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powerlung device

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
I use the Powelung 3 times a week to maintain the strength of my breathing muscles.

I don't think it is a con so to speak - the price is a little steep, but then again, it can be a valuable dry land training tool.

my $0.02 worth...
Pirate scuba offers a much cheaper version of the power lung. These devices are also used by competition bicyclists, etc. Piratescuba.com, 800-628-6284, called Breath Trainer, $40.
Basically the powerlung is resistance training for your lungs. If you want the most basic 'version' just go to a hardwared store and pick up a pvc ballvalve (I don't know if that's the real name for it). Progressively close the valve and you increase the resistance. Probably a one dollar purchase here in the states vs. $40 or $100 for the brand name. That's my suggestion for a low end solution. Personally I didn't feel like I got much benefit.

I was looking to buy one of these, but I did a little research to find not much conclusive evidence that it is of any benifit. Basically it is intended for use in endurance sports. From what I understand your lungs are not the limiting factor to endurance capacity various other mechanisms are (books are written on this subjects alone!!!).

Regarding strrength training of the thorax muscles there is nothing to suggest (at least I can't find anything) that this leads to increases O2 efficiency. So it has left me bewildered and confused. Why do so many freedivers endorse it?

I suppose if it reduced residual volume or increased total lung capacity it would be of an advantage, but again I have failed to find anything on this.

Anyone with any more info????
power lung/ lung capacity

Porky hit the question for me, use of the powerlung can strengthen chest muscles, but can it increase lung capacity??? I would buy one in a flash if it has a significant effect.
Cliff"s review suggested that it could, but without much further comment. I haven't seen any other comment on the point. So, how about it Cliff or others, can you increase capacity?????

All the evidence I've seen shows no real benefit to a freediver other than the fact that it (powerlung)employs exercise. And the fact that some freedivers use it or endorse it does not mean that it really has a major benefit. It in fact will reduce your static breathold ability.
Lung volume in itself is not the most important factor in freediving, but to increase lung volume, learn how to "pack" and "pack-stretch". Real measurements have shown that this works. Do a search on this site, and you will find lots of info on this. Feel free to ask more if you need!
Erik Y.
I use it really as a means to help me deal with inhalation during my apnea cardio training. It seems to be beneficial especially towards the end of my workout when I am feeling tired from the intensity of the workout.

Erik is right - packing and pack-stretching really are the key training exercises I use that have shown marked improvement in my lung capacity.

The PowerLung is by no means the ultimate training device for freediving - but it is a valuable tool for training.
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Can someone explain pack stretching to me. Even better is there a pack stretching routine I can follow to improve my lung capacity. I'll be grateful for any help.

The device is used mostly by endurance folks (cyclists, etc) who are breathing hard - sharp inhale and exhale. The diaphragm muscles work hard under those conditions and the powerlung seems suited to aid in gaining strengh. You often hear runners talk about pain/cramping from the diaphragm muscle. I am not aware of anyone claiming increase in lung volume unless stronger muscles somehow do that.
pack stretching

Erik, Thanks for the tip on searching for pack stretching. I've just started and it is a gold mine. Thanks again.
Originally posted by shaneshac
Can someone explain pack stretching to me.

Packing was taught to me by Eric Fattah, and it goes something like this:
Open your mouth and fill it up with as much air as possible, then close your mouth. Now open the"valve" to your lungs and push the air into your chest, while bringing your chin towards your chest. Close the valve that goes to your lungs. Keeping your lungs closed, open your mouth again while lifting your chin upwards. Fill your mouth with air, close your lips, then open the valve to your lungs again, chin towards chest, pushing the air into your lungs, then close the "valve" again. You have now done 2 "packs". Keep doing this and you will notice that your chest begins to expand as the pressure and volume builds in your lungs.
There is of course a limit to this, and you must be very careful. I have heard that practitioners have damaged their lungs, but never seen it happen. Any stretching in any part of the body must be slowly worked up to over a long period of time, and the lungs and chest are no different.
You can try doing a number of packs, then stretch your chest and torso in all directions while holding your breath with the extra "packed" air. Be careful, as packing can cause the blood pressure in your head to drop dramatically, causing you to pass out. Do it on your knees if you are feeling as if your blood pressure is low. Take your time and be careful with yourself :)
Good luck,
Erik Y.
Thanks a lot.

If I crack my head open against the Kitchen sink I'll blame it on you:D

Could also tell the nurse I don't need to come up for air for 4 minutes.

She'll like that (if you know what I meanrofl )


Ok, you can blame me. And thank me....or at least your nurse can thank me ;)
Erik Y.
There is no way to improve your maximun lungs capacitiy!

I think this powerLung divice could improve the strenght of the diafragma, so you will be able to attain your maximun lung volume easier when you prepare or recover for an apnea.

could you give more details of the 1$ :p device?


Just a few questions on pack streching. When you start do you have your lung full or empty? How many "packs" do you usally do? How often? And just so I have an idea on how big your lungs are can you tell me how long you can hold your breath for?

Thanks a lot!!
Originally posted by ijaure
There is no way to improve your maximun lungs capacitiy!

I will elaborate on what I said earlier....actual measurements taken before pack-stretching and after will show that the amount of air inhaled during a normal inhale will be increased after the stretching routine. Some of us have actually taken the time to test it, rather than accept what some others may or may not believe.
So, the moral of the story is, even if you dont use packing for an actual dive, stretching before a diving session will allow you to inhale more air before each dive.
Erik Y.
Originally posted by ijaure
There is no way to improve your maximun lungs capacitiy!

I must give a little more detail about what i said.

following scientific research there is no way to improve your maximun lungs capacitiy...
stretching before your dive,(as Erik points) you can pack more air = attain your max.

so training in packing air will just get you to use your max, just the same as superficial breathing an a deep breath (you get more new air, but the max stays the same)

Ok after reading all the posts on powerlung I decided to give it a go and see.
Here's my side of it. I was a heavy smoker for many years. In fact thats why I ended my freediving. That and every one was gone I used to dive with.
Anyway, I missed freediving and wanted to come home to the water. Five years after I quit smoking and drinking I had to learn how to breathe all over again. What was discovered is that my diapham didn't act at all like it was when I young. So even with my nightly walks and swimming laps I still had a problem breathing. Then came the powerlung. My areobics began to improve.
So with the help of this forum I upped the ante and went for weights too.
My doctor was happier than ever at my progress. Soon after I was OW cert.
Then I began the dry static tables. But I needed more. Next came yoga breathing after my laps in the morning. Soon it became appearent what it means to emty the glass completely before you can fill it with fresh water.
Then the influenza hit. I was working outside in below zero weather,Drat!
I put the power lung down in a test of sorts, for one month.Totally crapped my Underwater Hockey for the year. So now I'm on the road to recovery. But guess what? I can't empty the the glass as I used to. My yoga breathing has diminished. Yep my diapham is weak. evey part of my work out is back to par.
so soon I will take up the P.L. to see if i can get my 2 min static back before ice out.
It seems to help this poor ol mess out. :wave

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Thanks for the pack stretching tips, guys. I actually tried this tonight, and afterwards felt like I could take deeper breaths than before. Is there a limit to how often one should practice pack stretching?
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