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Picture of Liquivision F1 Prototype!

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Mar 2, 2001
Here are two pictures of the Liquivision F1 prototype, side-by-side with a D3. The image with the yellow graphics on the display has the graphics superimposed on the image, but it gives a great idea of what the display graphics will look like.


  • f1_and_d3_2.JPG
    65.9 KB · Views: 375
  • f1_and_d3_4.JPG
    76.4 KB · Views: 311
It isn't visible in the photo, but the window on the F1 is covered with a 3mm borofloat glass disk. The glass is so transparent that it doesn't even appear to be there (but it is there!)
outstanding features Eric ! :)
The news about new Freediving computer (L F1 ) stoped me to buy D3 ...
btw what about a final desgn of it ? it looks a littlebit bulky, but at the other hand you can see all impotant data ..
No blue Display :(
The final F1 is almost half the size of the above prototype:
47.5mm x 30mm x 12mm

(watch in picture is 62mm x 38mm x 19mm)

I should have a picture of the smaller version within a few days!

Do you plan to make data capture and analysis "open"?

I really like Reef-net's approach with its Sensus Pro -- give you a logging app, but also give you the protocol so that you can write your own software if you like.

BTW, I guess that you tried to write B O R O F L O A T glass above? Ironically, the inadvertent rofl had me rofling
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Yes, I tried to write B O R O F L O A T glass, but that glass isn't going to be used in the next prototype.

Good idea though, about the protocol. Even before I release the development kit in 2006, I can easily release the PC interface serial command protocol.
Great stuff Eric, you have really done it :king, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those wonders and try it out. Keep up the good work.
Eric, now that's what I call a display! Something that really stands out. The housing looks like a milled out solid piece of aluminum. Wonder how that will hold up in salt water. I can vaguely remember something from months ago about the battery being rechargeable. I don't suppose it runs off standard CR2032's? Consumption seems like it would be al little high for that. If the batteries are sealed-in and rechargeable, are they user replaceable? Are they of a common variety? Finally, a dive computer FOR the freediver, BY a freediver! Now that combination guarantees the most practical features. I especially like the "deafening alarm" feature. One last question. Does it have a surface interval? That's a must for me. Was the main reason I switched from the Apneist to the D3. I can only imagine the hundreds, if not 1000+ hours of development time that went into this from one individual. Not like it was developed by a large team or dept. I hope your persistence pays off for you (and us). Great work.


Far out eric thats the first time ive seen pictures of it, looks unreal well done :)

The watch I currently use is a casio marine gear watch which only reads depth down to 50m, although Im not near 50m yet :waterwork once I can dive that deep I will need a new watch to read my depth and the F1 looks like the choice.

The picture above is very OLD! Not sure how this thread woke up again!

I'm currently working furiously for the first F1 customer, aka Mandy/Martin/Kirk for the PFI 2005 Cayman event. They will receive the first one or two F1's (if all goes well) on April 2. The plan is to mount one of the F1's on the sled cam so you can watch the F1 readings, during the whole descent on the sled. If I'm able to build two working gauges by then, the second would be worn on the diver's wrist.

The surface interval (of course) shows you minutes and seconds. You can select from several surface interval display modes. There is a simple mode which simply displays your previous dive depth/time, as well as your current surface interval. Or, you can enable the more advanced surface interval display, which will cycle between your various peak velocities, descent/ascent times, thermocline information, halocline information (salinity-changes at depth), etc... I'm considering a 3rd surface interval display mode which cycles through the graphs of your dive (depth graph, velocity graph, temperature graph, salinity graph, etc...)

When programming the alarms, you can select the waveform of the beep(s) on each event. This allows you to make alarms which sound very different, in addition to having differing number of beeps based on the conditions of your choice. You can get an audible velocity indication by setting beeps every 0.25m, 0.5m or 1.0m, so the frequency of beeps tells you your speed, in case you can't look at the gauge to see your actual numeric velocity.
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and to think I just ordered the D3!? Oh well I guess this will be an excuse to have two dive computers rofl

The F1 is still in Beta Testing, both in Vancouver and in Cayman, and soon in other countries. The mass release date is approximately June 10, 2005, estimated price will be CDN$730 or about Euro 450.00. This includes the watch, the charger, and the click-on button attachment.

Keep checking http://www.liquivision.ca for new updates.

Here is another cool photo:


  • darkd3_brightF1.JPG
    17.4 KB · Views: 174
  • p95.JPG
    21.7 KB · Views: 183
  • p98.JPG
    34.7 KB · Views: 195
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Wow that display looks awesome. The first one I guess it is a "real" picture no modification of the brightness of the display? I mean It would not come to my mind that it is manipulated if it would not look so wonderfull bright :friday

Any chance that there will be some betatesting in the freshwater lakes of Austria? :D


Hi Sky,

There's been no manipulation of the display in photoshop or otherwise. A problem with taking photos of the F1 is that it is constantly refreshing, so when you use a camera or try to take video of the gauge as is cycles through all the variables, you sometimes get flicker or a half refreshed screen. Of course this is invisible to the human eye. Think of television footage of computer monitors.

Hopefully, we'll have a good photo of dark, underwater conditions to show you very soon. That's when the display struts its stuff!

Pete Scott
Vancouver, BC
I can back up Pete's comments. I just got back from Cayman where the prototype was being tested, and anyone who has seen the actual display contrast on land and in the water are very happy and impressed that something like this has finally come along. The pictures you see posted here are accurate

I took some close up pictures of the unit, but also ran into the 'shutter-in-mid-refresh' problem and missed a few lines of display.

So there you go.

Peter S.
Pre-ordered units are being built as we speak. In Vancouver we are still diving with the prototypes (same style unit as Mandy used in Cayman for her WR), and there have been no problems so far, even after 4 months of use. In those same four months, our D3's have malfunctioned about 12 times....

What is very interesting about the F1 is that it has to be seen to be believed. The pictures don't do it justice. What is amazing is that every single person who has seen it has said that they absolutely must get one.... even people who were not previously excited. We are confident that once the initial units are shipped, and people actually can see and use them and try them out, then sales will go out of control....

Keep in mind that most people have never seen an organic LED display, in their entire life. They do not exist on cell phones or digital cameras yet (except on one kodak camera).

For this reason, when people see the F1 in person, they are so amazed they want one immediately, even before they learn about all the good features & functionality....
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