of you. I know it was closed and rightly so, but I just needed to respond. True everyone has their own opinions but comm'on. So what if the weight was mentioned first and great detail wasn't given to the experience or he shot it w/ a MT5 and not a polespear. There is such a thing called "tact" when stating your opinion. If someone wants to post like a police report, "the facts ma'm, just the facts" and not like a freakin' novel then that's his right on this site. That's the great thing about this site, let's keep it that way. Sorry for venting but pretty soon we'll have to start handing out "glass belt buckles"
As is said in No Cal, "dass a damn nice fish!" :inlove

I'm trying to get a roadie up with the Styron and Adam... keep chumming those things until Oct. will ya? ;)
Thanks everyone

I will be sure to post the pics with the story, weight and length next time to avoid making anyone upset. jeesh. shorediving in LaJolla is pretty sweet. its about a 400-500 yard kick out to the main kelp bed, takes like 10-15minutes. the vis is not very good the first 200 yards, the water is maybe 15-20 feet and with the swell/current it will kick up alot of sand. On a calm day the vis is 25 feet plus. The White Sea Bass that i have seen and alot of the Kayakers who fish there have been seeing/getting them from 0-15 feet... they seem to be cruising near the surface (which is where all the bait fish hang near in the kelp beds).

diving the kelp beds is an amazing experience. they harbor many kinds of fish from the surface to the bottom. its also a great place to stalk fish because you can silently cruise through the kelp and come across game fish "hiding" in "kelp rooms"

although when you do get a fish they are a pain to get untangled from the kelp, especially if they tangle up 40 feet plus down.

if anyone wants to come visit san diego to fish, myself and my friends would be more then happy to take you beach diving. not to mention mexico is very close, and there are several places on the mexico coast that you can for for yellowtail, white sea bass, grouper and black sea bass..... and its very cheap down there.

good luck everyone. i hope to have more pics and stories soon!!

there's an understatement!

just MAY?? :confused:


Give Ocean Swimmer here a ring- she's down your way and eager for these experiences as well.
Thanks for posting your pics - they keep us going (by living vicariously) when we cant dive ourselves. I hope you didnt take offense to my post...if you did, none was intended.
I hope for all of us that the late spawning this year of the WSB does not severely diminish resident quantities of these beautiful fish. As many already know, the daily limit went from one to three fish on Monday, and coincided with a late spawn. No one to blame for this... but some people view this as a fish slaughter because of all the fish taken by sport & recreational fisherman. Ordinarily, the limit goes up when the fish are not biting so blindly.
Anyway, thanks again for the pics.


Thanks Sask its good to know how things are done on the other side of the planet. A shore dive might seem normal to you, but here if we got seen swimming 500yards off shore with spearguns I reckon the cops would arrest us He He.

Swimming 500 yards of shore what about if a Tiger Bails you up, we never do shore dives here and always have a boat near when sharks show up I reckon thats brave to shoot a fish out there with no boats and still dive. I reckon one thing would be on my mind TIGER :(


Nice fish!!! I opologize if my response seemed too harsh. Nice job on that WSB. I admit it was a bit out of line but the story was controversial to say the least and seemed to be aimed at pushing bottons more than clarifying the issue, so I quess I fell for it in the way i responded. I recognize every person right to express themselves any way they want but as spearfishers its up to us to make sure public miscomseptions about our sport change and writting something like that just gives more ammo to those who wish to stop us from doing what we love. I enjoy reports very much, and don't feel like they need to be fancy to get the piont across but they should show some kind of respect for the animals who make it possible for us ( I thought the original post was fine but the story was over the top), for without them all our gear would just be collecting dust.
Again good job on the PB. :cool:
keep up the good work, i am a fan of all those who enter the water in search of fish and deep thoughts.
No hard feelings
I give you props, It take balls to shore dive. even more so in an area were there are seals and sea lions around bc. Whitey won't be far.
Have you guys ever had a close call with one?

One of the many smooth things about California is the amount of shoeline. What this means is that if you dive in California, you end up diving from shore. A lot. While there are a bunch of boats that run trips, primarily in So Cal, most of the diving done involves a trek across the sand. You do it up here in No Cal:inlove that means you're humping it over and around rocks. Either way, you gotsta be real aware and vigilant with regrds to the entries and exits.

Shark wise, we're pretty lucky. though at least a few guys get tagged by the landlord, most are surfers and almost always are in areas that are so known for being toothy that when they get hit, well, ya kinda don't feel bad for 'em ya know? We lug our fish on stringers up here, especially on SCUBA and just lob them into the kayak when freediving. Hunting White Sea Bass in So Cal involves a pretty serious kick and so we'll often just string them and wear them as a belt if we luck out. The feeling of "Awww shit..." is never as strong as it is when you put the screw to a fish, look up and the boat is all the way hell and breakfast across that half mile wide kelp bed. :crutch
Mad props to you and your fish pal. I was sorry that I could not write on the other thread cause it was closed. :( But The pictures are nice. Anderson would give a harsher critique to the photos but he is just anal retentive about the pics:) He is a pro photographer and all:hmm

Hey , you got guts to get in that cold ass water and swim with the tax collectors in that area. so, keep up the good work and you got the thumbs up from the snapper slayer. I got flamed for a little snapper seduction myself. Its ok, Sh-- happens and you cant make everyone happy. Keep the pictures coming. I'm a starving dental student; I do live vicariously through all of my friends fishing exploits so, keep it smooth .... :cool:


Yeah Sven its weird to think about going to the beach and seeing spearos in the water. We are always travelling 30miles plus off shore to get to the good reefs and its weird to think that you guys just get out of your car and start diving :D Heck id be diving every day If I could do that, now go get in the water :cool:

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