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Pool Workouts

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New Member
Mar 2, 2002
I'd be interested in reading a few opinions on what kind of a pool workout would be best for a goal of a Dynamic/Static meet in the end of June.

Currently I'm getting six workouts a week but only about three in the pool. The pool ones are one hour long and cover about 1.5 miles. They start with a swimming warm up, then a kicking warm up then intervals under water. 20 yards/20 sec, 40 yards/50 sec., 60 yards/90 sec. then reverse back to 20's, then a long dynamic and a warm down.

This week I added a couple 180' CB simulations by kicking 20 yards under water and then laying in the deep end for a minute and then kicking 60 yards before surfacing. I figure it mimics the 60 feet of initial decent, the glide and turn around and then the kick back up, I kick medium-hard as if pushing against the gravity of a 180' depth.

Even a link to a workout somewhere would be very welcome.Any opinions?

Come on guys and women. 37 lurking viewers and no bites? This medium is difficult for someone who hates fishing. You know what I mean? Don't you prefer to just get in the water and spear the dang fish rather than wait around in a boat with a beer and gas fumes and a baited hook in the water?

True confessions; after rereading that first message I realize the account of my CB simulation was incorrect. What I tried was 150'. That's 25 yard dynamic, a minute laying in the deep end and then 50 more yards dynamic. That makes it about 2:15 seconds under. The first 25 is the kick down to the point where you can glide, the minute is the glide and the 50 is the return to the surface. I'd like to get it to a 75 yard return sometime this summer. Actually what I'd like to do is get out of the Clorine pond and into more of the big blue Pacific.
4/2/1 & ballast comment

Bret recommended one that seems to help me.
300 ft warmup/recover, 150' hard and 75' apnea. After six of these, I feel sh****( does sh**** have two t's?).
In the PFD course, they have the diver weight for neutral at 33'. This is for about 100' targets, say 50% pressure. I've been going a little deeper and neutral at 45' but, Kirk said I was too heavy. Now I'm neutral at 50+ (15+meters). If I stop kicking at 75', I slow way down. I'm really interested in comment/comparison.

pool workout...

Kbakery, why not visit this site, if you haven't already...
and train with Matt..:) there is some good stuff, I don't especially like pool training...but that is as good as it will get for some time, since I have no interest to go under ice....specially as I don't have my wetsuit with me..
I do negative pressure workout after some swimming and warm up... I think it is very good for CB, which I like the most...
Good luck and safe training..you have buddy right..?
All the pool training is good, especially if you enjoy it, but in my opinion the best way to attempt a PB in dynamic is to do all your breathe ups that you would normally do (out of the water), do one max static, breathe up again for whatever is comfortable, then get in the water and go for it. This has given me the best results so far: I am no master of dynamic though, so take what you like.
Erik Y.
Still, I'm no pro but as a beginner I will tell you what has been working for me.

I've been in a 25m pool most of the winter and this is what's worked for me. I'm way ahead of where I was last fall. When I started last fall it was trying to get used to the long fins, and getting the legs used to running them, and getting conditioned to the co2 buildup. So, it started out with a 25m dynamic and then really pushing it on my back on the return, no recovery, repeat as much as I dared, maybe tossing in some 50% breath dynamics, and then settled into easy dynamics and recoveries. Now, when I get to the pool it's a no breathup 50 meter dynamic, very short recovery and then 25 meter dynamics and as soon as I break the surface it's a race on my back to the other end. This routine goes on for about 10 trips back and forth. Then I settle down to doing breath ups and several 50 meter dynamics, or less. Then I pause for some time.. do a good breath up and do the 75 meter dynamic. Then it's just playtime after that... 25 meter dynamics, swim around the bottom, whatever, or swim on my back. Bad thing is, I have no buddy, just me and the lifegaurd. I know 75 meters doesn't sound like much (and doing it doesn't take to much) but when I quit at that end of the pool I FEEL like I could easily turn around and make it back to the other end for a 100 meters, just don't trust myself or the lifegaurd. So, for now.. I stop at the 75m mark.

I am also in need of some good workouts in the pool.
Its a 25m pool (1,1m shallow end, 1,8m deep end).
The thing is that ppl working their isn't too happy when we bring our fins, so i rather have some good workouts that requires no fins.
Currently, the workout that has developed us the most is one i found in a Deeperblue article. Swim about 10-12m under water, then rest on the bottom, tring to relax, for a period of time, we started at like 10 sec, now we are staying about 25-30 secs. Then swim back the 10-12 m or if you feel like it swim the hole length(25m) back.
This workout has really improved my dynamic, so now i can manange 50m dynamic(without fins).
Its really fun being new to this because you improve so much so fast, like my static apnea, my old pb was 2:20, now on like 2 weeks i have improved it to 3:50.

Here in sweden the waters are still pretty cold so i need some good pool workouts that doesn't require fins.
Wow, replies from all over!

Bill; Your closest geographically. I'm not sure if we met at the PFD clinic in Kona two seasons back. If we did meet blame my poor memory on hypoxia. I'll see you in June for the State meet I'm sure. Could you elaborate on the 4-2-1 idea? It sounds interesting but I don't quite understand it. 300 foot dynamic first?

Eric; I'll try that with maybe two static warmups too. I wondered about your statics. You seem to do good dry ones, do you do better in the water or the same? In a competition how deep do they let you sit for a static try?

Pekka; Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

Squip; Fins are not neccessary for pool workouts. My coach told be a few years back in a past Olympics a guy won a gold in back stroke by remaining under water after the turns and kicking dolphin kick upside down to the end of the pool! They had to change the rule so he would stop doing that. Did you ask the pool attendants if you could use those short rubber fins?

Fred; We're doing similar stuff, wish I had a longer pool like you.


I was at the clinic but only the classroom part.

300 feet warm up/recover
150 feet hard
75 feet apnea
repeat X 6

See you in June


Got it. Found and read Matt's workout articles too. I'm going to switch to that 4-2-1 idea right away. and the cb simulations too but I'll add some resistance by dragging a heavy object like my Walmart lawn mower which refuses to start if the weeds are over two inches tall.

On resistance training for the diaphram; Once I bought a wetsuit top and then grew out of it but couldn't afford a new one. I wore it for over a year. Now that can be called my year of resistance training when all along I thought I was suffocating.

Hope you had a good egg dive.
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