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Postimg Pictures

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Jun 13, 2003
Posting Pictures



I can't post any pictures!!! Tells me i've exceeded my limit!!!
Current sum of all attachments owned by me is 10.29mb.

I've deleted some attachments from the list and they'd dissappear off the
thread. Most of my attachments are pictures of fish that've been shot, so by deleting them, the thread would become obselete. So too the pictures on rigging guns and other tecnical details.

Any idea's???

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What you've encountered is the fact the new version of the forums enforces quotas on each member. Normal registered members have a space allocation of 2Mb.

The reason for this quota is the fact that we are now throttling the size of uploads for images to ensure that normal viewers of this forum are able to view images on all types of connection (dial up to broadband). You have 96 different attachements across the forums, numerous of which are larger than 100K in size. I would suggest reducing the file size of your pictures (you do not need to delete them, only replace them with new image sizes). If you require help with this please let me know directly.

Re: Posting Pictures


A bit confused here!!! So i'm limited to 2mb and i already have 10mb. Now i've got to resize all of the bigger photos. How do i do that?? Well, other than opening up the picture in "PAINT" resizing, deleting the picture from the thread, then REPOSTING the smaller picture. That'll take agessssssss!!!

PLEASE don't tell me that i'm going to have to delete most of my attachments!!!!!

pictures are everything in this forum, not only equipment reviews but the fish pics are really fun to see.. Isnt that 2mb space is really low? My current attachment load is 5.65mb and I am planning to post some pics in here... Please papa dont tell me we need to delete old posts! (ps: I always send my photos resized)
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Miles & Memo,

I appreciate the fact you both have large numbers of attachments but also understand that we before the upgrade we didn't enforce upload file sizes very well which meant that very large images or attachments could be uploaded which presents two problems:

- Users on slow connections to the internet find it very slow to view pages due to image sizes (I have been presented with this problem myself when working from hotels)

- The server we host on has a certain allocation of bandwidth (i.e. how much data can be transfered to and from the server). If we go over certain allocations per month we start getting charged a lot of money to host those images. Large images cause large spikes in bandwidth usage and in turn cost a lot of money for us to host.

I've checked through the system during the upgrade and there are too many very large images being uploaded so we have throttled the size and number of uploads. A large image should not take up more than 50kb in size.

We have slightly revised the allocations to reflect average file upload sizes. Registered members are now going to have 5Mb allocation (this is over a 100 picture uploads).

We will also be introducing two paid subcription levels which will allow 100Mb (Supporter) and 250Mb (Power Uploader) for a small monthly fee which people can subscribe to if they want to help support the site and gain the extra bandwidth allocation.

If you'd like to see your current attachments you can go to this url (when logged in): http://forums.deeperblue.net/profile.php?do=editattachments

The process for changing the size of you images is as follows:
  • Download the image from the post
  • Use an image software program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro (there are plenty of free ones at http://www.download.com)
  • Go to the post in question and click on the Edit button on the bottom right of each post
  • Use the "Attachment Manager" to delete the attachments and upload the new ones
Let me know if you need any further help!
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Stephan Whelan said:
Miles & Memo,

- Users on slow connections to the internet find it very slow to view pages due to image sizes (I have been presented with this problem myself when working from hotels)

Dear papa,

I have no words to tell about certain bandwith limits as this side of the argument is connected to your wallet. BUT when the case come to the users with low speed internet connection I do not agree with you. In the new boad we have the "Thread Display Options" and any user who prefers fast and "pictureless" treads can choose "do not show pics" option and can have a happy life.

apart from hunting pics, at least 50% of my pics include reviews of new stuff and some projects. I found it pretty unfair. But again I have no rejections to your bandwidth limit problem.

We have to build the default options to be kind to end users and assume they are not computer savvy. Hence the case around low speed internet users.

Compared with most boards our options are pretty generous. I've checked with admins on other boards.

As i've mentioned we will be offering two paid subscriptions within the next week which will allow large upload limits - other than that I can suggest you host your images off the DB server on another web host somewhere and provide a link to it in your post (you can use the img code option http://forums.deeperblue.net/misc.php?do=bbcode#imgcode)

As memo stated earlier, most of the attachments are either fish shot or spearing kit. Many of the ideas are easier to visualise. Besides the in-ability to convey ourselves with the english language (we DO have a BROAD spectrum of members) Remember pictures are worth a thousand words!!!!!

If you take a look at the spearing section, you'd notice thats its only a handfull of spearo's who post pictures, be it of catch's or gear. By limiting (or even asking for a subscription) you're going to affect the MOST ACTIVE members of the spearing section.

I really enjoy helping out others, be it with quieries on rigging of gear or anything else. If i'm unable to post pictures, its going to be VERY difficult. Things like, "check out the pictures on ________.com site" will become the norm. That sort of defeats the purpose of then having a spearing section.
Sections like "Fish, Photos and Regulations " WILL die a slow agonising death!!!!

I simply feel that paying a subscription, so that i can help others and spread my knowledge isn't fair. I've been posting on a number of other spearfishing forums, and to date, this is the first one that has imposed such a limit.

Sooooooo, PLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEEE don't give this much loved forum a slow DEATH sentence!!!!!!!!!


I'm sorry to say that there are economics involved. The size of images that have historically been uploaded to the site have been too large and ultimately this site has to be able to pay it's bills as well as cater for the broad spectrum of types of internet connections available.

We are not saying that you are not going to be able to post pictures, we are saying that you can post a rather generous number of photos for free in the forums so long as they are sensibly sized. We will continue to operate the Gallery (which is still being worked on for security purposes) which integrates with the forum login system and that will be an alternative to posting directly into the forums.

For those who want a significantly increased ability to post pictures (so in essence let us host your photos for you) you will have to pay a small subscription to help support the bandwidth you are utilising.

I understand this is not going to be to everyones liking but unfortunately we are a proper business and have to ensure that we are able to pay our bills. I personally would love for everyone to upload massive photos to show off but I have to be realistic in being able to fund it.

Many Thanks
ok papa, lets see your subscription offer in the following week. I think most of us will pay a fee to share some knowledge in our case...
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