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Pirate/Ninja poll 200

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Which is COOLER.... pirates, or ninjas??

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The boys are back in town
Jul 11, 2004
Pirate/Ninja poll 2005

Ok..dont ask why...but me and sinky have come up with the next great poll!!
Which is cooler?? Pirates...or ninjas??? Not who would beat who..but which is cooler!!
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HOLY CRAP you got in on that fast..HAHA
i swear you have ninja skills and knew i would write that before i posted it... it was like less than a minute..and you have a link
While I highly admire the ninjas' creatively morbid, quick and very painful ways of off-ing someone unworthy, or marked for death...I take to heart his super-disciplined ways of training and honor.

That's why I'm voting for Pirate this election. Damn the limited choices of fatally wounding innocent bystanders during costal pillages, I want my rum, lager, a lap full of buxom lassies. I wanna forget brushing my teeth, and take up a side hobby at amateur cat'o'nine tails.

Yo ho ho, it's the pirates life fer' me!

thats pretty much what i was thinkin too! the ninja is way cool..able to sneak around and disappear and climb all sorts of crap..oh yeah..and hteir sword!! but im def into sailin around pillagin and plundering and def the rum.. and gettin to play with cannons and take forts!!! yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!
Ninja vs Pirate :ko
HAAHA...holy crap im gonna piss myself
thats is damn good...

i know this topic has come up all over the place before..but i never thought people actualyl did things like this about it...hilarious!! good find!!

sent some rep your way!!
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Merlin...so help me, God or GODS...the first chance I get to spread some rep....I am so about to stick it on YOU dude.
rofl I am here to please... sinkweight Im in the chat

4 vs 1 seems like I am outnumbered by pirates here. :p
Pirates all way you scallywags!

Ninjas need far too much training. Any old bloke who has a spare ship with a few cannons on it can sail the seven seas, drink rum, fire the cannons and pillage villages.

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i will put my bed to samurai, "good" version of ninja :ko bald shaolin monk is cool to, i mean the old ones with way long white beard and dots on the forehead :) don't forget the prayer beads too on the hand :cool:
Ha, The age old question! The ultimate clash of beliefs! The showdown of cultures!

I've been researching this subject for some years now.
Here are references to a few of my "colleges" work:
Laura has compared Pirates Vs. Ninjas in theory, and has also tested them in a Variety of Everyday Situations.
Thilo on the other hand tried to sum it up, but I suspect his poll was sabotaged by a ninja to conceal the obvious results.

The pirate language is much cooler especially becuase Ninjas do not speak.
Pirate to english translator.
Pirate Glossary.
Pirate names are also cooler: Pirate name Generator, Ninja (Burger?) name Generator.

All ninjas look plain black (so I won't bother looking for another picture) while Pirates are usually flamboyant and have one leg on a barrel of rum/gunpowder (I'm not sure which is cooler) while you see a cloud of havoc behind them:

Pirate chicks are cooler too:

While ninja chicks just have more curves than ninjas.

My conclusion is that language, names, drug habbits, sword-assisted constant weight, pillaging and Johnny Depp makes Pirates cooler.

Do you have stairs in your house?
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Pirate Joke to entertain the voters

Watch out. This one's a stinker.

A pirate walks into a crowded pub. However, this pirate has his pantaloons dropped around his ankles. He's also got a big, spoked, ship's wheel rockin' left and right around his tadger. Angrily pushing his way through the crowd, knocking stools over and drinks off of tables, he slams the wheel up against the bar, shoves his hands through the wheel spokes and pounds his fists to get the bartender's attention.

"What the hell do you want?" The bartender gripes.

"I'd like a shot'a rum, and step lively ya scurvy dog!" Barks the pirate.

"Sir I hate to point out the obvious. But you DO know you have a ship's wheel around your JohnThomas, don't you?"

"Aye." the pirate moans, "It's drrrivin' me nuts"

Thank Whelan almighty members still can't give bad rep.
Re: Pirate Joke to entertain the voters

sinkweight said:
Thank Whelan almighty members still can't give bad rep.
With a joke like that I might consider bringing it back :D
Misconceptions about ninjas:

Ninjas do NOT wear spandex.
A Samurai is NOT a ninja.
Dragon Ball Z characters are NOT ninjas.
If you see a ninja, he is NOT a ninja.

haha the last two made me laugh!!! as did the rest of it..but those two stand out
Rumours say that everyone of them has a litter box in a secret srhine near the summit of mount fuji which they go to once a year.
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